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What Are The Key Considerations When Hiring a Web Developer for Your Apartments

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The web developers that you choose will play a huge role in your property’s success! An apartment website makes or breaks who will be your future renters. A website allows you to create online visibility and also conveys information to those who may be interested in your property. The critical role of any apartment website cannot be overstated.

For your property to be successful, you need to have a website that is functional, professional, informative, and entertaining. It will also likely be a place for your current tenants to find information, place maintenance requests, and contact your property. Regardless of your goals, the right website will help your property grow and will also help you to maintain your current resident satisfaction.

The purpose of this article is to enhance your knowledge about the importance of a professional website for apartments and also what you should consider when hiring a web developer. With many options, it’s essential to know what you should look for and how to determine the best fit for your community website. Additionally in this article, we will review the process of hiring a web developer and what to focus on to ensure a positive partnership. With this information, you will be able to walk away with powerful knowledge that will help you hire the right fit.

Designing and creating an apartment website is no small task. The process needs to include various elements that help properly display your brand, showcase your community, and entice future renters. Many apartment websites also showcase floor plan availability, virtual tours, and an automatic application process. From here, it will be a process of technical evaluation and creation. Don’t lose sight of the end goal which is to grow your property.

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1. Understanding Your Needs and Setting Clear Goals

Before you embark with any web developer to build your new apartment website, it’s important to know who you’re creating your website for. Additionally, you need to have a firm idea of what your goals are with your website. Don’t forget that your web developers are professionals and they can consult you on elements that you may not be aware of. Take confidence in their recommendations and remember to see the bigger picture.

Define Your Website’s Objectives

Take the first step by identifying clear goals for your website such as online applications, virtual tours, or collecting rent payments. Discuss with your team what will be essential to increasing your property value and ROI. You can also discuss the intersection of your website with other rental platforms that you use. Take an audit of your current website if you have one, and note the areas that you want to improve in.

The advantage of being specific about your goals is that it will allow you to align with the right developers. It will also assist you in knowing what questions to ask your future website partners. Your website objectives will act as a guide to finding the right fit.

Identifying Your Target Audience and Desired User Experience

The main mistake that a lot of properties make is building a website that is not designed for their specific audience. Your online presence should shine for anyone, but it should be tailored to those who you need to attract.

The average bounce rate for real estate websites is around 40-50%. Lowering this through improved design and user experience can significantly increase engagement. In order for your website to be successful, your target audience needs to be center stage.

An apartment website user experience can be defined by both the functional and emotional journey that a future tenant has. The user experience that you create is an essential step for retaining potential tenants. Don’t rush your website development and take the time to find the right website partners that can help you create an exceptional user experience. User experience should always be at the forefront of your mind.

2. Evaluating Web Developer Expertise and Fit

Portfolio Review: Apartment Showcase

As you determine what apartment marketing company and web developers you should partner with, it’s important to consider their portfolio and review their property website examples. Building a website is no small undertaking so it’s important that you thoroughly review who you will be working with. You can also look at their company reviews and discuss more in a consultation meeting to get an idea of who you would be working with.

Technical Skills and Specializations

You need web developers who have technical skills and specializations to enhance your property and provide you with proper support. It’s no surprise that websites require a lot of technical attention beyond just the creation.

You need to ensure that you have a team behind you that can assist with technical needs, website changes, and more. At Market Apartments, we build websites within 48 hours and all of our Support tickets are answered within 24 hours. Your property needs strong technical and customer support to continue to have the best apartment website!

A custom apartment website is much more than just something to look at. Your web developers need to have the technical skills that will allow them to create a responsive website. A responsive apartment website means that it should actively respond to what the user is doing. The entire user experience should accommodate the time and actions taken on every page.

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3. Advanced Features For A Competitive Edge

Your website needs sophisticated features and elements that will set you apart from the rest! You need a competitive edge that will entice future renters to choose you over the other properties in your area. Learn the features that will enhance functionality while also placing your property at the top of the competition.

Incorporate Features & Functionality

There are basic features that any property website needs to have. These essential elements include floor plans, property images, amenity details, location information, and application details. Your website foundation needs to uphold a strong user experience and cover all of your property details. From here, you can prioritize features that will help you reach your audience and website goals!

The importance of having your floor plans and availability on your website cannot be overstated. Ensure that you have a way for your future tenants to confirm if your property is ready for them to move in. If they see that your apartments are full, they will likely not move forward. Plus, they need to be well-educated on your floor plan offerings. Your website floor plan pages also play a big role in your online visibility and SEO.

Your apartment website developers should know how to combine both technical and interactive features. The right website will combine a design true to your property brand, that also has the proper technical execution. 

Incorporating Virtual Tours and Interactive Elements

In the last few years, virtual tours have become crucial to enhancing the online viewing experience. Many of your future tenants are going to be applying online and making their decisions based on your website. A virtual tour is exactly what they need to fully experience the property and build their confidence in their final decision.

Ensure that your web developer is aware of the value of virtual tours and has the proper skills to build them into the website. There are certain technical elements related to virtual tours that need to be handled in order to maintain an efficient user experience. Your virtual tours should integrate seamlessly with your website design.

4. SEO and Mobile Optimization: Expanding Your Reach

Building a Strong SEO Foundation

Did you know that your apartment website plays a direct role in your search engine rankings? Websites on the first page of Google search results capture 95% of web traffic, emphasizing the need for strong SEO strategies in development.

The way that your website is designed and updated can greatly impact your online visibility. Proper SEO for apartments will ensure that you’re attracting new tenants and showing up to your target audience. Both your content and site structure can impact the website traffic that you get and your future growth. Don’t let your apartment SEO fall into the background during your web development process.

Your chosen website developers should understand the crossover between website development and search engine optimization. The two are so highly related that it’s essential to make it part of your website creation process. Your web developers should know the essential features that will help your property rank higher on the search engines and help you attract more tenants in the long run.

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Ensuring Mobile Responsiveness

As you consider which website developers to move forward with, be sure to review their knowledge and priority of mobile responsiveness. It is no secret to anyone that the majority of your prospects will be scrolling your website on their mobile devices. These mobile devices can range from phones, iPads, tablets, and more. Your property website needs to display and uphold a responsive design across all of these devices.

Over 70% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, making mobile optimization a non-negotiable requirement for apartment websites to ensure a seamless user experience.

5. Budgeting and Planning for Your Project

As you finalize your website developers, the next step is to confirm the cost of the project and expected timelines. You will need to establish your budget prior and discuss it openly with your developer. Properties of all shapes and sizes will range in how much a website will cost. Some companies take an hourly approach, whereas others may have a monthly or project rate.

In addition to the cost breakdown, you need to understand the timeline and roadmap of your project. At Market Apartments, we pride ourselves on having professional and effective website templates starting at only $129/monthly.

6. Collaboration and Communication for Project Success

Perhaps one of the most underrated processes for property success is to set up effective communication channels for you and your website developer. It’s no surprise that your website will need regular updates and consistent content changes. It will be essential that your team and your apartment website team can communicate without delay. Ensure that you’re choosing project management tools and methodologies for transparency and efficiency. Our support ticket process at Market Apartments is reliable and effective, and provides you with quick responses and changes.

Navigating Contracts and Legal Consideration

Your apartment website company needs to have a proficient understanding of the legalities of apartment websites. This can include a variety of items including payment terms, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution. It’s also important to review the legal responsibilities when it comes to rental language and it can vary greatly by state. Your apartment website will also need things like a privacy policy, and possible consent forms depending on which data you will be collecting.

The other legal item that will come from your website development company is a contract for the services they’re providing. Ensure that you review what you’re committing to, and ask any questions before proceeding forward. From here, you will be set up for success and will be able to collaborate for a long-lasting partnership.

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Maintenance, Support, and Ensuring Long-term Success

You want to be in your apartment website partnership for a long time! A website is meant to last and you need a team that is reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful. An ideal partnership will help you reach your property goals. Ultimately, what makes a great apartment marketing company is someone who has ongoing support, proper website maintenance, and services that are designed to help your property thrive.

Our dedicated team of designers and marketing specialists craft apartment website designs, meticulously tailored to showcase the distinctive features of your property. With our wide portfolio of apartment websites and templates, we have created a system that streamlines your online visibility, while you also receive outstanding customer support. The best part is that our apartment website templates are affordable and keep your monthly overhead at a low cost!

Market Apartments Website Development 

Explore our collection of modern, stylish, and affordable apartment website themes and templates tailored to help you create the perfect online community. With a diverse range of designs, layouts, and features, our plans cater to many budgets. Whether you’re seeking a sleek contemporary look or a cozy traditional vibe, we have something for everyone. Let us streamline the process for you—no need to reinvent the wheel.

Market Apartments offers a selection of unique website templates designed specifically for multifamily companies. Our creative approach highlights the best qualities and features of your multi-family community, ensuring a user-friendly experience that guides prospects through your website. With our responsive designs, you can expect increased traffic and sales

Elevate your property’s online presence today—reach out to explore all our options and find the right website developers for your apartments. 

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