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Resident Centers provide residents with online services such as paying their rent, submitting a maintenance request, or leaving a suggestion for the apartment community. Residents no longer have to worry about getting to the leasing office during business hours to pay their rent on time. Resident Centers provide a quick and convenient way to pay their rent online and on time. It even has the option of setting up a re-occurring payment to avoid any late fees. Not only is this feature great for residents, but it's also helpful for the onsite team to keep track of who's paid rent and who hasn't.

For apartment and townhouse projects, we offer design and residential property advertising services. Resident Centers provide convenience for both the onsite team and residents. It's a one-stop shop for renters with maintenance requests, payments and more. Maintenance requests can be made through the Resident Center too! Many people simply do not have the time to visit the leasing office to put in a request. Some residents may leave for work before the onsite team gets to the office, while others might get home too late. The Resident Center allows residents to put in a maintenance request from any mobile device or desktop computer. The onsite team can also better manage these requests and work to resolve them in a timely and organized fashion, making the process both faster and easier for everyone.

Residents can now leave their suggestions by going through the Resident Center. Getting resident feedback is not always easy. Many times, unhappy residents resort to leaving a bad review, which is not ideal for your apartment's reputation. The Resident Center gives your residents a voice without compromising your community's reputation. Helpful suggestions can go a long way, especially if many residents are suggesting the same thing. Encourage your residents to utilize the Resident Center to voice their opinions and concerns. Let your residents know they're being heard, and their issues will be addressed as best as possible.

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Market Apartments provides the design and efficiency needed for success.

Creative marketing and design agency offering custom branding and web design services. When you have a website designed by Market Apartments, you know you're getting the best products for your money. Our websites give you the satisfaction of knowing business is running smoothly and residents are happy by utilizing the Resident Center. We guarantee your residents will frequently use this amazing feature and will give your onsite team more confidence knowing that requests are getting answered and rent is being paid.

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