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25 Virtual Resident Event Ideas For Multifamily Communities

Reading Time: 11 minutes For the foreseeable future, multifamily communities will have to transform their resident retention efforts into virtual resident events. While the exact timeline of COVID-19 is unpredictable, it will be a while before large groups can gather together. Yet despite current circumstances, it is still extremely important to have resident events to increase your resident’s satisfaction. With the current economic struggles and more, residents need an increased amount of information and connection. It is the perfect time to provide features, and services for your residents that are still accessible despite social distancing. Not to mention, everyone can use extra activities, entertainment,... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | April 8, 2020
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How To Use Social Media In Your Apartment Digital Marketing

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the past several weeks, Market Apartments has been exploring the top 10 apartment digital marketing trends. Since each of these terms and strategies is important, it is crucial to dive deeper and develop a plan. We recently launched a Free Social Media Guide For Apartments that is complete with a lot of great social media ideas on how to utilize a social media strategy for outreach marketing. Remember, exposure is a major component of social media apartment marketing. However, some may still be wondering, can social media actually create lead generation? The simple reality is that arguably most everyone... View Article

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Apartment Marketing That Increases Your NOI: Smart Marketing

Reading Time: 8 minutes Smart Marketing is the apartment marketing method that guarantees renters while also increasing your property value, and NOI (net operating income). Instead of spending your entire budget on marketing with large ILS pages (Internet Listing Services), Smart Marketing implements your money directly to your own apartment website. If even a portion of the money you budget for ILS pages is used for your own website, you will experience drastic lead transformations. With Smart Marketing, your multifamily digital marketing budget is going towards the things that matter the most. It is made up of SEO, Schema Markup, AMP, Image Optimization, Automated... View Article

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How To Gain Apartment Leads Through Interactive Content

Reading Time: 6 minutes It has recently become more popular, and necessary for a website to have due to shifts in the digital world. There are so many ways that content can generate apartment leads because it can motivate prospects. In this case, interactive content especially creates feelings of community. So the question is, are you fully utilizing content in your apartment marketing? The reality is, you’re always trying to develop content. This content may be for your website, social media, or automated emails. There seems to always be a need for content everywhere, but it can be exhausting. This requires a lot of... View Article

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Free Social Media Guide For Apartments And Apartment Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes 3.2 billion people around the world use social media on a daily basis. It is quickly taking over the world of digital marketing as more, and more users are relying on it to actually make their choices. Social media can completely change your apartment marketing. It can establish an online presence for your multi-family apartments, and ultimately lead to more prospects. Additionally, social media can make your current residents feel like they’re a part of a community. Everything you need to know about Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram management and marketing. In this article, we’ll look at some best practices... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | January 8, 2020
Better Apartment Marketing With Resident Personas

Reading Time: 7 minutes As an apartment manager, a significant chunk of your time is busy with obtaining and keeping good residents. To do this, you post on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and add hashtags. It seems like you’re doing everything right, so why are you not attracting new leads? Welcome to today’s Marketing Mondays topic: creating a Resident Persona (also called marketing personas, or buyer personas)! A resident persona can help you understand your apartment demographic, so you can better target potential residents with your marketing. What is a Resident Persona?  To have a good relationship with your residents (and potential residents), you’ll... View Article

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How to set up your own social media campaign for apartments
How-to: Setting Up a Social Media Calendar

Reading Time: 5 minutes Social Media Calendars: What are they and why do you need them?  In apartment marketing, online presence is important. Facebook, snapchat, pinterest, instagram, and other social media sites can help residents find you and decide to lease from your building. Hubspot recently conducted a survey that found that 80% of businesses say that social media increased traffic to their websites. So let’s say you’ve hopped on the social media bandwagon, and now need a way to stay organized. How much should you be posting, and how often? What time of day? How will you keep everything organized? While sites like... View Article

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