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How To Gain Apartment Leads Through Interactive Content

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It has recently become more popular, and necessary for a website to have due to shifts in the digital world. There are so many ways that content can generate apartment leads because it can motivate prospects. In this case, interactive content especially creates feelings of community. So the question is, are you fully utilizing content in your apartment marketing?

The reality is, you’re always trying to develop content. This content may be for your website, social media, or automated emails. There seems to always be a need for content everywhere, but it can be exhausting. This requires a lot of effort from you, and your onsite team. (If you don’t have the time or energy to manage this, contact Market Apartments today to learn more.)

Why is content important?

There are many reasons why website content is important for apartments. Content includes words, pictures, videos, and ideas that help with advertising. It is absolutely crucial for a website to have content that is frequently up to date. The world has changed in the way that individuals prefer to view content.

It has shifted to the main priority being entertainment, and involvement. This trend greatly carries over into apartment marketing. As a prospect scans your website, they’re looking to become engaged in a full experience. Their main goal by clicking on your website is to receive clarity.

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As a prospect scans your website, the content has the power to give them the confidence they need to move forward, but they’re going to need specific information. Before applying, they’re going to need to be able to receive answers to their questions and feel welcomed into your community. They’re going to need to be intrigued as well as informed. Therefore, valuable content generates higher-quality leads. So it is essential for content to be a major part of your multifamily marketing strategy.

If Market Apartments is your marketing provider, you will be presented with plenty of opportunities to utilize interactive content. If not, you will want to look more into the process of creating this type of content. You will also want to spend time getting acquainted with a variety of content types. As you read further, you’ll be able to better determine what interactive content is, and how it can generate leads. Ultimately, the content you choose creates incentives that invite prospects to call your community home.

Interactive Content Examples

What is the best way to provide interactive content?

You should be aware that interactive content for apartments can be provided in a variety of ways. In order for something to be interactive, it has to consist of two objects having an effect on the other. A virtual tour is considered interactive because it involves the prospect.

Similarly, website features can also be developed to be interactive. These are just a few interactive content examples that range from being really simple, to more intricate. To sum it all up, the content has to be a two-way flow of information.

interactive content

The best way to provide interactive content is to always consider what the user’s relation to the content will be. The website user in this scenario will always be the prospect. More and more prospects are looking to have a unique user experience. They want something beyond just scrolling on the web. Once you start focusing on the user’s experience, you’re then able to develop better content. This content will connect more to the user, but it will also help them to see more details about your property. This will build their confidence to move forward.

Content Evaluation

By understanding the user’s experience, you can determine what interactive content is lacking on your website. To be aware of where your team is currently at with content, ask yourself the questions below. From here, you will be able to more clearly develop a plan to form more interactive content. This plan will help you to gain more high-quality leads.

  • Does my content give prospects the opportunity to respond, and make choices?
  • Will my content increase a prospect’s confidence in signing a lease by giving them a more in-depth look at our apartment community?
  • Is my content mobile-friendly, and easily accessible on mobile devices?

How Can I Use Interactive Content For Lead Generation?

Interactive content is all bout the user experience. The entire development of the content is focused on what the user of the website or platform will gain. With this focus comes very experiential content. This means that the content gives the prospect a full experience.

Most prospects want to fully envision what it would be like to live in their future apartment, but they want to do it from the comfort of their own home. They want to think about the feelings they would have, and the furniture they would use. They want to look to the future and see an apartment where they will always feel right at home. The only way that you can truly give a prospect this full experience is through virtual tours, and 3D renderings.

Interactive content doesn’t just generate leads, it generates better leads. It’s important to remember that virtual tours and 3D renderings aren’t the only way to get your prospects more involved. Consider customizing your website to include more interactive features, and utilize social media for all of your interactive content needs. Interactive content brings your apartments to prospects’ fingertips.

How Can I Use Interactive Design For Social Media?

Each piece of content can lead a prospect to experience your apartment community. Many people need extra clarification before moving forward. People deeply rely on social media to persuade them, and then they finalize their decision. A powerful apartment marketing strategy is to use interactive content on social media. The truth is, that interactive content typically always performs better on social media. Here is our latest free social media guide that will help you generate new ideas.

interactive content for apartments

Interactive content on social media can be presented in many ways. It can be in the form of a poll, Q&A, giveaway, contest, or a live stream. The idea is that anyone who is participating in your content will be able to directly connect to it. Interactive content on social media is a win-win situation. The prospect benefits from being engaged with your apartment community, and you’re able to better gauge the participation of your target audience. Along with attracting new prospects, interactive content can keep your current residents, more engaged. It can help with resident retention, as it allows them to participate in ongoing activities.

Start Now!

Sometimes you have to play the role of a content marketer, and property manager, but that’s easier said than done. It’s important to keep in mind that the content you put on your website is a direct reflection of your apartment’s online presence. Due to the modern digital marketing world evolving, an online presence is very important. This online presence is what is going to generate higher-quality leads and leases.

The more prospects are able to immediately feel a part of your community, the more likely they will be to sign a lease. However, it’s important to have a specific plan in place especially if you want to simplify the content process. Start with the ideas below to get the most out of interactive content for apartments.

  • Update your content to virtual tours/3D renderings.
  • Display interactive content on your website, youtube, social media, etc.
  • Regularly post on social media with quizzes, polls, contests, videos.
  • Encourage your current residents to participate in social media posts.
  • Customize your website to include more interactive navigation tools and pop-ups.
  • Engage prospects by sending an automated email response that they can navigate through to learn more.

After you have tried the ideas above, you will want to continually come back, and update your content. So, establish a plan that will enable you to keep creating beyond what you started with.

To conclude…

The importance of interactive content for apartments lies in how it makes the prospect feel. It leaves prospects feeling more connected. It gives them more confidence in your apartment community but simultaneously leads them to find more answers. This confidence is what drives them to learn more and collect information. From here, the prospect becomes a higher quality lead.

Don’t have the time to develop interactive content?

Market Apartments is ready to bring the world of interactive content to your fingertips. We’ll create a custom apartment website for you that is made to be more interactive, and easy to navigate. We can take on the responsibility of creating your virtual tours, and 3D renderings. We also have the tools to bring your apartment to life through property videos. It is no secret that property managers are very busy and that your onsite team has many things to focus on. Let us take the most difficult tasks out of your hands. For more information, visit our website.

Which ideas will you try first?

Let us know in the comments what you’re doing right now to implement interactive content, and then tell us more about your apartment marketing strategies.

Start Smart Marketing today.

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