Virtual Tours for Buildings Not Built Yet

3D Tours for Lease-Ups! Create a 3D tour without the building built yet.

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So, we all know how great 3D tours are, and we all know how much our team here at Market Apartments LOVES 3D tours. Why do we love them?? Because they work! Not only do they increase leads, but they also make users stay longer on your page, increasing conversions by up to 80%!

Ok, ok. So we’ve gone on and on about 3D tours, but what if your building is currently being built, and you don’t have a workable unit yet? The time before the building is built is prime time to start locking down leases. You can’t afford to wait on the plumbing and electricity and

…but you also can’t give a tour of the construction site, port-a-potty and all! (I mean, you can, but you really shouldn’t). With new technology, there’s no reason you have to wait on your building crew; give your website (and your potential residents) a virtual tour so people can view what the space¬†will¬†be; not what it is right now.

People always say: dress for the job you want. Not the job you have. Well we say: show off what the space will become; not its construction stage!

Give the Apartment Tour Before It’s Built!

But wait! Don’t I need a functional unit in order to create a virtual tour?? Here’s the good news: you don’t need a workable unit to have a 360 degree tour of an apartment.

How, you say?? We thought we’d walk you through our 3-step process on how we turn photographs into a 3D virtual tour. Or, you can scroll to the bottom to see the final, finished product!


Step One: Create a cubemap

First you need a cubemap of your apartment. If you don’t know what that is, or don’t think you have one of your building, you should contact your apartment marketing firm! Chances are, your architect has one for you, or can create one very easily!

We took a cubemap from the recent Pyeong Chang Olympics:

Virtual Apartment Tours for Lease-Ups!

Step 2: Turn Cubemap into an Equirectangular Image

We fully expect these words to go over most peoples’ heads! (Spoiler: It went over mine, as a content writer!). That’s why you hire an apartment marketing firm to know the words and tools for you!

Our programmers took this Cubemap and turned into the very strange-looking, aptly named “equirectangular” image. Don’t worry, no one will see this image!

Virtual Tours for Lease-Ups

Step 3: Enjoy your new virtual tour for your lease-up!

With this Virtual Tour, you can put the file on your website, and new residents can tour the building….before it’s even built! Yep. It’s pretty magic. Check out the finished product below!


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