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50 Apartment Marketing Ideas That Will Transform Your Leasing

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Apartment marketing begins and ends with creativity. With so many online, and offline options it can be difficult to know where to begin. When apartments are sitting in vacancy it can be a huge setback for you and your team. Not to mention, finding good residents, and tenants can often be challenging. However, there are a variety of apartment marketing ideas that you can use to occupy a vacant unit! With the right apartment advertising methods, you can fill vacancies quickly, and efficiently. Get started with the tips below, and start lessening the amount of time your units stay empty.

1. Customize Your Website

Start your apartment advertising off right by customizing your website! Many apartment websites in the multifamily world take on a very similar look and feel. The designs can seem repetitive, and the information is not particular to that specific community. Customizing your website to represent your apartments in a unique way makes it more personal, and sets your community apart from all of the rest.

2. Update Your Google My Business

Google My Business is taking the local SEO world by storm as it continues to be one of the greatest ways to increase your website traffic. However, did you know that you can do regular posts on your GMB? It can function similarly to social media in the sense that your regular posts can give prospects an insight into your community. Not to mention, your GMB will be the first thing that many prospects see when they’re searching the internet. This is an absolutely essential step for anyone doing apartment marketing.

3. Utilize Yelp, Bing, & Apple Maps

Does your property utilize more local listings than just the GMB? Take advantage of the variety of listings that are at your fingertips such as Yelp, Bing, and Apple Maps! Placing your property on each of these will help you grow your traffic from a variety of sources.

The world of local SEO for apartments is so important, as it essentially makes up most of the current search world. Regularly update your local listings to make sure that your property is taking your local SEO to the next level!

4. Send Out Virtual Newsletters

The days of walking door to door to give each resident a flyer are long gone! Creating a regular newsletter can be a great way to keep your current residents informed, and satisfied with everything that is happening. Residents really do appreciate staying up to date on what’s happening within their community!

Increasing your current resident’s satisfaction is one of the greatest ways to improve your leasing. When residents feel at home in your community, they will stay. When they keep leasing, you will have to worry less, and less about finding new renters! Current resident satisfaction is a huge aspect of apartment marketing.

Email Newsletters

5. Audit Your Website

Have you had your website looked at by apartment marketing experts? There may be aspects of your website that are not functioning properly. The technical aspects of your website can directly impact how well it performs on search engines. Going through your website slowly, and thoroughly will allow for crucial improvements to be made.

6. Enhance Your Social Media

Where does your property currently stand on using social media? Do you post frequently, and take advantage of its great features? Yes, it’s true, social media can be an exhausting pursuit, but don’t get too discouraged. Not only is it the perfect way for prospects to look into your community, but it has the power to increase your leads! Develop creative post ideas that will enhance your apartment marketing and draw in a new audience.

7. Respond To Your Reviews

Show other prospects that you care about the way that you respond to your community! I mentioned earlier in this article that your Google My Business and other local listings are a hub for your prospects. With these listings being one of the first things any prospect will see, that also means your reviews will be showcased as well. Provide your prospects with the information that they need to feel confident in your team’s communication.

8. Property Videos

You may be familiar with virtual tours, but have you heard of property videos? A property video is a spectacular way to show off everything that your community has to offer. It takes virtual tours a step further and gives prospects a true look into your fantastic community.

The amazing thing about a property video is that it invites prospects to have a full experience. Videos provide an emotional connection that is irreplaceable, and not found in nearly any other apartment marketing aspect.

9. Resident Events

It seems to be that most people do not like to go to events alone. More often than not, people will naturally invite a friend, or family member to attend an event with them. Not only is it a natural way to acquire resident referrals, but it also provides more opportunities for your residents to bring up where they live!

As residents go about their daily routine and talk about where they live, your resident events can make a name for themselves! Resident satisfaction and retention produce a chain reaction for better leasing.

Host Resident Events

10. Apartment Texting

Do you text your residents yet? Apartment texting is one of the quickest, and easiest ways to communicate with your residents on a regular basis. It is fast, efficient, and the results are totally worth the investment. With an apartment texting program, you can rapidly inform residents of upcoming events or new information. It saves time and has a much higher chance of

11. Update Floor Plans

When was the last time your property updated your floor plans? Do you have the latest and greatest version? With modern-day technology, floor plans can be complete with special features that make them impressively accurate, and immersive. In contrast, many floor plans are hard to read and make it nearly impossible for any prospect to gain the insights they’re looking for.

3D floor plans are a step up from everything for obvious reasons! With 3D floor plans, you can demonstrate a realistic image of the area, which will help prospects feel more confident in your property.

12. Google Ads

Is your property investing in Google Ads, or what is commonly known as PPC? PPC stands for pay-per-click, and it’s the method that makes up Google Ads. PPC is one of the best ways to advertise online because you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad.

This type of advertising strategy can benefit your property in many ways. It can utilize your entire sales funnel, keep your costs down, and keep your click-to-sales conversions high. With that being said, PPC is definitely one of the smartest ways to do apartment marketing!

13. Update Virtual Tours

Apartment 3D virtual tours are a strong, and effective way to take your property to the next level. They provide prospects with a full-experience, that is immersive and convincing. As many properties wonder what they can do to better appear to Gen-Z, the answer is providing them with entertainment, and information. Focus on combining emotions, and technology when considering how you can showcase your apartment better!

14. Cohesive Branding

Are your website colors cohesive, and consistent? Perhaps, it’s time to narrow down exactly what your property brand is! Your brand is apparent on your website, through your social media, local listings, and more.

So it’s extremely important to detail the colors that you use, and the look, and feel of your community. This will help prospects to clearly recognize your property. It will also help you to feel more organized so it’s definitely a win-win!

Strong Cohesive Branding

15. Facebook Ads

Advertise on Facebook! Facebook advertising has many benefits from the audience that you can reach, to the click-through rates. With better targeting and an expansive mobile audience, you can improve awareness of your property quickly.

While posting on Facebook, in general, is beneficial, ads allow you to reach far more people than you would otherwise. You can even market again to the people who have already viewed your page!

16. Use Interactive Content

The time for boring content is long gone. Gen Z’ers want short, interactive content that will capture their attention in a matter of moments. Interactive content can include 3D virtual tours, property videos, creative social media postings, and more. This underlying line of any interactive content is to focus on providing prospects with something that will grab their attention.

17. Introduce Your Team

The perks of social media include endless opportunities to get prospects familiar with what your property is truly like! Take a few moments to introduce your property management team. Don’t be afraid to show your face on social media. This can also help your current residents to get to know you better. People naturally gravitate to opportunities that they’re familiar with, so don’t be afraid to help people get to know your team!

18. Host Virtual Open Houses

2020 has been a year of many surprises, and one of the ongoing challenges has been adapting to the need for virtual services. While open houses still remain a great idea to help prospects get to know your property, they may not be the best idea for the remainder of the year.

Consider hosting a virtual open house! You could host it on Zoom, and have people stop by on a time frame that works for them. Throughout the open house, you can show different aspects of your property, and help prospects discover why your property is their dream home.

19. Start a Referral Program

Do you currently have a referral program in place? Referral programs can be an effective, and productive way to gain new prospects. With the help of your own residents, you won’t have to look much further for new prospects! There are a variety of ways that you can set up the right referral program for your community.

You could offer a cash incentive, or perhaps a discount off of next month’s rent. Consider placing flyers around your community to keep your residents motivated to find you, new renters!

Start a referral program to assist with your apartment marketing.

20. 3D Renderings

Is your property a lease-up? Placing 3D renderings on your website will be crucial in getting the type of leads you’re looking for. 3D renderings are an incredible way to demonstrate to prospects what your property looks like before it is even finished being built. These give you a photorealistic image or video that will bring a digital model to life. They are an absolute must for marketing a property that isn’t finished yet!

21. Call Tracking

Call tracking is a system that gives apartment communities the ability to see where their calls are coming from in detail and measures offline conversions through different forms of marketing. Your apartment website is probably generating more leads than you think, but there are ways to improve how these leads are captured.

Call tracking allows you to see where prospects find your apartment number, provides caller ID, tracks call duration, and can record calls. This is a huge benefit to every single property!

22. Host Community Events

Have you ever considered hosting a community event at your property? There are a variety of community events that happen on a regular basis within your local neighborhood. There may be film screenings, swap shops, art festivals, performances, or farmer’s markets. Whatever events your community offers, you can easily find a way to get involved. This would be beneficial because it will help others know more about your property!

23. Provide Unique Amenities

Perhaps your amenities need just a little more spice! Many properties are switching up their community grounds to be a little more inviting, and a little more unique. With so many properties offering very similar amenities it’s important to stand out.

You could turn an area you aren’t currently using into a dog-wash, or perhaps make a racquetball court out of the room that has extra space. There are so many ways that your property can get creative when providing unique amenities!

Provide Unique Amenities | Apartment Marketing

24. Re-Brand Your Property

Is it time for your property to get a re-brand? Apartments may rebrand for many reasons. Perhaps your logo, brand colors, and print materials need to be more cohesive! Having a cohesive brand that is consistent through everything that you offer will help your property be recognizable. Not to mention, it will make the work easier on your end! With a branding guide, you will have the specific details that you need in order to properly represent your community.

25. Print Materials

Do you have updated print materials that you can use for apartment marketing resources? From brochures to business cards, a variety of print materials can make your job more convenient. Not to mention, print materials make the perfect takeaway gift for any prospect who tours your community. Continue your cohesive branding with print materials, and share your community with every future resident who comes in!

26. Local Business Involvement

In your neighborhood, you will find many local businesses that could be your properties’ greatest advocates! Consider reaching out to the companies around you, and starting a partnership. With their help, you can reach a new audience that is already living in your local area. They can house your print materials, or place a sign in their businesses that recommend people live in your community!

27. Website Content

Does your website content feel personal to your website? Many websites take a large technical loss when their content is not strategically placed. Since every website needs content, it can often be one of the elements that are just placed on a website.

However, from search engine marketing to the quality of content that your prospects are reading, there are so many reasons to focus on what your websites say. Review your website, and take note of the places that do not feel personal or local to your property. It’s time to stop only using default paragraphs!

28. Apartment Photography

Are your pictures high-quality, and designed to attract renters? Most prospects will frequent the gallery page, and you do not want your pictures to be something that deters them from calling your community home.

Taking the time to upgrade your apartment photography will be a decision that you do not regret. High-quality professional pictures will change the way that your community is viewed, and will attract more prospects at the exact same time!

Upgrade Your Photography | Apartment Digital Marketing

29. Move-In Specials

Are you offering one of the best move-in specials in your area? The “best” move-in special may not equate to the lowest in price, but rather the most beneficial! Get creative with your apartment specials to offer something that stands out.

Prospects will look at most of the apartments in your area, and they need you to help them decide which one will be the best fit for them. So brainstorm with your team to see what move-in special ideas you can offer that no one else is!

30. Automated Emails

Automated email marketing can be a fantastic form of apartment marketing that can work within many different realms. It can be used to send emails to your current residents about things that are happening around your community. Automated emails can also be used for prospects, for reviews, and much more. Implementing these types of emails into your apartment marketing can make a huge difference!

31. Ask For Feedback

The term “review” seems to have a negative connotation to it. It seems that most property management teams feel exhausted from asking for reviews, and a lot of residents seem tired of being asked to give them. While reviews are still an essential aspect of apartment marketing, there may be a different way to go about receiving the type of insights that you are looking for.

Try switching the way that you talk about reviews, with the word “feedback”. Feedback is a helpful word that denotes both asking for positives and negatives. While this may lead to negative input, it will be beneficial in the long run to know what specific areas your community can improve on.

32. Get Creative With Follow-Up

Have you tried a new approach with your follow-up recently? Following up with prospects may just be one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of the leasing process. A prospect has just gone on a tour in your community, now what do you do?

Designating a very specific, and a clear plan for your follow-up will allow you to convert more leads into leases. Try testing different avenues of communication such as emailing, calling, and texting to become more aware of which follow-up style will work the best for you.

33. Improve Pet-Friendly Features

More and more renters are continually looking for elements of multifamily communities that cater to their furry friends! They want to know that their pets will feel right at home. There are a variety of pet-friendly features that you can add to your community that will make it seem like it was handcrafted for your resident’s pets! This may include a dog wash, a dog park, special resident retention activities that feature pets, or many other things in-between. Get creative when dreaming up the ways your apartment marketing can become more pet-friendly!

Add pet-friendly features to your community to better your apartment marketing.

34. Facebook Reviews

Did you know that your property can get reviews on Facebook? Facebook reviews can be powerful as they act as both a reputation tool and a social media tool. It may be extremely beneficial to direct prospects to leave reviews on your property Facebook. Not only will this give other prospects a chance to see why your current residents love your community, but it will also give you an opportunity to respond to any negative feedback!

35. Apartment Blogging

Does your apartment have a blog? Blogs are not only a great way to inform prospects about your community, but they can also greatly benefit the web traffic that is coming to your site on a regular basis. You don’t have to be an incredible writer to put together consistent blog posts that will enhance your website!

You could write about your neighborhood, local attractions, or even post resident retention events that you host. Having this on your website can also give prospects a better look into your community when they’re on your website!

36. Automate Your Social Media

Are you spending too much time focusing on what to post each week? Perhaps, you’re trying to design your own social media posts, which can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Making graphics, and developing captions can require a lot of creativity, and often can become exhausting. With all the content that you need at your fingertips, you’ll be able to achieve the apartment social media you have been waiting for.

37. Resident Appreciation Gifts

Resident appreciation and satisfaction is the beginning of better resident retention. With better resident retention, you can enjoy less-turnovers. Giving your residents regular appreciation gifts, or notes can be the perfect way to let them know that you genuinely care about their experience within your community. These don’t have to be extremely expensive ideas, and can be carried out in a simple way! The important factor is that you’re reaching out to your residents on a regular basis to connect with them.

Resident Gifts | Apartment Marketing Ideas

38. Improve Model Apartments

It turns out that a lot of not model apartments are not show-ready. Model apartments need to be completely well-kept, and ready for a tour at any given time. If your properties’ model apartment is going to be one of the first things that any future resident sees then it needs to be ready to take the world by storm!

39. Have “WOW” Moments

You may be familiar with the term “WOW” moment that has become popular in many different avenues of apartment marketing. A “WOW” moment is an aspect of your tours or apartments that you can highlight that will help residents see what sets your community apart. It may also be a moment of the tour where you include apartment merchandise, take-aways, food, and drinks, and more. Essentially the point of any “WOW” moment is to make your tours, unlike any others. This will help prospects to remember your property when they’re deciding where they should call home.

40. Create a Resident Team

Many apartment communities have found great success in having a resident team. A resident team is a great way to understand more about what your community is looking for. This type of team consists of a group of a few of your residents that volunteer to meet on a regular basis to make your apartment community better. They can plan activities, get feedback from the other residents, and act as a bridge between the residents, and property management.

41. Supply Local Adventure Supplies

Do you have local adventures and outdoor activities in your neighborhood? Supply your residents with what they need to enjoy their local lifestyle. This may look like bike rentals, paddleboards, rock-climbing gear, roller-skates, and more! Give your residents the ability to dive into the world around them. You could simply develop a rental system that allows residents to have these adventure supplies for a short period of time!

42. Host Social Media Contests

Social media contests can be a great form of apartment marketing for your current, and future residents! Start a social media contest or giveaway that involves your post being shared. This will help others to get the word out about your community. The winner of the contest gets a small prize, and your community can get more traffic. It is truly a win-win!

43. Share Apartment Living Tips

Supply your residents with more than just a place to live! Use social media, or potentially an email newsletter to give your residents regular apartment living tips. Apartment living tips can include everything from ways to decorate your apartment, to how to make the most out of a small space. Your residents will greatly appreciate your efforts in going the extra mile!

Share Apartment Living Tips | Better Your Apartment Marketing

44. Send Out Surveys

Apartment marketing can begin and end with knowing what your specific community is looking for. Getting genuine feedback from your residents can help you to know the exact processes that you need to improve on. It’s easy to wonder what more you could do to help your community stand out, and sometimes the best idea is just to ask. Consider sending a survey to your current residents asking them the areas in which your property can improve! This can be a great catalyst for better apartment marketing in the future.

45. Make Move-Ins Powerful

When a resident moves in, it’s your opportunity to shine! Move-ins can be a huge indication of what your property is like. From the relationship that you start to develop with your residents, to the shape the apartment is in, even the smallest details can make a big difference. Make your move-ins powerful! Get creative with what can set your community apart, and help your residents ease the transition. This will start you, and your residents off on the right foot immediately!

46. Host Self-Guided Tours

Not only has the year of 2020 brought a need for virtual capabilities, but it has also lowered the desire of many people to see others in general! It is a great benefit to your community if you can provide self-guided tours for your prospects. A self-guided tour consists of the prospect coming in on their own at a designated time with the capability to tour the property on their own.

Each property will want to design specific instructions and steps that will take their future resident through their community. This can be a powerful way to introduce any prospect to everything that your property has to offer!

47. Change Your Website Template

Has your website looked the same for quite some time? Chances are, it’s time for a re-vamp! Changing your website to have a different appearance can be just the boost you need in attracting more renters. The look, and feel of a website can greatly determine the number of leads that you’re able to bring in. Easy to navigate websites are a paramount force in keeping prospects on your website long enough so that they can take note of everything that your property has to offer.

Change Your Website Template | Better Apartment Marketing

48. Place Reviews On Your Website

Reviews are continually taking the world by storm as they stand out as one of the most important apartment digital marketing methods. However, there are also a variety of ways that you can present the reviews that you receive. Reviews can be accepted and generated through local listing services such as Google My Business, or Yelp, but did you also know they can go directly on your website? Putting your apartment reviews on your own website is extremely powerful, and can greatly enhance your overall website!

49. Use Local Keywords

Did you know that there are a variety of keywords that fill your website? Keywords are a par of content that either helps or hurts any ranking on Google. While there are many specific strategies to follow to optimize your content, using local keywords is one of the most effective. What is a local keyword? A local keyword is a word that is targeted to your specific location. For example, if your apartments were in Salt Lake City, Utah, a local keyword for your website could be 84044 apartments.

50. Hire Apartment Marketing Experts!

The reality is that apartment marketing requires a large variety of skillsets, technology, and time. With many different strategies, it can be hard to know where to exactly start. At Market Apartments, our experts help you know where to start and end on a variety of projects. We put together the timelines, and expectations for your apartment marketing so that you do not have to. Not to mention, our creatives and professionals provide unique skillsets that you help you continually grow as a property. Contact us here to learn more.

How To Advertise Your Apartments To Get More Leasing For Your High Vacancy

  1. Plan Ahead

    In your lease, it most likely states that tenants need to give you a notice of their moving during a specific time frame. From the time that you receive news of an upcoming vacancy, you should start planning your apartment advertising! Don’t wait until the last minute to act.

  2. Advertise Well

    The next step in filling your occupancy is advertising your apartment well. Through professional, and optimized website development, your local listings, and more, you can place your property in front of the prospects who are looking for it. You’ll want to focus on the specific factors that set your community apart from all of the rest. Ask yourself, what makes your property special?

  3. Find Your Target Audience

    While filling a vacant unit is your main priority, it’s also important to find the right tenant. High-quality leads will enable you to get in touch with the renters that you’re looking for. With an optimized website, and focused apartment advertising strategies you can recruit the prospects that will be best for your property!

  4. Add A Move-In Special

    To seal the deal with high-quality leads, you can add a move-in special. This will entice prospects who are maybe choosing from several different properties. Get creative, and show your prospective residents that you’re serious about having them in your community.

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