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How to Attract And Keep Gen-Z Renters In Your Community

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The next generation of renters is on the rise, and it’s now crucial to focus on Gen-Z apartment marketing strategies and methods. Gen-Zers bring many new perspectives, wants, and needs to the table, so it’s essential to shift from millennial attitudes. Despite the two generations sharing common goals, Gen-Z wants greater personalization, better technology, clearer stability, and more lifestyle features. Properties of any kind will benefit from Gen-Z targeted marketing as it’s something that will only continue to grow over the coming years. While attracting Gen-Z renters is one thing, keeping them as your renters is another. Applying specific resident retention methods will allow you to find your target audience and keep them in your community.

Steps To Attracting Gen-Z Renters

Gen-Z Renters | Showcase The Local Lifestyle

1. Showcase The Local Lifestyle

Gen-Z renters want to know more about your community than just the floor plans! They want to know what life looks like on a regular basis. From the details of your location to the community amenities, it’s essential to give Gen-Zers the full picture. It’s powerful to help them walk through what their daily schedule might consist of when they live at your property. Do this by showcasing a day in the life of your community. What activities and entertainment options are available that they can enjoy? The more clarity you can give, the better.

2. Upgrade Your Technology

It’s no secret that modern technology has the power to attract the Gen-Z generation. While this may seem like an expensive task, there are small ways that you can upgrade the technology you currently have. Many apartments now include an Amazon Alexa with their move-ins or have changed to the NEST Thermostat and RING Doorbell. You could also include a ROKU so that everyone can have a smart TV. These small changes can make a big difference when it comes to attracting Gen-Z renters. Since their understanding of technology is so much more in-depth, it becomes a massive factor in choosing where to live.

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3. Encourage Sustainability

Gen-Z renters are drawn to sustainability. Whether it be in the way the apartment is built or how your community is implementing sustainable living, they’re taking an interest. It’s about more than just having energy-efficient appliances, but creating ways that your organization can continually promote better living. Some properties have created a community garden, provided discounted public transportation passes, or organized a better recycling system. It may differ for each property, but discovering what your community can do to be sustainable will make all the difference in the renters you attract.

4. Advertise To The Right Audience

You may not realize that you’re targeting the wrong audience with your current apartment marketing approach. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your apartment marketing ideas are directed towards gen-z renters. You can target your ads, either on Google, Facebook, or Instagram, towards specific audiences. Running these ads will give you a more significant opportunity to appear digitally to the gen-z audience. Along with running more particular ads, you will want to get creative in the ways that you show up online. Gen-Z is the generation known for showing up creatively, so you will want to find unique and exciting ways your community can appear.

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5. Optimize Your Website

Since Gen-Z has grown up with modern technology, the need for a fast and well-designed website is crucial. Slow page speeds and a site that isn’t mobile-friendly will deter renters away at a very rapid rate. While many websites may not be horrible, they may also not be up to the Gen-Z level yet. Content and pictures that are outdated, along with a boring web design, are what can steer away many of your future renters. Creating and re-doing your website to become rapid and efficient should be at the forefront of every apartment marketer’s mind.

Keeping Gen-Z Renters

Perhaps your community is already ahead of the game and has already made progress changing your apartment marketing towards gen-z renters. However, you can’t stop there, as one of the ongoing challenges is how to keep gen-z renters in your community. A common attribute in many gen-z renters is that they’re often willing to relocate to a new place if they’re unhappy. Following through with specific methods will allow your community to flourish, and your gen-z residents will never want to leave!

1. Ask For Feedback Regularly

Gen-Z renters want to feel like their voices matter in their community and that they can be heard. Asking for feedback can go beyond just asking for your organization to leave you a review. Find ways that your residents can give recommendations of what they would like to see from your property. You can do this via social media polls, reviews, or get creative and plan a resident event around this strategy. The more feedback you get from your residents, the more you will adapt to make things that more fit their needs.

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2. Embrace Social Media

Gen-Z renters live and breathe social media. From how they communicate with each other to how they receive updates about the world, social media does it all for them. Understanding and implementing how social media will work for your community is a huge step towards keeping your gen-z renters happy. Using your social media to communicate updates and news with your residents regularly is a massive aspect of gen-z resident satisfaction.

3. Personalize Your Property

Gen-Z renters are also naturally drawn towards authenticity. The more your property can create its voice and brand, the more you will continue to stand out amongst the rest. Consider upgrading your amenities, changing your branding, or creating aspects of your community that aren’t found anywhere else in your local area. Take a look at the competition in your local area and brainstorm what you can to stand out amongst the crowd. Gen-Zers want to feel like they’re a part of something unique and authentic.

Gen-Z Renters | Personalize Your Property

4. Give Your Residents Opportunities

You have to help Gen-Z residents realize that there is a world of opportunities at their fingertips. From diving into the local lifestyle to furthering their career, or starting a business. The more resources that you can give residents to create the life that they want in your community, the more likely they will be to stay. You may consider connecting with local businesses, hosting classes on different topics, and providing your residents with ongoing lifestyle resources. When it comes down to it, you want to think of what you can give your community to help your residents thrive.

5. Help Gen-Z Build Their Lives

With the impact of COVID-19 affecting every Gen-Zers life, they’re craving stability now more than ever. Whether it be the transition to working from home, or switching to online schooling, home is truly becoming where the heart is. Gen-Z renters want a place that can be their everyday sanctuary and your property has the power to create this. Share apartment living tips with your residents, and help them create a space that feels like home to them.

Gen-Z Renters | Help Gen-Z Bulid Their Lives

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