hiring your first property management company
Guide to Hiring Your First Property Management Company

Reading Time: 4 minutes As an investor, the success of your real estate properties can depend on how well-managed they are, but it’s hard to keep up with property management yourself. Finding the right property management company to tackle day-to-day operations and keep tenants happy goes a long way in eliminating unneeded headaches, staying profitable, and staying sane. But where do you start? This comprehensive guide will provide all the information and tools needed to successfully hire your first property management company, from understanding how they can benefit you to determining which services are essential for each property. What can a property management company... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | March 15, 2023
Fake negative apartment reviews
How To Remove Fake Apartment Negative Reviews

Reading Time: 11 minutes There are fake reviews on the internet. To improve their reputation or damage the reputation of their rivals, some people may fabricate reviews. These fake reviews can be entirely made up or only slightly modified versions of actual reviews. Since more people are turning to internet reviews to help them make educated decisions, it’s critical to be aware of the existence of false reviews and take precautions to confirm their veracity before basing decisions on them. Fake apartment negative reviews can be a problem for landlords, property managers, and renters! Nothing is worse than having your online reputation ruined due to... View Article

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Property Management SEO
Top 15 SEO Tips For Property Managers

Reading Time: 9 minutes Property management is a tough endeavor. You cannot just put up a “For Rent” sign and anticipate receiving a constant flow of tenants. You should use digital marketing as part of a consistent marketing strategy. SEO will help you in generating quality leads. How to increase lead generation from local organic searches for your rental properties using SEO? There are a number of variables that affect SEO’s actual effectiveness. It is crucial to take into account each of these elements and incorporate them into your plan if you want your website to rank as highly as possible in google search results.... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | December 14, 2022
Property Management Marketing
9 Essential Strategies For Property Management Marketing

Reading Time: 9 minutes Develop property management marketing strategies that work and create a plan you can implement across the board. As a property management company, you often have the daunting task of keeping owners informed, generating more interest, as well as proving that you’re the best option for any property. Today’s marketing goes beyond branding, leads, and sales. It serves as the basis for a successful property management business. It can give your company’s various facets new life. If you run a new property management company in a rural city, you’ve probably noticed the potential for expansion there and in the surrounding areas.... View Article

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renter follow up template
How To Create The Best Renter Follow-Up For More Leases

Reading Time: 14 minutes Many properties lose potential residents throughout the renter follow-up phase. A property’s lack of strategy causes prospects to not make it to the next step of the renting process. While most of the focus is on generating high-quality leads, there should also be an added measurement of focus on follow-up. Without a strong follow-up, gaining high-quality leads can result in lost renters. As a renter begins the search for their new apartment, they’ll most likely visit a variety of properties. To improve your follow-up, you’re going to have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Many simple... View Article

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leave better reviews
15 Ways To Motivate Residents To Leave Better Apartment Reviews

Reading Time: 10 minutes Can you imagine what better apartment reviews would do for your apartment marketing? The way that residents feel about your community can create a chain reaction to how others feel. Reviews truly do have the power to sway prospects negatively, or positively. This can seem quite daunting as your reviews are mainly in the hands of your residents. However, there are many strategies you can use to motivate your residents to leave the kind of reviews that you’re looking for. Take charge of getting better apartment reviews by providing your residents with what they need to leave a positive impact... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | June 9, 2020
apartment marketing strategies
Future-Proof Strategies for Effective Apartment Marketing

Reading Time: 10 minutes As the real estate industry marches forward, apartment marketing is transforming. We have always stressed the importance of digital apartment marketing. That hasn’t changed. But, as we adapt to new ways of doing business, you may find you’ll need to adjust your digital marketing efforts. Digital strategies, AI integration, inclusivity, and sustainability are taking center stage. As these trends evolve, we start to wonder if the value of internet listing sites is what it used to be. The future of apartment marketing is not just about listings; it’s about creating an immersive digital experience that starts with the search engine... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Chandra Lloyd by Chandra Lloyd | May 26, 2020
virtual resident event ideas
25 Virtual Resident Event Ideas For Multifamily Communities

Reading Time: 11 minutes For the foreseeable future, multifamily communities will have to transform their resident retention efforts into virtual resident events. While the exact timeline of COVID-19 is unpredictable, it will be a while before large groups can gather together. Yet despite current circumstances, it is still extremely important to have resident events to increase your resident’s satisfaction. With the current economic struggles and more, residents need an increased amount of information and connection. It is the perfect time to provide features, and services for your residents that are still accessible despite social distancing. Not to mention, everyone can use extra activities, entertainment,... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | April 8, 2020
resident retention plan
A Resident Retention Plan That Keeps Multifamily Residents Happy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Want free resident retention downloads? What is resident retention? The definition of a resident retention plan is an overall effort made by a property management team to increase the satisfaction of their current residents. Resident retention is important simply because happy residents, want to keep living at your property. The more reasons that you can give them to stay, the better. Each effort plays into the bigger goal of lessening resident turnovers. The longer that you can keep your residents engaged, the more money your property will save in the long run. Lease renewal is a simpler process and has... View Article

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21 lease up ideas
21 Apartment Lease-Up Marketing Ideas To Increase Occupancy

Reading Time: 24 minutes How To Market A Lease-Up A lease-up is a newly available property that is not finished but is scheduled to be completed at a specific time. It usually implies that while the building is undergoing, and completing construction, prospects can still sign a lease. With a lease-up, you’re going to perhaps run into unique challenges that you wouldn’t otherwise face. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the adaptations that you may need to make while marketing your lease-up property. Many new multifamily communities are constantly being developed, and you will need to stand out from the crowd.... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | February 5, 2020