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Best Mobile Apps for Splitting Rental Costs

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Decades ago, in the years of our forefathers, there existed this concept of a checkbook. It was rectangular. It was made of paper. It was used to exchange money. I know what you’re thinking–how archaic!! How frighteningly traditional! Today, in the age of the app, it can be difficult to imagine not using our phones to do something for us. Well, add another thing to that growing list; our phones can pay and split our bills for us! It’s never been easier to split up costs among roommates than with apps. With that in mind, we came up with a list of the best apps for splitting rental costs in 2017.

First, how did we come to decide this list? Well for one, we tried to choose up-and-coming apps that can offer services beyond what we’re used to. We all know that Venmo is amazing at reminding people to pay us. These apps get a little more specialized in their abilities to divide costs or jobs. To make life truly easier, we decided to focus on four areas where roommates often split costs: Rent, Utilities, household items like toilet paper or furniture, and Groceries. See below for our recommendations!

Rental Cost Splitting Apps


Splitwise is a free financial app that keeps track of ongoing bills, and lets you settle up the score when you want. When compared with other financial apps, Splitwise is convenient because it keeps a running tab of expenses, and lets you pay them all at once rather than in small installations. We know how it goes with roommates: you pay your utilities, you pay for their lunch, maybe a drink at the bar, suddenly a lot of little things add up. You can keep track of them as a list on Splitwise, and pay each other back on Pay Day.


Divvy currently is solely an iPhone-supported app, but we’re hoping it will come to Android soon. It really does make your life easier! With Divvy, splitting costs consist of: a click, a drag, and a share. You can take a picture of a receipt, drag each item to the person who needs to pay, and then wait for that sweet reimbursement. Use it for Ikea runs, or splitting checks at the restaurant.


There are many bill-splitting apps out there, so it can be refreshing to see one that specializes in rent sharing. RentShare gives you monthly reminders, so you can avoid those pesky late fees, and it also gives you the option of scheduling automatic payments. As long as your landlord or property has an account, you and your roommate(s) will have no problem remembering to pay your rent.


Again, with so many bill-sharing app options, it’s nice to have one that specializes in the topic at hand. This time, we’re recommending OurGroceries for joint grocery trips, due to the app’s multi-functionality. OurGroceries lets you create and keep track of shopping lists and recipes, with multiple accounts so you can add to the growing list. Once upon a time, we would add sticky notes to our fridge that said things like, “It’s YOUR turn to buy the toilet paper” or “Remember milk!” Now, it’s much easier than hoping your roommate will groggily remember the passive-aggressive note on the fridge as they drag their body out of bed in the morning. Simply add the item to the virtual grocery list, and feel better about the message.

Statistically, money is the biggest cause of fights in relationships. Your roommate relationship is no different. Make your living situation easier and happier by streamlining your bill process.

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