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5 Ways To Improve Living With An Apartment Roommate

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Living with an apartment roommate can be a challenge at times! However, people must share an apartment due to high rent costs, relationships, etc. Many people face ongoing problems with their roommates that can impact their quality of life. To avoid these types of issues, follow the tips below! Regardless of your apartment layout or location, there are clear guidelines you can follow to have a successful living situation. With the right communication strategies, you can ensure that you’re both happy.

Apartment Roommate

Establish Expectations 

The first thing you should do, regardless of who you’re living with, is establish expectations as roommates. It’s best if this conversation takes place even before moving in together. People naturally have different expectations when it comes to the space that they live in. It’s no secret that every person has had different experiences growing up, which can impact the way someone thinks about their home. Before establishing your roommate, you should discuss your apartment expectations. Be open and honest about the setting you want to live in and find a roommate who aligns with your desires.

Clear Responsibilities

Once you and your roommates have established expectations, you can discuss clear responsibilities. Apartment responsibilities can include daily and weekly chores, parking situations, rent splitting, and more. To avoid any confusion, each duty needs to be clearly outlined. Too many roommates never organize their apartment responsibilities and feel resentment towards the people they live with. As simple as it may seem, creating a list or chart of responsibilities is a productive way to solve future issues.

Clear Responsibilities

Open Communication 

It will be nearly impossible for any apartment roommate situation to succeed without open communication. Right from the beginning, strive to problem-solve with your roommates as issues come up. Rather than pushing things aside and allowing tension to build, practice handling problems right now. Many roommates succeed in having weekly meetings or group messages where everyone can communicate. If you feel that a problem needs to be handled, don’t wait to tackle it.

Understand Their Routine 

Everyone’s schedule is different! The chances are that you and your roommates have very different routines for working, socializing, and relaxing. Be sure to share your schedule with your roommates, so they understand how it relates to theirs. Understanding your roommate’s schedule is vital as it can impact what goes on in your space. Unfortunately, a common roommate concern is coming home in the middle of the night or both needing to use the same area simultaneously. An open discussion surrounding your routines will help everyone be on the same page!

Apartment Roommates

Discuss Dealbreakers

As you search for the perfect apartment living situation, writing down your apartment and roommate dealbreakers is crucial. Where and how you live can significantly impact your quality of life. In the long run, slight differences can highly affect your daily happiness. The type of people and energy that you surround yourself with matters. If you know that there are certain aspects that you can’t work with a roommate, it’s important to discuss those. Your roommates should respect your boundaries, and you should respect theirs. Work together to help everyone feel at home!

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    • Afton Jackson says:

      Understanding everyone’s routine definitely sounds like something I should take into account. I plan to share a large apartment room with a couple of my friends while we work several jobs, so I can see how understanding everyone’s routine would help us sort things out. I’ll definitely take note of this when we find an apartment in the area we can all settle into.

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