How to deal with noisy neighbors.
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How To Deal With Noisy Apartment Neighbors

Reading Time: 7 minutes Noisy apartment neighbors are one of the most common issues that renters face. Loud and excessive noise can deter your life and how you feel about your community. Not to mention, the noise can disrupt you, your family, and your space. Dealing with noisy apartment neighbors can be challenging. Consider the steps below to fix the noise issue: Identify the source of the noise: Before taking any further action, it’s essential to identify the source of the noise. Ask yourself, is the noise coming from a particular apartment or a common area? You can also consider, is it happening during... View Article

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Find The Right Apartment
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8 Reasons Renters Struggle To Find The Right Apartment

Reading Time: 8 minutes All renters face the ultimate question of asking: Why is it so hard to find the right apartment? Many renters spend weeks and weeks looking for their new place to call home. When determining the best place to live, there is so much to take into consideration. The more that you understand what you need to know before renting, the more you’ll be able to find the right place.  Renters struggle to find the right apartment because of several factors such as: Affordability Low credit scores Location Amenities Size and layout Safety and security Availability of public transportation Difficulty in... View Article

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Unhappy With Your Apartment
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What To Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Apartment Community

Reading Time: 4 minutes Perhaps you’ve discovered that you’re unhappy with your apartment community! For whatever reason, you may be dreading going home each day. Feeling negatively about where you live can change your entire mood and really become a downer on your everyday routine. You deserve to feel awesome about where you live! Luckily, if you’re not completely thrilled about your community, there are things you can do. Many leases are for a year or longer and do not allow you the flexibility to get up and move if you no longer love your community. It’s important that you have a combination of... View Article

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Host Thanksgiving
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12 Budget-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Your Apartment

Reading Time: 4 minutes The holiday season has arrived and it’s time to start planning budget-friendly ways to celebrate thanksgiving in your apartment! While the holidays can be one of the best times of the year, they can also be one of the hardest when it comes to saving money. With the rise of social media, it can be super easy to compare your living space and holiday celebrations with everyone else. The truth is, that you don’t need an elaborate table setting in a large apartment to enjoy celebrating. There are so many ways that you can still make your celebration meaningful while... View Article

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10 Ways To Deal With College Roommates
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10 Ways To Deal With Difficult College Roommates

Reading Time: 4 minutes A new year of college brings new college roommates! Living with new roommates can mean new memories as well as new challenges. Often, roommates come with different living patterns and bring old habits to a communal space. You deserve to feel at home in your apartment and to be able to have a structured environment. Your living space can significantly affect how you feel about yourself and the people around you. To avoid long-term issues and unhappiness, it’s essential to consider the agreements you and your roommates have in place. Your landlord or living space may likely have already pre-set... View Article

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6 Easy Ways To Soundproof Your Apartment
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6 Easy Ways To Soundproof Your Apartment

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s time to better soundproof your apartment! Living in an apartment can result in more noise from neighbors, roommates, and outside your building. You may feel frustrated if you have to deal with unwanted noise constantly. Plus, you want your home to feel calm and serene and extra noise can dampen your mood. The way you feel while you’re at home can impact your overall satisfaction and happiness in life. It’s worth making a few small changes to improve your home significantly! There are simple ways to trap and mitigate noise from being loud across your apartment! Many properties may... View Article

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common additional apartment expenses
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7 Common Additional Apartment Expenses Besides Rent

Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the most challenging aspects of finding a new apartment can be the additional apartment expenses that exist besides rent. While everyone knows you will pay monthly rent, they may not know that other expenses often accompany apartment living. Each of these expenses can vary by community, and it’s essential to understand the costs associated with each month’s billing. Before you move into your new apartment, review with the leasing agents what costs go hand in hand with the rent. After reviewing the list below, you’ll feel confident moving in the right direction and won’t be surprised by any... View Article

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Save On Your Apartment Air Conditioning
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10 Easy Ways To Save On Your Apartment Air Conditioning

Reading Time: 4 minutes In most places, summer is here, which means hotter temperatures and a greater need to save on your apartment air conditioning bill. Many renters are asking how they can save on utilities. It can be easy to forget about your air conditioning and let it run constantly. If you aren’t aware of how much you’re using, you’ll likely be surprised with a large utility bill. Since the cost of rent is increasing in most places, you must have other ways to save. Discover the best tips to avoid costly increases in your air conditioning and improve your apartment living today!... View Article

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Apartment moving tips
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Signs It’s Time To Move Out To A New Apartment Community

Reading Time: 9 minutes Moving can be a lot of work, and it’s important to consider why you would be looking for a new home. If you aren’t happy with your current living situation, it may be time to move out of your apartment. Perhaps you’re no longer satisfied and are ready for a change! If you resonate with any of the points below, it likely means that it’s time to find a new space. The need for more space is a leading reason for moving, with 60% of movers citing it as a primary factor. Ultimately, you deserve to always feel at home... View Article

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Apartment Living Room Layout Ideas
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15 Apartment Living Room Layout Ideas For Any Space

Reading Time: 5 minutes Creating your apartment living room can be a rewarding and challenging task! Regardless of the size of your space, you will have to determine the best way to arrange your belongings. Living rooms typically consist of a couch or sectional, a coffee table, and perhaps an entertainment center and TV. Depending on your style, you may add more or less to match your taste.  While considering how to space your furniture out, start by measuring the length of each of the sides of your living room. It can be easy to underestimate how much space certain items will take up.... View Article

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