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7 Simple Move-In Gifts for Apartment Renters

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Move-in gift idea: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Hello, Welcome to the neighborhood new neighbor! Nothing will make your new resident feel right at home than a yummy dinner basket.

This basket is easy to assemble but will impress your residents with your thoughtfulness. Take your residents to Italy with ingredients you can find at your local grocer.

What you’ll need:

  • A basket
  • A box of your favorite pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Parmesan
  • A bag salad
  • Tongs
  • A free label from Marketapts! Simply email with the Subject Line “Welcome to the Neighborhood Label”

Of course, the best move-in gifts are the thought behind them. If you think up the idea, we’ll help you execute the product! Contact us today about resident gifts!

If you’re looking for simple move-in gifts, and ways to welcome your new residents, you’ve come to the right place! We truly know the importance of keeping your renters happy. Retaining good residents is cheaper, easier, and much faster than finding new ones. A first step in resident retention is providing your residents with a move-in gift. A move-in gift is a simple way to welcome your residents into your community.

It may seem like something small, but it has the power to go a long way. It also immediately lets the resident know that you care for them. Establishing a positive relationship between residents, and property management is extremely important.

We’ve come up with our top 7 simple move-in gifts for apartment renters. To download any of these resident labels for free, simply fill out the form below, with the tag that you would like. We will send them your way!

#1: “You are all that and a bag of chips”

What you need: Label and any bag of chips.

Cost: $1-$5

Move-In Ideas For Residents

It’s simple and cheap, but gives your apartment renters a snack they’ll enjoy. Adding a little note letting our renters know they’re appreciated goes a long way.

#2: “You are an uh-mason resident” 

What you need: Mason jar, Candy, and Label

Cost: Under $5

Resident Retention Move-In Gifts

Of course you can put whatever you want inside the mason jar, but candy is something that most people enjoy eating.

#3: “Peeps For My Peeps”

What you need: Label and a package of peeps

Cost: $3

Gift Ideas for your residents

Peeps are a fun gift around holidays like Easter and Halloween. Adding a cute note makes all the difference when it comes to move-in gifts, so don’t forget the finishing touch!

#4: “We’re Smitten: We flippin’ love residents like you” 

What you need: Brownie mix (or mix of any kind), spatula, oven mitt, label

Cost: $5

Fun Move-in Gifts for Residents

This move-in gift for apartment renters is one of the most useful. Who doesn’t need an oven mitt and spatuala?

#5: “Welcome to the Neighborhood” 

What you need: Label, Spaghetti, Tongs, Parmesan, and Dish Towel

Cost: $10

Move-In Gift Ideas

This gift basket has a spaghetti dinner theme going on, but you can add whatever type of dish you like. Throw in some dish towels or napkins and you have the perfect move-in gifts for apartment renters. Cleaning supplies is another fun idea to put together. Nobody likes spending money on cleaning supplies, but we still have to do it. You can’t go wrong with household items and food. Move-in gifts for apartment renters don’t have to be fancy. Think of every day items you use, and include a label / hang tag with a special note. We promise it will be appreciated.

#6: Home Sweet Home Doorhangers

What you need: Door hangers

Cost: FREE!

Door Hangers for Apartments

Door hangers are just fun! Why not add some to your move-in gifts for apartment renters?

#7: “You are O’Fish-ally home!” 

What you need: O’Fish-al label, box of Swedish Fish

Cost: $1-$2

Swedish Fish Gift

Click on any of the labels to download, or email us with your information, and we’ll send one right to you!

There are so many great ideas for move-in gifts for apartment renters on Pinterest! Check out our Resident Retention board for more ideas.

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