8 Questions for your apartment digital marketer

8 Questions to Ask your Apartment Digital Marketer!

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Choosing the right Apartment Marketing firm for your apartment community is an important decision; apartment digital marketing directly impacts how many conversions, leads, and ultimately leases you receive. Apartment marketer can help with your web design, SEO, content writing, Digital Ads, social media, and more! You’ll need to prepare yourself for success, bringing in questions that answer the following:

  1. Is my digital marketer knowledgeable about the apartment business
  2. Is my digital marketer going to care about me as a customer?
  3. Does my digital marketer have a long history of success in this industry?

Ultimately, apartment digital marketers need to be good at what they do and care about you as a property manager. Find out just how much with these questions:

Apartment Digital Marketing Questions

1. Are you a Google Partner?

Apartment Marketing Google Partnership

If your digital marketing firm is a Google Partner, the employees are fully certified in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and are up to date on the current SEO information, how to rank on Google, and (just as importantly) how to interpret that data.

2. What social media will work best for me and my property? 

Social Media Calendar to Organize your Apartment Marketing

Apartment marketing works a little differently than just digital marketing. The ideal digital marketer for your property will know your target persona, which social media will work best for attracting leads, and when is best to post.

3. Is your website design responsive?

Responsive web design ensures that your website will work optimally across digital mediums–cell phones, tablets, and desktop. Different screen sizes require different web programming. Make sure that your website will be optimized for all types of screens.

4. How fast can I expect my rankings to improve?

It will take some time to see the change in your rankings, particularly if you have a brand new property, but how much time that will take depends on your digital marketing firm. Ask for a quote to compare the speeds of different marketing firms.

Important to note: never, NEVER go with a digital marketing firm that uses black-hat practices. Black-hat practices are spammy techniques geared towards bots to trick Google into ranking your website higher. Google is very good at spotting black-hat practices, and WILL penalize your website for them. It can take months, or even years, to get your rankings back after being penalized, so be wary of firms that make promises that seem too good to be true.

5. Ask to see their past work with web designs!

Apartment Digital Marketing Past Work

The best way you can get a sense of your marketing firm’s web design is to see examples!

Another question to think about from your firm is whether you want to go with a template or a custom website. Often, templates are cheaper and work just as well, but there are times you might want to build a custom site for your property.

6. Do you take care of Google Analytics, Webmaster, and will you monitor that information?

Tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster help apartment properties keep track of conversions, leases, and leads. Ask whether your digital marketer is going to set up an account for your property on these sites, and whether they actively monitor this information. You may also wan to ask if you can have access to this information to see for yourself, as well as how often they will update you with that information.

7. Do you take care of listings on Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo? 

Having an account on Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo all help future residents find you and increase your rankings on Google. Choose a marketing firm that is knowledgeable and helpful in assisting your property’s business.

8. What experience do you have in the apartment industry? 

Digital marketing is different from apartment digital marketing, and the ideal digital marketer is one who knows the apartment industry inside and out, who knows the importance of your target demographic, who knows online resident centers, and who will understand you as a client and partner.

If you liked these tips or if you’d like more information from a Google Partner apartment marketing firm, please contact Market Apartments today. We’d love to talk to you today about your new 2018 website!

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