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15 Easy Budget Friendly Resident Events For Apartments

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Are you struggling to find easy and affordable resident events for apartments? The current economy has brought communities many unknowns in the last few months. Apartments need to find ways to save money and increase their ROI. Studies suggest that every dollar spent on community events can save property managers up to $6 in turnover costs because resident retention is SO important. Many properties mistake cutting down how they connect with their residents when trying to save.

Resident events for apartments are organized activities or gatherings designed to foster a sense of community among tenants. These events can range from social gatherings to educational workshops, aimed at improving the living experience and satisfaction of residents. 60% of residents say events significantly improve their living experience.

The concept of resident events has roots in traditional community building, where gatherings and communal activities were pivotal in creating social bonds. Modern resident events have evolved with societal changes, incorporating technology and diverse activities to cater to various interests.

It’s easy to think that resident events should be the first thing to eliminate when trying to save costs, but that is not the case. Your current residents are just as crucial as your prospects. There are simple ways to improve your multifamily resident retention continually. Communities with regular events see a 5% higher retention rate on average.

Build out your upcoming resident event calendar with the ideas below! Celebrate special holidays with residents and find ways to build your community.

1 – Pet Grooming

Many landlords allow tenants to live with their beloved pets in their rentals. Your residents love their pets more than anything! Give your resident’s pets a fresh new look by hosting a pet grooming event. One of the best ways to make your community happier is to add convenience to their daily life!

To enhance the pet grooming event, partner with local pet shops for discounted services. This not only supports the local economy but also introduces residents to nearby businesses. Plus, consider a ‘Pet of the Month’ feature in your community newsletter to celebrate these newly groomed furry friends!

2 – Pet Training

What’s better than showing extra care and love to your tenant’s pets? Many people in your community may likely have new puppies that could benefit from extra training. Host a pet training class, and your residents will be forever grateful, plus, it will benefit the whole community.

For the pet training class, invite a local expert or vet to provide insights on pet health and behavior. This adds educational value to the event and demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of the pets and their owners in your community.

3 – Art Classes 

Show an interest in your resident’s hobbies! Plan an evening each month when artists can come in and teach a new art skill to your residents. As a landlord, you can also host an art workshop for your residents! Every effort plays a significant role in helping to elevate your community.

Beyond just teaching art, collaborate with local galleries to showcase residents’ works. This not only nurtures talent but also fosters a sense of pride and belonging among participants. It’s a creative way to spotlight the hidden talents within your community. By building a relationship between management and residents through regular, well-organized events, apartment communities can significantly enhance tenant satisfaction and foster a more harmonious living environment.

4 – Swimming Lessons 

If your apartments have a swimming pool, it’s the perfect opportunity to hold swimming lessons for any residents with small children. You can have professional swim teachers come and host regular lessons in your pool. Events such as this will set you apart from every other community!

Consider a ‘Swim Safe’ campaign alongside the lessons, providing educational materials on water safety. This not only makes the event more comprehensive but also shows your dedication to the residents’ overall well-being. Communities that host events report a 10% decrease in safety-related incidents.

5 – Food Trucks 

A great resident event to host is a food truck night at your rental property. Food trucks are incredibly convenient and also benefit your local community. Choose a night and have the food truck park where it will be readily accessible to your residents. Food trucks will be a huge hit!

Rotate different cuisines each time to cater to diverse tastes. Additionally, organize a ‘Best Dish’ contest among residents to engage them further and create a fun, competitive atmosphere during the event.

Resident Retention Events

6 – Local Gift Cards 

Help your residents explore the local lifestyle! Provide them with gift cards to restaurants and shopping centers around your area. You could also partner with local businesses to provide discounts or coupon codes.

Partnering with local businesses can reduce event costs by up to 20%. Create a ‘Local Explorer’ challenge, encouraging residents to visit these businesses and share their experiences. This can be a fun way for residents to engage with their community and discover new favorites.

7 – Holiday Events 

Celebrate the holidays with your community! As each holiday rolls around, consider how you can host small but significant events. You can also look to minor holidays like National Coffee Day or National Art Day and cater your events around those types of occasions. 

To bring everyone together this summer, consider organizing a 4th of July event with a fireworks viewing party or a patriotic parade within your community, ensuring a memorable celebration of independence.

Incorporate a ‘Holiday Decoration Contest’ within the community to spark creativity and festivity. Offer prizes for the most innovative or sustainable decorations, making the events even more engaging.

8 – Monthly Newsletters 

It’s not necessary to always host resident events! You can share important dates and any new changes. Sending out monthly newsletters is a great and cost-efficient way to ensure that you have regular communication with your residents. It’s also great to help them feel well-informed about what’s happening. Newsletters don’t have to be terribly time-consuming for rental properties.

Feature a ‘Resident Corner’ in your newsletters where residents can contribute stories, recipes, or tips. This inclusion makes the content more personal and engaging, turning the newsletter into a community-built resource.

9 – Apartment Texting 

Texting is the way that most people prefer to communicate! With apartment texting, you can deliver timely messages to your residents with everything they need to know. Consider implementing apartment texting so you can quickly connect to your residents. In the long run, this may allow you to not have as many resident events!

Consider a ‘Question of the Week’ where residents can text back their answers or suggestions. This not only fosters engagement but also collects valuable feedback and ideas for future improvements or events. Regular feedback can tailor events to resident preferences, increasing attendance by 40%.

10 – Outdoor Movie 

An outdoor movie is a perfect option for any community! If you have an open outdoor space, you can set up a projector and invite residents to bring outdoor chairs and blankets. It’s a cost-effective event that your residents will adore. 

Set up a ‘Snack Bar’ with popcorn, drinks, and treats. Offer residents the chance to vote for the next movie, making them feel part of the event planning. This small step can significantly enhance their experience and satisfaction.

Apartment Resident Events

11 – Giveaways 

An extremely budget-friendly resident event is to hold a giveaway! Collect prizes that you want to giveaway and encourage residents to sign up. You can do giveaways on your social media, through your leasing office, and more. 

Include ‘Local Treasures’ in your giveaways, such as products or services from nearby businesses. This not only makes the prizes more unique but also promotes the local economy and fosters community partnerships.

12 – Craft Nights 

Your residents will love a craft night! Crafts can be enjoyable for all ages and will be super easy to put together. Many crafts are affordable and won’t take a lot of prep. You can get all the necessary supplies and set up a table where residents can stop by. Resident events for apartments can be accessible and take little preparation!

Provide a ‘Craft Showcase’ opportunity where residents can display their creations in the common area. This not only celebrates their work but also builds a sense of community pride and connection.

13 – Social Media Challanges 

Ensure that your social media is fun and engaging; your residents will love it! Social media challenges and posts can be the best ways to make your residents feel seen and heard. Some residents may prefer not to attend a resident event in person. 

Feature a ‘Resident Spotlight’ for participants, sharing their stories or creations. This personal touch can make residents feel valued and more connected to their community.

14 – Self Care Bundles 

The truth is, many of your residents are going through a lot. A self-care bundle can include things for their apartment or relaxing items. It will go a long way to show your residents that their mental health matters to you!

Include ‘Mindfulness Tips’ or simple exercises in the bundles. Offer a communal space for yoga or meditation sessions. These additions emphasize your commitment to the overall well-being of your residents.

Resident Events For Apartments

15 – Home Organization Workshop

Help your residents keep their apartments nice and tidy! Host a home organization workshop and hire a professional to provide great tips for their home. You could also give away some home organization bins or helpful additions to any apartment!

Post-event, provide a ‘Resource List’ of affordable organization stores or DIY tips. This ensures the workshop has a lasting impact and provides continuous value.

Unique Insights for Budget-Friendly Resident Events

  • Leverage Resident Skills: Your community might be a goldmine of hidden talents. Organize a skill-share event where residents can teach each other. From knitting to basic car maintenance, these sessions are virtually cost-free and highly engaging.
  • Community Garden: Start a community garden. It’s not just an event; it’s an ongoing project that brings people together and provides fresh produce. You might uncover some green thumbs who’ll lead the charge, making it a self-sustaining activity.
  • Book and Media Swap: Encourage residents to bring books, DVDs, and games they no longer need and swap them. It’s a simple, almost no-cost event that can turn into a regular community tradition. Plus, it promotes recycling and reusing.
  • DIY Home Improvement Workshops: Collaborate with a local hardware store to provide free or discounted DIY workshops. Residents learn valuable skills, and the store gains potential customers. It’s a win-win.
  • Community Service Projects: Organize a day where residents can volunteer together at a local shelter, park, or non-profit. It’s a powerful way to build bonds and give back, enhancing the community’s image.
  • Resident-Run Classes: Have a yoga enthusiast or a dance instructor in your midst? Offer them a space to conduct classes. It’s a great way to utilize communal areas and engage residents in healthy activities.
  • Cultural Exchange Nights: Celebrate the diversity of your community with events where residents can share food, stories, and traditions from their cultures. It’s a rich, immersive experience that fosters understanding and friendship. Events tailored to specific demographics can increase satisfaction by up to 30%.
  • Neighborhood History Walks: Partner with a local historian or use resources to guide a neighborhood walk, uncovering the history and hidden stories of your area. It’s educational and promotes local pride.
  • Energy Saving Challenge: Launch a friendly competition to see which resident can lower their energy usage the most. Offer practical tips and recognize the winners with a small prize or acknowledgment in the community newsletter.
  • Sustainability Workshops: Teach residents how to make eco-friendly cleaning products or upcycle household items. It’s not only engaging but also promotes a greener lifestyle.
  • Virtual Events: Don’t overlook the power of virtual gatherings. Host online game nights, book clubs, or guest speaker sessions. They’re budget-friendly and inclusive, especially for those unable to attend in person.
  • Emergency Preparedness Sessions: Offer sessions that teach residents how to prepare for common emergencies. Knowledge is power, and this type of event can make a real difference in times of need.

Create Better Resident Events For Apartments

Staying in touch with your residents through resident events and simple communication strategies is vital to maintaining your residents in the long run. Surveys indicate that 80% of residents feel more loyal to a community with regular events. Over time your property will save money from not having as much resident turnover. Your residents will love that you’re taking an active role in apartment events also!

Not to mention, resident events aren’t the only way that you can keep in touch with your community. Regular communication and effort for your residents go a long way to keep them satisfied and happy. Your resident events do not need to be expensive or extravagant. Start implementing the list above today! For more apartment marketing tips, contact our team of experts through the button below.

These events are crucial for improving resident satisfaction and retention, which are key factors in a property’s financial performance and reputation. They provide a platform for residents to connect, reducing feelings of isolation and increasing loyalty to the living community.

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