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Keeping the Spark Alive: Resident Relationships

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! Valentine’s Day might be advertised as a “couple’s day,” but at Market Apartments, we like to think of it as a day to examine all kinds of relationships. like all relationships, the relationship that you (as a property manager or leasing consultant) have with your resident is one that takes work. Once you’ve courted and wooed them, how do you keep the spark alive so they’ll stay with you and your apartment? 

We began our research by combing Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews. We wanted to know what was the most consistent part of good reviews. And here’s what we found: friendly/superior staff! Even if the residents had other issues with the building, they mentioned staff members who made a good impression on them. Clearly, having a good relationship with your residents is vital to good reviews, resident retention, and attracting new leads. Here are some simple things you can do to keep the relationship going:

Let them know you care

Apartment Marketing Resident Referral Gifts

There are little ways to let residents know you’re thinking of them: a free breakfast once a month, a renewal gift when they resign their lease, a pumpkin carving party around Halloween. These little gestures add up to the big picture: keeping them around. If residents think you care, they’ll be more likely to stay loyal to you!

Be honest with them

Apartment Marketing Resident Relationship

Again, like other relationships, communication and honesty are key. If a resident comes in with a request that will take a few days to handle, be open and honest with them. Let them know that you will personally see to it that this project gets done, but that it might take time. When they realize the methods behind the work, they’ll be more likely to understand, and they’ll trust you next time with concerns.

This is a long-term relationship. Your resident is not just a customer; they’re a partner with you, for potentially a long time. Your interactions with them shape what kind of relationship you will have.

Set aside time for your residents

Invite to Emmy's Party for Residents

Resident events like an Oscar’s Viewing party, a Candy Apple bar, or even a Pizza Party make residents feel loved. Set aside one day a month (or even every other month) to pamper your resident! Think of it like a Date Night. On Date Night, you do everything you can to support your partner, because it really is the thought that counts! Get creative and send out fun invites to a movie night, or invite your residents to come to the Grammy’s Viewing in red carpet attire!

The more that you care and the time you invest, the more your residents are likely to do the same.

Try Apartment Resident Personas

Improving your relationship with apartment residents through resident personas can be a really effective approach. Multifamily resident personas are fictional representations of your typical residents, created by gathering and analyzing data about your current residents. Start by identifying key resident groups based on demographics and conduct research to gather information about their needs and preferences. Create resident personas based on the information you gather, and use them to tailor your communication and services to meet the specific needs of each resident group. This helps you personalize your interactions with residents and offer relevant solutions.

By creating these personas of your typical residents, based on actual data and research, you can gain insights into their wants and needs. Keep your personas updated to ensure that your strategies remain effective over time. This approach can lead to increased resident satisfaction, higher retention rates, and a stronger sense of community in your apartment community.

Present yourself as a listener

In relationships, we know that listening is a key component of happiness. If we feel heard, we feel better. It’s that simple! Your resident is no different. There might be things that happen on your property beyond your control. Get ahead of the issue and avoid bad reviews by making yourself available to residents. Hold regular office hours. Calm down your upset residents by listening to their stories with empathy. You might not be able to solve their problem, but you can make them feel better about it in the meantime.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Give the gift of better apartment marketing!

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