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Top 30 Resident Holiday Gift Ideas

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Discover tips on winter leasing that will transform your property during the holiday season! The most important thing is to let your residents know how much you value and care for them. Any present that is given with consideration and kindness will undoubtedly be valued.

December is a time for generosity and giving and with the holidays here at our doorstep we have provided what we believe are 5 of the best resident holiday gifts.  Make sure to subscribe to get more tips and tricks for apartment marketing and resident retention! Our blog stays up to date with the latest topics and trends in multifamily housing.

Here are some suggestions if you need holiday gift inspiration for your residents:

1. Cup of Cheer

Kicking off our list, we have classic for the cold winter months. Warm your resident’s bellies and hearts with a cup of hot chocolate. A cup of hot chocolate is always classic and delicious. And for gluten-free residents, you can’t go wrong with decadent dark chocolate.

Here are a few ideas for giving a Cup of Cheer as a gift:

Cup of Cheer

2. EOS Lip Balm

It appears the harshness of the cold cannot be escaped. Provide your residents with the protection they need with EOS lip balm with a festive message! With the all-natural ingredients and usually the tiny price tag, you really can’t go wrong with this option.

Lip Balm

3. Cookie Mix

Nothing says the holidays are here like a batch of cookies! Give the residents the holidays they deserve with a holiday decorated jar of cookie mix! Feel free to be inspired by what we created! You may decorate your jars with cookies any way you like.

Cookie Mix

4. Candy

We used Jolly Ranchers for the chance at a pun, but any type of candy will do! Get creative and your residents are sure to love it! Candies are always a hit with kids and worth having in your pocket.

Bag of Candy

5. Popcorn

Bundling up and watching a movie can be one of the most inviting things during these cold winter months, and nothing makes that experience better like popcorn. Provide that comfort your residents crave with pack of popcorn.


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6. Personalized Home Decor

Individualized home decor presents show residents you care and make their area more comfortable and individualized. For a comfortable touch, try custom throw pillows with names or images, personalized welcome mats, photo-printed blankets, engraved picture frames, and bespoke wall art with their favorite phrases. These considerate presents improve their living areas and strengthen relationships with property management, showing a commitment to making their home special.

Finding the right apartment holiday gifts can transform a simple living space into a cozy, festive haven for your residents.

picture frame

7. Sustainable Living Gifts

Imagine gifting products that make your residents happy and help the world. Reusable water bottles or coffee cups are elegant and practical ways to reduce single-use plastics. Bamboo toothbrushes, an eco-friendly daily need, are ideal for individuals seeking sustainable habits. A herb seed kit or indoor plants can purify the air, green up the room, and spice up the cuisine for green thumbs. These presents are a step toward a more sustainable life and show your people that you care about their happiness and the environment.

water bottles

8. Health and Wellness Kits

A health and wellness kit is a lovely holiday present for residents that shows you care about their health. This kit can include herbal teas, which relax and promote health, yoga mats, and essential oils with a diffuser for stress reduction and better sleep. Remember to include a personalized letter suggesting ways to use these goods to improve their health and wellness.

cup of tea

9. Tech Gadgets

Among the most popular holiday gifts, tech gadgets stand out for their ability to blend innovation with everyday convenience. Residents on the go may work out, commute, or listen to their favorite music with AirPods’ high-quality sound and wireless freedom. On busy days without power outlets, a portable power bank may save the day. Customers may control lighting, appliances, and the thermostat with their phones or voices with smart plugs. Finally, a fitness tracker can encourage healthy living by tracking steps, sleep, and more.


10. Gift Cards

Gift cards are useful and personal, making them great resident holiday gifts. Start with Apple iTunes cards for fantastic options. These are popular with music, app, and other aficionados, providing endless entertainment. Why stop there? Amazon gift cards give the most book, toy, and other purchase freedom. Gift cards for DoorDash or Grubhub can deliver their favorite cuisine to their home, making them easy and considerate. People who favor experiences over things can get endless pleasure from Netflix or Hulu. These options show locals that you’ve researched their interests and personalized festive gestures.

apple itune cards

11. Educational and Hobby Kits

Your residents will be thrilled to receive a present that inspires creativity and learning. These educational and hobby kits are full of surprises, from DIY electronics kits that teach circuitry and programming to paint sets with canvases, eco-friendly paints, and brushes. For indoor herb gardens, a gardening kit with seeds, biodegradable pots, and organic soil is ideal for green thumbs. These kits provide hands-on experiences and enable residents to try new hobbies or enhance their passions. It’s a considerate approach to show you care about their personal progress and satisfaction, making the holiday season special.

hobby book

12. Seasonal Plant Arrangements

Seasonal plant arrangements make wonderful and refreshing holiday gifts for seniors. Imagine the thrill of getting a small evergreen with festive ornaments, bringing winter beauty within. Consider a potted poinsettia, whose red leaves provide festive pleasure to any area. A succulent garden in a holiday-themed pot is a lasting memory of your care and attention for sustainability and growth enthusiasts. These living presents beautify residents’ homes and encourage well-being and nature connection in winter. Each plant has care instructions, so residents may easily care for their green friends, making these gifts meaningful experiences.

potted flowers

13. Customized Welcome Mats

Customized welcome mats add style and warmth to the doorstep, making them a great holiday present for residents. Imagine entering a home with a mat that keeps dirt out and displays a family name, favorite quote, or unique design that reflects the resident’s interests. These mats build community by reminding residents of their property management’s thoughtfulness. They’re functional, robust, and personalize any entrance, making them the perfect balance of practicality and sentiment. With a range of materials and personalization possibilities, you can make each mat as distinctive as the tenants, showing them you value their comfort and individuality.

welcome mat

14. Safety and Security Gadgets

You may show residents you care by providing safety and security devices. Consider smart doorbells that allow people view who’s at the door from their phones for peace of mind and convenience. What about motion-sensor lights that brighten their walk at night, making them feel safe? These devices are practical and show you care about their safety. Tech-savvy homeowners can add security to their house with a Wi-Fi-connected smoke detector that sends notifications to their phones. Their focus to comfort and safety makes these options great holiday gifts that are unique and thoughtful.

smoke detector

15. Gourmet Food Baskets

Gourmet food baskets are a unique and considerate holiday gift for residents of any age. Imagine your residents’ surprise when they receive a beautifully organized basket of artisan cheeses, handmade chocolates, and premium coffees or teas. Everyone feels valued when each basket is customized to their interests and dietary restrictions, such as vegan or gluten-free alternatives. An Italian basket might include aged Parmigiano-Reggiano, a bottle of good balsamic vinegar, and high-quality pasta, while a breakfast basket might include gourmet pancake mix, maple syrup, and fresh-ground coffee beans.

chocolate basket

16. Subscription Service Coupons

For holiday gifts, try subscription service coupons, which bring joy month after month. Gift coupons are experiences waiting to happen. The bookworm in your building can discover new stories and information using Audible or Scribd. Receive a new audiobook or e-book every month—how fun. A Blue Apron or HelloFresh ticket lets foodies create new dishes at home, making meal prep fun rather than work. A Netflix or Hulu subscription would provide infinite amusement for movie fans. A Headspace or Calm app subscription could help self-care enthusiasts relax and practice mindfulness.

coupon code

17. Eco-Friendly Reusable Items

Imagine sleek stainless steel straws with a cleaning brush, a tiny step toward minimizing plastic waste that shows your environmental dedication. Imagine durable, attractive, reusable shopping bags that are excellent for grocery errands and express eco-consciousness. Adding a personalized design or thoughtful comment to these things makes a simple gift a memorable one. By giving such presents, you’re contributing to a better, more sustainable future.

girl with shopping bag

18. DIY Craft Kits

Join the world of DIY craft kits, where your residents can unleash their creativity this holiday season. A DIY ornament making kit with transparent ornaments, paint, glitter, and ribbons is a great idea for children. Kids can personalize their holiday trees or give handmade decorations to friends and family, making the holidays more special. A holiday wreath crafting kit with foliage, embellishments, and a wreath base is another fun alternative. This package inspires creativity and brings the holidays to residents. These kits are more than gifts—they’re an experience, an opportunity to create memories, and a chance to express creativity.

ornament kit

19. Pet-Friendly Gifts

Pet-friendly holiday presents remind residents that you care about their whole family, including their pets. Personalized pet tags with the pet’s name and your resident’s contact information are practical and personable. Choose eco-friendly toys produced from sustainable materials to entertain pets and help the environment. For the lounging pet, a comfy bed with their name might make their place feel more like home. These presents please pets and their owners and reinforce a sense of community and property management attention, making everyone feel honored over the holidays.

dog tag

20. Book and Audiobook Selections

Imagine giving something that makes a holiday gift an adventure, learning experience, or inspiration. Consider curating collections of fascinating mysteries, romantic romances, smart self-help, and cutting-edge technology for bookworms in your community. Imagine an audiobook subscription that gives listeners access to a universe of stories while commuting, exercising, or resting at home. Choose “Educated” by Tara Westover for a positive memoir,  or “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari for a deep dive into human history. This strategy personalizes your present and promotes personal growth, relaxation, and discovery, making each read or listen a holiday highlight.


21. Fitness and Outdoor Activity Gear

Consider giving your residents exercise and outdoor activity gear for the holidays as an invitation to health and adventure. Comfortable and safe insulated, water-resistant gloves and a high-visibility running vest make great gifts for cold-weather runners and walkers. A robust, eco-friendly water bottle helps adventurers stay hydrated while protecting the environment. A junior adventure kit with a compass, binoculars, and lantern turns the backyard into a thrilling adventure destination for kids. These presents promise new experiences and adventures, making the holidays memorable and encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle.

golf glove

22. Cultural Appreciation Gifts

Cultural appreciation gifts are a considerate way to celebrate your residents’ different roots this holiday season. Imagine giving precisely crafted goods that honor your community’s diverse cultures. Consider hand-painted ceramics that depict Mexican traditional art or silk scarves with beautiful Indian textile patterns. These presents are tools for knowing and appreciating your neighborhood’s many cultures. Each piece, from African drum-inspired coasters to Japanese tea sets, honors and celebrates your inhabitants’ individual personalities. By presenting presents that reflect the cultural history of your building’s residents, you’re honoring their particular histories and contributions to your community’s diverse mosaic.

african drums

23. Smart Home Devices

Consider providing smart home products that simplify living. A smart thermostat allows homeowners control their home’s temperature from their phones, saving energy and boosting comfort. This gift enhances their lifestyle and energy efficiency. A smart lighting system is also good. A few tablet taps may change the scene for any event, from a calm supper to a joyous holiday celebration, by remotely turning lights on and off. These smart home devices are more than gifts—they show your residents you care about their comfort and modern life. Giving such innovative and helpful gifts makes this season exceptional and brightens their holidays and daily lives.

smart remote

24. Art and Craft Supplies

This holiday season, explore art and craft products to inspire your residents’ creativity and self-expression. Imagine their enthusiasm as they open a gift that entertains and inspires. For artists and journalists, consider high-quality sketchbooks and professional pencils. A range of acrylic paints, brushes, and canvases can inspire unlimited artistic experimentation for DIYers. Crafters can spend hours making jewelry using a package of beads, eco-friendly yarn, and tools. These carefully picked art supplies inspire personal growth, relaxation, and the delight of creating something unique. Gifting art and craft tools is more than a gift—it enhances lives and develops a creative community.


25. Memory and Keepsake Albums

Photo albums capture residents’ tales, achievements, and community spirit. Consider a bespoke book for a new resident’s first year with images from community activities, personal accomplishments, and neighbor notes. Consider a remembrance book with suggestions to help residents recall their favorite moments of the year. In addition to storing images, these albums create a concrete connection to beloved times, generating a sense of belonging and appreciation.

photo album

26. Stress Relief and Relaxation Aids

Consider giving your residents stress reduction and relaxation aids for the holidays to promote calm and well-being. Imagine their joy when they receive a beautifully presented set of aromatherapy candles, each scent carefully picked to calm and soothe them. Combined with high-quality, noise-canceling headphones, these candles allow residents to escape holiday preparations and enjoy their favorite peaceful music or meditation apps.


27. Board Games and Puzzles

Giving residents board games and puzzles for the holidays boosts community spirit and mental agility. Residents must be excited to open “Ticket to Ride,” a cross-country train trip, or “Catan,” where players gather resources to develop civilizations. These games provide hours of amusement and promote strategic thinking and socialization. A 3D Eiffel Tower model or a custom jigsaw with a local map can be challenging and rewarding for puzzlers.

board game

28. Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Talk about equipment and accessories that make cooking fun. Imagine a sleek, digital measuring spoon that makes baking easy and impresses guests with your precise flavors. A compact, multifunctional vegetable chopper saves prep time in half, letting residents try new dishes without the worry of long preparation. How about a silicone baking surface that replaces parchment paper and makes biscuits and pastries glide off easily? These instruments simplify kitchen life and open up new culinary possibilities, making them ideal gifts for those who love to cook or want to start.

kitchen gadgets

29. Music and Entertainment Subscriptions

Let’s find options for everyone’s taste and lifestyle. Spotify Premium has a huge library of personalized playlists for every mood and occasion, giving your people the perfect soundtrack for their daily lives. An Audible subscription lets listeners experience thrilling novels and thought-provoking non-fiction on lengthy commutes or quiet evenings. Disney+ provides iconic animations, blockbuster blockbusters, and exclusive series to movie and series fans’ living rooms.

people listen to music

30. Charitable Donations in Their Name

Adding a charitable donations component to resident holiday season gift ideas is touching and powerful. A donation in their honor to a charity they care about will bring your residents great delight and pride. You may donate to local food banks to fight famine, animal shelters for animal lovers, or environmental organizations for sustainability advocates.

money donations


The best holiday gifts are those that combine practicality with a personal touch, ensuring every resident feels valued and appreciated. Choosing holiday gifts for residents takes thought, ingenuity, and knowledge of their needs and preferences. Gift-givers can improve the recipient’s life by emphasizing individuality, sustainability, wellness, and technology.

These insights into gift-giving patterns and preferences guarantee that each gift is unique and effective, strengthening relationships and making the Christmas season memorable for residents. This unconventional method of holiday gift selection meets today’s residents’ different needs and makes them feel cherished and understood.

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