Want show resident appreciation? Click here!

Resident Appreciation Ideas We’re Loving!

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Want show resident appreciation? Click here!

At Marketapts, we love good residents! Good residents are dependable, kind, and respectful. They pay their rent on time and communicate openly with their property ┬ámanagers. They love their apartment! Why not send them so love and appreciation today? That’s why we’ve created resident appreciation labels you can download and customize! Pair them with candy, bubbles, or food, and have a cute resident gift at little cost to you! Contact kari@marketapts if you’re interested in downloading labels today!

1. It’s O’Fish-al! We love this one…

Swedish fish

2. It was written in the stars…

See more cute resident retention ideas like this one at marketapts.com

3. Use flowery language!

Show your resident appreciation with these free labels

4.┬áDon’t be a sucker!

Show your residents appreciation with this candy

5. Summertime and the Renting’s easy

Show your residents appreciation with this cute label

6. Be a peep and share some sugar

Show your residents appreciation with these peeps!

Have any great resident appreciation ideas? Comment below or share your own pictures! Visit marketapts.com for more resident and marketing ideas!

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