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10 Apartment Marketing Mistakes That Are Holding Your Property Back

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Your multifamily advertising to-do list may be getting longer and longer, so it’s essential to understand what to prioritize first. It’s crucial to analyze what apartment marketing mistakes could be holding your property back. There may be simple things that you are and aren’t doing that affect your community’s potential. Dive into the areas that you can improve to level-up your property in the best ways.

Even if you have the best marketing ideas for your apartment, keep in mind that if you don’t carry them out well, you may not get the desired results. It’s critical to regularly review your marketing strategies, analyze your data, and make the necessary adjustments. Don’t keep making the same apartment marketing mistakes!

1. You Aren’t Using Video

One of the first things that your prospects see should be a beautiful video of your property! An entertaining and professional video can make all of the difference. Chances are, your website is not using video as well it could be. A video can be the perfect way to showcase everything about your property in the shortest amount of time. Not to mention, anything virtual that encompasses your entire property is beneficial. Now is the time to start implementing property video in a variety of ways on and off your site!

Apartment Marketing Mistakes

2. Outdated Floor Plans

Have your floor plans been updated recently? There are various ways to update your floor plans and make them more enticing to your prospects. Modern 2D floor plans give a great idea of apartment space, and 3D floor plans take it to the next level. It’s important to consider how your floor plans look on your website and how they appeal to your prospects. If you’re looking to level-up your apartment marketing, upgrading your floor plans is one of the most important things you should do!

3. Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Not optimizing your site for mobile devices is an enormous apartment marketing mistake. Since most of your prospects are accessing your website from their mobile device, this can be a deal-breaker. Many people make the common mistake of thinking that a website is automatically ready for a mobile device. Making your website perfect for mobile devices involves a specific development process and the use of AMP (accelerated mobile pages). Perhaps the most common mistake when it comes to mobile devices is the page speed. Dialing in on your website’s mobile layout and how fast it functions is vital to better internet marketing.

4. Poor Website Content

Strategic website content is a crucial part of apartment marketing for so many reasons. Words put together in a sloppy or non-strategic way will be difficult for both prospects and Google to understand. Website content can help your website rank higher, and if it’s not done well, it’s a wasted opportunity. Google will determine how relevant our content is, and how readable it is, and then place you on the search engines. For this purpose, it becomes more important than ever to have excellent website content!

Apartment Marketing Mistakes

5. Unprofessional Pictures

Pictures have the power to carry a prospect forward or backward. They can be a huge deciding factor in one of the earliest stages of leasing! The last thing that you want is for your pictures to take away from what your community has to offer. Your apartment images should be why someone wants to move forward with scheduling a tour. If your pictures are unprofessional in any way, now is the time to update all of them!

6. Bad SEO

Each apartment community with an online presence must succeed with search engine optimization (SEO). And yet, employing poor SEO techniques can hurt your company’s performance. Less visibility, lower search engine rankings, and eventually, fewer online leads can all be consequences of poor SEO. Websites with poor user experience, slow loading times, and non-responsiveness may have higher bounce rates and poorer conversion rates. In the end, poor SEO techniques can damage your community’s reputation and lead to an overall decrease in sales.

Performing an SEO audit on a regular basis is important for avoiding these negative effects. A thorough evaluation of your website’s SEO performance, including website design, content, backlinks, and technical SEO, is known as an SEO audit. An audit assists in identifying any areas that need improvement and provides recommendations for how to address them.

7. Not Using Apartment Texting

Apartment Texting is the best way to communicate with all of your residents at once. It is the quickest and most effective method for sending out mass information. Not to mention, there are many ways to use apartment texting to better your apartment marketing. Apartment texting can help you get more reviews while also generating greater resident satisfaction. Moving forward, it will be one of the necessary forms of communication for every property, so don’t miss your chance to add it to now!

8. Your Website Loads Slow

Page Speed continues to be one of the most important things for many reasons. It affects not only the prospective residents who are on your site, but Google takes it into account. Your page speed can have a massive contribution to the way that you rank on the search engine. Plus, we all know that a slow-loading website is significantly deterring. If you don’t have the specific website features that will help make your page speed extra quick, it’s time to get started!

slow site

9. Not Using Keywords

Your apartment website content may be well written but could be lacking in holding the right SEO keywords. A keyword is a search phrase; it’s what someone types into the search engine when looking for a specific outcome. For example, someone might search “apartments in Denver, “ which would be considered a keyword. Keywords need to be strategically placed in website content so that you can rank for those specific phrases. It’s not just about writing; it’s bout readability and keywords all at the same time.

10. You’re Not Gaining New Reviews

Many people mistake getting many new reviews at once and then never getting new ones again. There may even be some properties with 40-50 reviews but haven’t quite crossed the threshold of 100 reviews! The more reviews that you have that are genuinely received will help you level-up your search engine ranking.

More reviews will also simultaneously give prospects more evidence of how great your property is. Start getting more reviews now, so you don’t keep making the same apartment marketing mistakes.

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