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How To Create The Best Multifamily Marketing Funnel

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Creating the best multifamily marketing funnel starts by understanding each of the steps that your prospects go through. Selecting an apartment and signing a lease is not just a one-time decision. The process that people follow to make an informed decision on an apartment involves many steps.

Whether you realize it or not, it requires anyone to pass through several stages of advertising. It is not enough to approach your apartment marketing with one strategy because your future residents may be drawn to your marketing in various ways and places. Building the best multifamily marketing funnel includes reviewing each of the target areas that prospects walk through before signing a lease.

The Best Multifamily Marketing Funnel

The Renter Experience

Consider the daily lifestyle of one of your future residents and their process before selecting where to live. We all know that moving is a decision that requires a lot of thought. It is a massive choice that involves a lot of work. It typically takes many interactions or connections to a community before committing to a lease.

For example, some people see banners or signs while driving to work or see a new apartment to rent close to work. This small and simple daily act could be their first continuous introduction to your property. The next step may be that they look for apartments in the area online. Next, while browsing something unrelated to apartments, they might see an ad for the same apartment. Now they are familiar with your property, and they take the next step to learn more. From here, they spend time on your website and view your amenities, photos, virtual tours, and more. Your prospects now have enough information to call and schedule a tour or apply online. All of the steps have importance as they work together to convert a lead into a lease.

Multifamily Marketing Funnel

Build Your Multifamily Marketing Funnel

Review your marketing strategy for each phase of the multifamily marketing funnel and establish a tailored plan. It is the best and most effective way to create a system that follows the entire renter’s experience. This will ensure that you have the right apartment marketing tools to convert prospects into renters. Consider where you can improve in the areas below and make efficient changes. These improvements will drastically transform your multifamily apartment marketing and aim you towards success.

Step 1: Awareness – Introduction

Prospects become subconsciously aware that your community exists through simple advertising while going about their daily tasks. These moments may include driving by your community on the way to work or seeing a sign across the street. It’s important to remember that these ordinary moments are often where prospects first become introduced to your community.

Brainstorm how you can increase their awareness as they go throughout their routine. It may be as simple as increasing the amount of signage you have in front of your property or placing print materials throughout your community. Get creative so that you can initially show up for your prospects, but keep in mind that this will all be among your future residents going throughout their day.

Gain Future Residents Awareness

Step 2: Interest – Search

The next step in this process is to implement strategies that the prospect may encounter in the early stages of interest. Since they already know that your property exists, it will be time to advertise to them in a way that points out your property as a straightforward option. With the right targeted strategies, your property can appear to someone who may previously be familiar with it.

These strategies may also include advertising moments that appear when searching for something unrelated online or browsing the internet or social media. Use the methods below to ensure that your community will show up strategically during the next portion of the multifamily marketing funnel. It’s crucial to have the right tools for this stage of the process.


The first step before any prospect becomes aware of your community is establishing your branding. It’s the first stage in the multifamily marketing funnel process because it is the foundation of every other step. With the right branding in place, you will be able to apply every apartment marketing strategy in a better way. Your logo, colors, and designs should professionally represent your property. They should be eye-catching because they play a huge factor in your future residents’ learning more.

If your brand message isn’t clear or seems outdated, maybe it’s time to rebrand. Rebranding apartments maybe a lot of work up front, but it’s definitely worth it. Take the time to invest in modern design elements and a clear brand image to bring in more prospects. When your target audience sees that you get them through your branding, they are more likely to reach out and take those first steps towards becoming a tenant.

Google Ads 

Google Ads acts as your very own online billboard. The power of these ads is that amid other searches or online browsing, they can appear to your future residents. They are a brilliant way to target someone who may be semi-familiar with your community. Google Ads are essential if you want to appear to your prospects during the consideration stage. It will enable you to show up in places online that you couldn’t otherwise.


Search engine optimization for multifamily apartments goes hand in hand with Google Ads. Most prospects search online for general terms such as “apartments near me” or “1 bedroom apartments near me”. With the right SEO strategies, your property can appear during these searches. Ranking for certain keywords will guarantee that you are in front of the right audience. If a prospect knows your property already, they will recognize seeing the name and information on the search engine.

Social Media

Social media is becoming a search engine all on its own. With social media ads and organic posting, and the evolution of video, it’s become a strong tool. Social media has a strong reach rate as posts can be shared. Not to mention, a future resident may type “apartments” into their social media search bar and see what comes up in their area. Don’t underestimate the power of having a solid social media presence. It needs to be professional, regularly updated, and include helpful information that can feed into a prospect’s interests.

Step 3: Consideration – Lead

After prospects become interested in your community, they may begin to consider it as a viable option. This stage has utmost importance as it stands as a massive turning point in a renter’s experience. During this stage, residents will become more familiar with what your property offers by specifically searching out further information. Using the strategies below, you can create the best possible outcomes for your prospects.

Turning Leads Into Lease

Website Development

Once prospects start considering your property, viewing your website will be the next step. Your website is an essential part of building the best multifamily marketing funnel for many reasons. It is the home to everything there is to know about your property and allows anyone to learn more.

Your apartment website can be a huge turning point in the multifamily marketing process, as it could be why a future resident stops considering your property. Take a look at the content, page speed, and user-friendliness. You want to make sure that anyone who lands on your website will have a good experience. This step is a make-it-or-break-it factor in the leasing process! If your website is not up to par with what prospects are looking for, you will not see your leads convert to leases.

Website Content 

Does your website content accurately reflect your community? Does it help prospects to engage with your website and learn more about your property? If your website content doesn’t have comprehensive information, you will leave your future residents with questions. Not only should the information be inclusive of your features and location, but it should encourage prospects to take the next step. With the right call to action and professional writing, your website content can make a massive difference in the apartment marketing process. 

Photos/Virtual Tour 

The photos and virtual tours on your website are a crucial part of the consideration stage! It is no secret that we all want to see explicit and accurate depictions of where we choose to move. Anyone who has moved in their life knows that images can be a huge turning point. If your photos and virtual tours aren’t professional or outdated, chances are you’re continually losing leads. Simple adjustments in these content areas can make all of the difference. 

Property Maps 

A professionally designed property map can make a big difference in the consideration journey. Property maps showcase your property and allow for prospects to get a better idea of the layout. It also assists when seeing which units are available. Making your property maps available online is an effective way to push decision-making. It creates more transparency about your community. Many property maps are outdated and need to be updated desperately. If your property maps don’t accurately reflect your property, it is time for an upgrade! 

Review Management

It’s no secret that reviews play a massive role in a future renter’s experience. As prospects consider your community, they will turn to their peer’s thoughts to feel more informed. With the right review management strategies, you can ensure that they’re being handled effectively. Professionally responding to all reviews shows that you’re involved with your residents and care about their experience. Negative thoughts can be turned into positive ones with the proper response from the property. Consider placing your reviews on your website as well, so that as a prospect is viewing your site, they can also see testimonials of current residents. 

Step 3: Decision – Lease

After your future renters have traveled through the above steps, they will land on a decision-making crossroad. From here, they may apply online or visit the office to take the next step and choose to lease an apartment at your property. 

Making The Decision To Lease

It’s always important to remember that the decision is not made in the first step. There are several points that every future resident moves through as they consider where to live. Build apartment marketing strategies that cater to the entire process and not just one step. To create the best multifamily marketing funnel, you will need to target each area, including awareness, consideration, and decision.

Build Your Multifamily Marketing Funnel

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