10 Reasons you should use videos in apartment marketing.

10 Reasons You Should Use Videos In Apartment Marketing

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Have you noticed that lately, most of what you see on social media are videos? You no longer have to rely on YouTube alone to learn how to do something or find out about a new product. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest have thousands of videos for people to watch and share. Because the majority of people are visual learners and would rather watch a video than read an article, video marketing is becoming the new norm. And using videos in apartment marketing is no exception.

Videos are one of the quickest and clearest ways to convey a message, educate, or connect with people. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Real estate video content not only showcases properties in a dynamic way but also significantly increases the time potential tenants spend engaging with your listings.

This makes video an invaluable tool for conveying complex ideas. Not only that, but video analytics make it easy to see exactly the impact a creator or marketer can have on their audience.

Still not convinced? Keep reading for a variety of reasons why you need videos in apartment marketing.

Why Should You Have Apartment Marketing Videos?

In comparison to photos, video content shares messages better and captivates consumers across numerous platforms, resulting in faster and stronger relationships between multifamily properties and their target audiences. Whether you are advertising community events, sharing updated community websites, or highlighting a new apartment acquisition and its amenities, a video can help you reach your audience on whatever platform they use most. Apartment video marketing can help you show prospects all the unique perks of leasing with you.

90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, applicable to tenants deciding on an apartment. So what are the specific benefits of using video marketing in the apartment industry? Well, there are several, so let’s get started.

1. Google Loves Videos!💛

Having videos on your website helps boost SEO (search engine optimization), which means your apartment community will be seen more on Google search results. Most people are visual learners and would rather watch a video than read an article. Google recognizes this and essentially gives you extra points for having a video. 

The same methods used for content SEO optimization apply to optimizing your video landing pages. Instead of being overstuffed with unnecessary and unrelated keywords, your title and descriptions should properly describe what the video is about.

2. Video Marketing Helps to Spread the Word

People spreading the word with video marketing.

One of the most effective and profitable digital marketing techniques available in the multifamily industry today is property videos. Google extended its selection of video marketing tools in the middle of 2018. Implementing video marketing strategies can transform your property’s online presence, driving more views and interactions on your listings

If your video is useful (which it should be), prospects are likely to share it with their friends. Social shares play a big part in driving traffic to your website. The more people go to your website, the more Google will recognize your apartment community as a relevant search inquiry. In other words, more prospects going to your website equals more signed leases.

3. Video Marketing Encourages Faster Decisions

A stop light with the green light checked for yes.

Go beyond apartment virtual tours and show your prospects what they can expect to live in your apartment community. There are many advantages of using video tours. Video is undoubtedly a cutting-edge technique to share your community’s futures and amenities among the variety of advertising alternatives.

Create a video of your apartment to show your prospects everything they need to know about your apartment community. An informative video about your amenities, floor plans, and pricing would eliminate at least 2 steps in the apartment renting process. Give your prospects the tools they need to make renting your apartment a quick and easy decision.

4. Video Marketing Appeals to More Senses

Videos are popular for good reason, they’re more interesting!  You can see and hear the message portrayed. Instead of showing the same old pictures of your apartment amenities, why not show prospects a video of the glistening pool on a hot summer day? Your prospects will imagine themselves enjoying a cool beverage by the pool, rather than skimming past the word pool and moving on to the next apartment listing. 

To effectively reach your target audience in apartment marketing, it’s important to utilize live videos in addition to traditional marketing videos. A live video offers a more authentic and personal touch, allowing potential renters to see the property in real time and ask questions. Incorporating both pre-recorded and live videos into your apartment marketing plan can help maximize your reach and appeal to a wider range of potential tenants.

Wherever your property is located, videos are just as important to your marketing efforts as a community website or a blog. If using videos doesn’t appear to make sense for your rental units, you probably have the wrong kinds of marketing videos in mind.

5. Videos Communicate Your Message Faster

It’s a known fact that people don’t read everything you have on your website. They merely skim through the stuff they think might be relevant to them, and quickly lose interest. Videos, however, eliminate what would have been a 3-paragraph sales pitch to a 3-minute informative video showing why they need your product.

Knowing your audience will help you determine what interests they have. This might serve as the basis for your message. You should maintain the audience’s interest and ensure that they can grasp what you are attempting to express.

6. Videos Increase Social Media Engagement

Social Media Apps.

As you may already know, social media has become the number one way to get your business noticed. It’s estimated that there are currently 3.2 billion social media users in the world today, which is almost half the population worldwide! Social media is the perfect place to reach almost any audience. Don’t bore them with the same old stuff! Increase engagement with a fun video everyone wants to click on.

Anyone who has lately glanced through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter understands that videos are a big part of what these social media platforms are like to use. For years, video has been a marketing buzzword, and now, large and small companies are leveraging it to cultivate passionate social media followings.

In the fast-paced world of apartment lease-up marketing, incorporating Instagram reels into your video apartment marketing technique can be a game-changer. These short, engaging videos allow you to showcase the unique features of your property in a visually appealing way, generating interest from potential renters and driving leasing activity.

7. Videos in Apartment Marketing Set You Apart From the Competition

The apartment industry can be tough sometimes because you almost feel like there’s only so much you can say about your apartment community, right? Wrong! Now you can create a video SHOWING prospects why they should live in your apartment community. Not many properties have caught on to the video trend yet. Set your apartment community apart and invest in a good quality video to bring in more renters.

To stay ahead in the competitive world of real estate, utilizing apartment marketing videos is a must. 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. By sharing a virtual tour on social media platforms, you can increase your engagement with potential tenants more interactively. With social media marketing, you can target specific demographics and increase the likelihood of attracting interested renters who may not have discovered your property otherwise.

Incorporating virtual tours into your marketing strategy can help set you apart from competitors and appeal to modern renters who prioritize convenience. Offering virtual apartment tours also benefits current residents who may be unable to physically show their apartments to friends and family.

By leveraging virtual tours as a marketing tool, you can streamline the rental process and provide a seamless experience for both potential and current residents. Innovative apartment marketing strategies, including the use of targeted video content, can significantly enhance your property’s appeal to prospective tenants.

8. More People on Mobile Devices are Searching for Video Content.

As more people shift to mobile devices for their online activities, it’s crucial for real estate marketers to prioritize video content in their marketing ideas. By providing engaging and informative video content, marketers can better capture the attention of their target audience and increase the chances of generating leads. Investing in video marketing ideas can help professionals in the industry stay competitive and connect with potential buyers or renters on a more personal level.

Although smartphone use and watching videos started out as different trends, they have now converged into a potent user behavior pattern.

The majority of internet users are searching for apartments on their mobile devices. It’s also becoming apparent through analytics that most people clicking on videos are people using a mobile device. So what does that tell you? Yes! The majority of people want to see videos! Give the people what they want!

9. Videos Help You Be More Personable and Build Trust

When people can put a face to a brand, they’re more likely to do business with them. This is also true for the apartment industry! What better way to build trust with your current and future residents than to let them know who’s part of their apartment community?! Your residents should see familiar faces in their community, and by personalizing your brand through video, they’ll feel like they know you and can trust what you have to say.

In today’s digital age, incorporating videos into your apartment marketing strategy is an effective way to showcase your property and attract prospective residents. Offering virtual tours through your website and Google Business Profile can help provide a more immersive experience for tenants, allowing them to explore your property from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, seeing it for themselves (no matter where they are) helps build trust with you.

10. People are More Likely to Remember a Video than a Picture

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Videos leave a lasting impression on viewers for several reasons. There’s more to see and hear than just a picture and a little text. Videos allow you to tell stories and stories are how we make meaning and memory. When you watch a video, you can imagine yourself there and understand the message more clearly, making it more likely to be remembered. Pro Tip: Make sure your video has a good hook at the beginning to get people to keep watching. And remember, creating a funny or engaging video that resonates with your audience will most likely be remembered and shared more with others.

As you can see, video content is becoming essential in just about every industry! Do you need help with video marketing? Contact Market Apartments today to discuss how we can help your apartment community stand out from the competition and turn leads into signed leases!

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