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Top 5 Ways To Use Google My Business For Apartments

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How do I use Google My Business for Apartment Marketing?

Google My Business is a great tool for apartment marketing. There are so many ways to advertise your products and services. The question is, are you taking advantage of all the things you can do to promote your apartment community on Google?

Have you claimed your Google listing? Maybe you’re unsure how, or maybe you don’t have time to manage your local listings. We know this is added work to you and your onsite team. Market Apartments can do it for you! Contact us today to learn more about our Smart Marketing services!) Either way, Market Apartments wants to help your apartment community be seen on Google.

1. Have you claimed your property on Google?

If Market Apartments is your marketing provider, then you’re in luck! We’ve claimed it for you, and made sure your business hours, address and phone number are correct. If you have the time, your onsite team members should also claim your business to be added as a manager. As you read further, you’ll see that there are so many ways to get your apartment community noticed on Google.

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If you’re not sure how to claim your property, it’s a fairly easy process. Go to and select your property from the search results. If you don’t see the correct name and address of your property, you may need to create your listing from scratch. If your property is there, you’ll need to request access to be able to manage your business account. Then you will fill out the forms and click submit. Sometimes it can take up to 7 days to get access, but after that, you can begin making edits.

2. Create posts about your property.

On the left-hand side of your Google My Business page, you’ll see a column full of things you can do to promote your apartment community. Posts are useful to promote your products, so in apartment marketing, you should post about your apartment specials. Prospects have many options to choose from, so make sure your apartment community’s special is something they’ll see right from the Google search!

You can also add events to this section as well, so you can even post about an upcoming resident event. Market Apartments highly recommends posting your apartment special whenever possible, but if you don’t have one going on, highlight one of your amenities! With Google being the most widely used search engine, you’ll want your apartment community to be seen often by prospects in your area. So don’t miss out on opportunities to post about your apartment community on Google.

3. Add apartment photos.

Apartment bedroom photo.

Before prospects end up on your website, they may be looking through your Google listing first. Add photos to your Google My Business page to boost your leads. We’ll bet your apartment website traffic will increase too. You don’t have to add all of your gallery page photos to the GMB, but having 15 to 20 photos would be helpful for prospects to get an idea of what your community looks like. Are you in need of updated gallery photos? Market Apartments has affordable apartment photography packages to choose from. Visit our website today!

4. Add your Services and Products.


Apartment communities can add all of their amenities to the services section. Highlight your most sought after apartment amenities to attract more prospects. Does your community have a dog park, fitness center, recycling, etc.? These are things prospects want to see right away. Make sure to include keywords throughout your content so that your listing comes up first on a Google search.


You should also include your floor plan options and pricing in the Product section. The floor plan page is one of the first pages prospects visit on your website. Therefore, we know that’s what they want to see. Your Google My Business listing should have at least one photo of each layout your community offers.

The important thing is to update your Google My Business information often. Information on Google and your website should always be accurate.

5. Respond to your reviews.

5 star review.

Under the reviews section, you can respond to those who have left a comment. Remember, whether it’s good or bad, you should always respond. Thank the person for their feedback, and if there was a problem they encountered while living at your apartment community, apologize first. Then, if possible offer a solution or provide an email or telephone number for them to call to discuss further.

Confirm that your Q & A Notifications are on.

Some prospects will ask questions about your apartment community right on your Google My Business listing. Just like reviews, these questions should be answered. Utilize your Google My Business to the fullest. Your reputation matters!

To conclude…

If you’re properly managing your Google My Business account, your apartment community is likely being seen at the beginning of Google search results. Google is the best way to get your business name out there, but it’s important to keep up with it. How often you update your Google listing is important.

Don’t have time?

Market Apartments is ready to help! Let us manage your Google My Business listing. The more often you post on Google, the better! We’ll manage your Google, Yelp, and Bing listing for an affordable price. We have the tools and creativity to bring your local listings to life! Get your Google My Business listing (as well as Bing and Yelp) noticed! For more information, visit our website at or email

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