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25 Apartment Items You Can Buy That Will Actually Make You Happier

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It is typically said that money can’t buy happiness, and while this statement might be directly true, there are actually things you can buy that can make you happier long term. The reality is, there are material goods that can change your daily routines.

It isn’t so much about buying stuff, as it as about feeling good. See the thing is that using our personal finances to buy experiences, as opposed to objects, can completely change our daily routines. There are actually a lot of simple things that can make you happy. In this article, we’re going to dive into 25 apartment items that increase happiness.


1. Plants

If you’re looking for how to make your home a happier place, then you can first start by adding some greenery. Plants can not only clean the air of your apartment, but they also create an inviting living atmosphere. Owning many plants is also a great mindfulness technique. It helps you to destress, and focus on one thing at a time. Plants are definitely among the things that make a house a home for many reasons. So find your favorite plants, and start taking care of them on a daily basis.

2. Books

Purchasing a set of your favorite books, or a new novel that you’re really interested in can help you to always feel right at home. Reading gives you the opportunity to relax, and unwind after an extremely long day. Recent research shows that reading can truly be another form of therapy. It can take you out of the current stressful situations that you’re in, and get your mind off things. Not only can the activity itself bring you relief, but books can also be a cozy way to decorate. They can be used to add a little flair on tables, and shelves.

3. Soft Bed-Sheets

If you’re genuinely looking for how to make your room happier, you will definitely want to invest in soft bed-sheets. Creating a comfortable bed, that you can sleep well in, is an essential part of bringing positive energy into your home. Sleep helps you to function better. It is a huge aspect of your health, and for this reason, it is extremely beneficial to invest in bedding that is comfortable for you. It will definitely be worth it to choose the sheets that feel the best to you and to put them on your bed immediately. This will help you sleep better, and feel better. The more quality rest you get, the happier you will become.


4. Comfortable Mattress

In addition to soft bed-sheets, you are going to want a comfortable mattress. Mattresses can be expensive, and the price sometimes seems too far out of anyone’s budget. However, you have to keep in mind, that your sleep greatly affects the way that you function on an everyday basis. If you’re continually not sleeping well, you won’t have a desire to be productive. Find the mattress that works for you, and understand that you’re paying for more than just a material item. This is all about spending money on experiences that affect our moods on a regular basis.

5. Personalized Pillows

To sleep even better, you can purchase pillows that are personalized just the way that you like them. Don’t be afraid to go pillow shopping to find one that seems like it would be most comfortable for you. There is a large variety of pillows that you can choose from. You may look for one that is more full if you prefer sleeping propped up. If you experience any breathing problems while sleeping, there are even pillows made to help you breathe better at night. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there is definitely a pillow that can help you sleep better. Remember, sleep is a huge element in making your home a happier place.

6. Stress-Free Scented Candles

There are so many products that can genuinely help you to decompress after a long day. The way your apartment smells can have a great impact on the way that you feel about coming home. Not to mention, there are actually candles that are designed to produce stress-free aromas that can help you to feel calm and at ease. You could use these candles throughout your entire apartment. Find the candle that smells the best to you, and use it right when you get home for the day. It will help you to separate your home space form the noise of the world.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

There are few things better than listening to your favorite song when you have had a stressful day. Finding a speaker that you love is a great way to instill personalization in your everyday home life. Music can truly set the mood, and it can make a huge difference in the way that you feel. Investing in a nice Bluetooth speaker can also be convenient as you can take it with you other places. You may consider purchasing an Amazon Alexa, or Google Home so that you can complete an arrangement of tasks at your fingertips. The convenience and services of these devices can bring a lot of ease to your life.

8. An Alarm Clock

There may be few things worse than actually waking up to the noise made by your mobile phone alarm. A phone alarm can be problematic, as it requires your phone to be next to you while you’re sleeping. This can lead you to stay up extra late at night and can decrease your ability to quickly get out of bed. Using your phone right before you go to bed, and right after you wake up has proven to have negative effects. Technology is simply incredible, and modern-day alarm clocks have been designed to include a variety of features that will help you to feel better.

9. Extra Storage Solutions

It’s just a fact that living in a clean, and organized space helps you to feel better, and well, happier. At the end of each day, you want to come home to an apartment that is clean, so that you can relax. However, it’s impossible to keep things clean if you don’t know how to store them. Apartments can often have significantly low storage options, so it is a great idea to invest in extra storage options. Whether it is shelves that you place in your bathroom or boxes you put underneath your bed, you’re going to be grateful for the extra organization. A clean home can give you more time to do other things that you would like to, and that is why extra storage solutions are on the list of items that increase happiness.

Extra Storage

10. Framed Art

Regardless of your personal connection or passion for art, it is no secret that having art in your apartment can make it more peaceful, and serene. Art has the ability to fully change the vibe of a room. It can make an apartment feel more personalized and designed. It is a simple way to completely transform any of your walls.

Whether it is small or large art, it can add a sentimental touch to homes that can sometimes feel industrial. If you’re looking for a way to create a happier home environment, you will definitely want to consider investing in multiple art pieces for your wall.

11. Comfortable Seating

Whether you like to frequently have gatherings at your apartment, or you prefer to spend time alone, you won’t regret purchasing comfortable seating. From a couch to a chair, to a bean bag, there is a variety of options when it comes to places to relax. The last thing you want after a long day is to come home to an apartment that feels unwelcoming. With comfortable seating, you will be able to unwind. It gives you a place to watch your favorite show, read your favorite book, or simply take a nap. If inviting friends over makes you happy, then having a variety of comfortable seating options will help your friends to feel comfortable too.

12. Kitchen Table

Another item that will make you happier, is to have an actual kitchen table. Research shows that setting aside time to eat at your actual kitchen table can increase your happiness. It gives you time to disconnect from the world, and it forces you to stop using your couch, or your bed as your table. The more you look forward to sitting at your kitchen table, the more likely you will be to share a meal with someone. Connecting to others over dinner or drinks is a great way to increase your happiness.

13. Flowers

Flowers can easily turn a boring living space, into one that is vibrant, and inviting! Regularly bringing home a new bouquet of flowers can transform your entire living space. This is a great way to bring positive energy into your home, and it will genuinely make you feel better. A lot of people also have a tie to certain flowers, that can bring back good memories. They’re a great sentimental way to make your apartment more colorful. These especially make a difference in the winter when you’re simply trying to escape the colder weather! Flowers can turn your apartment into an endless summer.


14. Cooking Supplies

Determining what to eat each week can be stressful, and time-consuming. If you’re working a full-time job then you are probably continually needing to develop meal plans, and organized food options. It’s hard when you’re unorganized with what to eat each week because it can force you to eat out regularly. It can be extremely beneficial to have your standard cooking supplies on hand.

This can consist of spices, seasonings, oils, and cooking utensils such as spatulas, mixers, peelers. etc. These are things that you can use on an everyday basis. Having these items on hand helps you to have a foundation for a variety of other things that you can make. It allows you to cook meals that are more hand-crafted, and that taste better. Cooking can be a very therapeutic activity and can help you to take your mind off of stressful things.

15. Journal

Writing has been proven to make people happier for a very long time. It can help you to release built-up emotions, as well as stay organized. Having a journal in your apartment gives you the opportunity to relax, and unwind. You can use journals for writing, planning, and organizing. It is an absolutely great way to increase your happiness, as well as your productivity. You can also find a variety of journals, and purchase one that works best for you. You may consider keeping your favorite quotes inside and placing it in a spot in your apartment where you can refer back to it regularly. This one definitely makes our list of items that increase happiness.

16. Yoga Mat

Body movement has been proven to increase happiness, and it is something that you can do within the comfort of your own home! You can create an area of your apartment that you can dedicate to yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation. A yoga mat is a great investment because it can be beneficial in your home, as well as for other fitness classes.

If you’re able to even dedicate just a few moments of your day to this practice, you can experience a big difference in the way that you feel. In our modern working world, it can be extremely difficult to mellow out. Having a yoga mat on hand will help you to have the supplies you need so that you can experience greater relaxation.

17. Weighted Blanket

Blankets alone are definitely known to make any apartment cozier, but did you know research shows that a weighted blanket can actually lower anxiety, and increase happiness? Weighted blankets have actually been used for therapy, as they have a lot of extroadinary benefits. They can help you sleep better, fight against stress, and help body pain. So yes, investing in a weighted blanket can truly have many rewards other than just making your house feel more like home. It can actually increase your happiness! This is a purchase that you do not want to miss out on.

18. Picture Frames

There are a variety of things that we keep around our apartments that are meant to be in frames. Whether it be pictures, diplomas, or pieces of art, there is something very fulfilling about having items that matter to us in a frame. It not only gives us the ability to hang it up properly, but it can feel more organized. It helps us to personalize our apartment. Pictures can often be a catalyst for certain feelings, and having good memories around you can be very uplifting. This will also help to protect your pictures and will keep them damage-free. There are a lot of physical, and emotional benefits to putting your favorite pictures in frames and are definitley items that increase happiness.

items that increase happiness

19. Curtains

Curtains can be a great financial investment for many reasons. They can both increase, and decrease the amount of natural light you receive. Curtains can also add a feeling of home to your apartment, and make it cozier. While you’re sleeping you can use curtains to block out natural light, to make your room darker.

A darker room can help you to get better sleep. In the mornings, you can open your curtains to promote natural light which will help you to wake up with ease. The light can truly have a big impact on your mood. Curtains can help your room feel more put together, which will impact the way that you feel when you get home.

20. Oil Humidifier

Your breath matters! The better that you can breathe, the better that you will feel. An oil humidifier or diffuser can clear the air, and also make it smell refreshing. There are many benefits to keeping a humidifier going while you’re sleeping, especially if you live somewhere that is very dry. You can use your diffuser during the day, and it can create aromatherapy. Research has shown that aromatherapy is a great way to relax, and rejuvenate. Oil Humidifiers have long-lasting benefits that can make this another item that increases happiness.

21. Lamps

As we have already discussed, lighting can greatly affect your mood. The light within your space can determine how your body responds. Your body’s natural clock is programmed to be receptible to the light that is emitted. Having a variety of lamps throughout your apartment to help promote healthy living. You can also look into the differences between artificial, and natural light. Consider purchasing lamps with LED lightbulbs that won’t be as harsh on the environment. There are many ways that you can change your lighting, which will, in turn, affect your mood.

22. TV Streaming Services

Relaxing to your favorite show can be a great way to unwind, and decompress from the stresses of the days. Today, there is such a variety of streaming services that can bring all of our favorite shows to our fingertips. Discover the service that works the best for you, and invest in it! It will give you endless opportunities to enjoy your top shows. The convenience alone of this can add simplicity to your life. Not to mention, watching a show can completely get your mind off of the stress at hand. It is a great, and beneficial way to embrace entertainment.

items that increase happiness

23. Roomba Vacuum

It is no secret that all of us would agree that a clean home makes a difference in the way that we feel. Yet, why do so many of us put it off? Regardless of the reasoning, it can be difficult to have the energy to clean after a long workday. Investing in an iRobot Roomba vacuum is the perfect way to get a clean home without going to any work. The vacuum is simply timed to clean your floors on its own. It does an outstanding job of cleaning the areas that people often can’t reach. It also gives you back the time that you would cleaning! This is truly a win-win. With this purchase, you’re going to get a clean apartment, and more time on your hands.

24. Grocery Delivery

Time is extremely valuable, and anything that adds an extra dose of convenience can be an extremely great investment. Grocery delivery can be a great way to save time, and ultimately money. There are a variety of grocery store services that you can become apart of that will bring your groceries directly to your door. In fact, there are many that will give you full meals that are simple, and easy to make.

Not only does this save you time spent at the grocery store, but it also can give you the ingredients to make a high-quality meal. We’ve already discussed how important our food and sleep routines to our health, and this is just another way that you can increase your productivity. This is turn increases your happiness.

25. Welcome Mat

Each of us has to figure out a way to shut the world off and come home to a serene place. Ideally, we all want to make our apartments a safe haven. We want to feel completely at peace. Placing a welcome mat that you love at your front door can symbolize that you’re not entering a relaxing place! You can use it as your signal, and tell yourself that by the time you see the welcome mat, it’s time to leave work behind. It can also feel welcoming to friends, and family that you have over. It can put the final touch on your apartment that you need to feel just at home.

items that increase happiness

Create happiness now!

Start saving for the items that you want in your home. Over time you can add them to your apartment to make it a place that you truly want to be at. Focus on putting your money towards items that increase happiness. So many of the items on this list can change your mood, and influence the way that you feel about yourself on a daily basis. It’s important to understand that all of these items can’t take away our problems, but they can help our lives to feel more convenient. So create happiness now, and start organizing your apartment that reflects the mood you’re chasing. The items that increase happiness should be high on your list of things to purchase.

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