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7 Ways To Bring Your Property Management Team Together

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During the hustle, and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy for property management teams to feel overwhelmed. Winter apartment leasing can present to be a challenge, due to the weather, slower leases, and more.

Apartment communities may need extra attention during this time, especially since it is the slow season.

As a property manager, your goal is to continually turn leads into leases and make sure everything runs smoothly. This is all only possible through your property management team.

Although apartment digital marketing is the main trend, having a hardworking onsite team is still a crucial aspect of having a successful apartment community.

On-site teams can often be overlooked, as the focus is usually on the residents.

While it isn’t a bad thing to focus on potential and current residents, it is just as important to have a consistent awareness of the functioning of your onsite team. 

The holidays are a great time to focus on and give back to your onsite team.

However, it’s important to put a focus on onsite team building throughout the entire year.

By placing an emphasis on getting your on-site team involved you can,

  1. Show your team that you appreciate them, which inspires them to continue to work hard.
  2. Let your team know that their efforts don’t go unnoticed and that their contributions are valuable.
  3. Enable each person to feel a part of a team, which builds their morale.

So bring your onsite team together this season, and celebrate! 

Here are some fun ideas that will bring your team together during the magic of the holidays, and all year long.

1 – Celebrate at a property management team party.

7 Ways To Bring Your Property Management Team Together

Hosting a party is a simple way to celebrate both the holidays and your team! Choose a time where everyone can get together to relax and catch up. This is a great way to facilitate team bonding and to reward your staff for all of their hard work. The party can be simple and doesn’t even have to be themed towards a certain holiday. You could host a Christmas or New Year’s party. This shows your on-site team that you care about getting them involved!

2 – Give back to your team by giving each member a small gift.

7 Ways To Bring Your Property Management Team Together

Perhaps getting together as an entire team is difficult, and handing out a small gift would be better. You could get creative, and create a gift for your team, or give them something simple like a gift card. Either way, this will be another great reminder that you appreciate their hard work. You may also take note of your staff’s birthday, and make sure they get celebrated on their big day. Through small ways, you can help your staff feel very appreciated

3 – Host a service project.

7 Ways To Bring Your Property Management Team Together

A service project can be a great way to bring your entire apartment community together. You could ask for suggestions from your staff on what type of service project they would like to participate in. This is a great way to combine team building, and it works great for the holidays. By working on a service project together, you can create team commodore, and give back to those in need. You could get your residents involved, or make it just a staff project. Either way, you’ll find many benefits of working together as a team.

4 – Plan an outing together.

making connections

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from your everyday workspace and work on building friendships. You could go out to the movies, dinner, or drinks, and celebrate your onsite team’s success! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but it gives your team the opportunity to make connections. You may look specifically in your local area for activities that are seasonal. Although everyone might not attend, it shows your team that you value their contributions.

5 – Secret Santa/Gift Exchanges


Hosting a secret Santa, or some type of gift exchange is a great way to get your onsite staff connected, but it is also convenient. Simply draw names or assign each staff member, someone, to give their gift to. Plan a day where the gifts will be “delivered”, or a system where the presents are exchanged. This is an extremely great way to get to know each other and stay connected. You also don’t have to do gift exchanges just around Christmas, you could use this idea at other points throughout the year.

6- Organize property management team-building exercises.

property management team

There are many different types of team building activities. You may experiment with hosting regular team meetings, or sending out encouraging messages. Try to find time throughout the holidays to bring your team together, and help them feel more united. These exercises might consist of brainstorming for the future. They can give everyone an opportunity to contribute. Team building can be tricky, so it may take some extra thought to determine what activities are best for your specific community.

7 – Set goals for the new year as a team.

management team

There is something really empowering about having everyone on a team contribute to new ideas. It naturally makes people feel good when they know that they have a voice and that their opinion matters. The end of the year is the perfect time to meet together to celebrate success and set new goals for the year ahead. Taking a few moments to hear from each of your team members is a great way to come together.

Building A Successful Property Management Team

These are just a few of the many things you can do to bring your onsite team together for the holidays, and all throughout the year.

It’s so important that onsite teams are appreciated, and given recognition for all of the hard work they do to make the apartment community successful.

Building an apartment community also consists of an onsite team that is focused, and diligent. When an onsite team feels more unified, they will ask more questions, receive more clarity, and be a better employee.

Simple actions of appreciation can make the biggest difference in how the team functions on a day to day basis.

Take the time to appreciate your onsite team, and get them involved in the activities, and ideas that are a central part of your apartment community. Let them know that you appreciate their hard work, and reward them for their dedication.

You will see how these small acts of recognition will motivate them to continue to work hard, and ultimately transform your apartment community.

If you’re looking for more apartment marketing ideas, make sure to spend time reading The Top Apartment Marketing Strategies. Here you’ll find solutions that will take your apartment digital marketing to the next level!

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