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Throw a “Say Yes to the Address” Party for Residents

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For those familiar with the hit TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress,” you know the ways in which apartment shopping is a lot like wedding dress shopping–there’s the surly friend who shoots down everything (too big, too small, WAY too shiny!), the mom who just wants her child to be happy (I like this TOO!), and the drive to find the “perfect one.” Here at Marketapts, we think residents should be just as happy with their homes as blushing brides are with their dresses. Because of that, we’re giving you the tips to throwing your own “Say Yes to the Address” party for new leases, referrals, and renewals! You can throw one near the start of fall to celebrate all those new leads you just signed!

Apartment Retention Idea: throw an "I said yes to the address" party!

The “Ring” — Key Ring, that is!

What “Say Yes…” party would be complete without a ring?? An apartment party is no different. Send your new residents home with a key ring they can put their new key on, and a lanyard if you’re feeling fancy! At the party, you can even have a key ring decorating station, where they can add some bling to their new ring. You can also provide clay so they can make indents of their first “apartment key” to display on the wall!

First Apartment Key Mold

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“I said YES! signs”

Set up a photobooth station in your clubhouse or lobby area with “I Said Yes” signs they can take pictures with. Not only is this a great way for your apartment to get on social media, but you can also create a hashtag for the night, like #SheSaidYesToVillaCoves.

"I said Yes to the Address"

Serve cake!

No “I Said Yes” party is without a cake that residents can politely (or not so politely) serve to each other. Why not pick up a cake for the evening that has your hashtag on it. Perhaps pick up a cake that simply says “I Said Yes!” All residents will come out for a chance to eat free cake!

They’ll also love you as a management group for giving it to them! Just be sure to lay down some tarp on the floor, in case residents get frosting on the carpet with all that “feeding it to each other” business! Or, better yet, do it outside! What guests don’t love an outdoor wedding (uh, we mean, an apartment party)!

Anniversary party favors

As any couple will tell you, you should buy different anniversary gifts depending on how many years you’ve been together. Send your residents home with favors that correspond to how many years they’ve been with their beloved home! If they’ve been with their apartment for one year, you can send them home with apartment stationary, etc. Get creative with the harder ones like cotton and leather! See what you can come up with!

Send them away with “Save the Date” Cards!

There are some dates you’ll want to residents to keep on their calendars, including lease renewals! Send them home with a date they can remember, in a cute way that will make them want to re-sign. “Save the Lease Date” Cards will be all the rage next season.

So, will you be saying yes to a resident renewal party?? Let us know in the comments below how your very own “I Said Yes to the Address” party goes!

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