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How To Use Email Blasts In Your Apartment Marketing

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In 2022, you must know how to use email blasts in your apartment marketing. The power of email is not going anywhere soon despite new trends finding their way to the surface. Email marketing is a traditional yet transformative way to reach prospects and communicate with your current residents. The beauty of email marketing is that you can get information to someone’s fingertips within seconds! 

Whether you’re a landlord trying to fill vacancies or a property manager searching for ways to market your property, this article will offer helpful tips on how to use email marketing strategies to accomplish your objectives.

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The Benefits Of Email

Emails also provide a seamless way to showcase specials, available floor plans, and more. Regardless of your community goals this year, you need email blasts to be a part of your marketing efforts. Your team must understand how email can grow your community.

With various ways and methods to use, it’s essential to narrow down which route will be most effective for your property. Apartment email marketing can be broken into two categories: for your current residents as well as prospects. Explore the options below and start sending incredible apartment emails!

Email Marketing For Residents 

Email blasts are not only a great way to connect with your future residents but a way to communicate with your current ones. You can use email blasts to showcase new information about your community and encourage resident referrals. If you feel that your community has more potential to thrive, the chances are that you need better communication. 

Emai Blasts

Don’t let opportunities for your property pass you by. Everyone in your community will be happier and have a better experience as a whole. Increased resident satisfaction will lead to better resident retention, more reviews, etc. Set up a structured email marketing schedule with the topics below!

Rent Reminders 

  • Does your community struggle to pay rent on time? Consider implementing a rent reminder email blast that automatically sends to your residents when rent is due.

Leave A Review

  • You have residents that love your community! Don’t let their words and good experiences go to waste. Send out an email blast that encourages all residents to leave a review. Provide a link and instructions on how to leave one, so they know exactly what to do. 

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Do you have a property update or remodel that needs to be communicated to everyone simultaneously? Send your community an email blast that informs them of what is occurring. Your residents will be grateful to have the information and know further details.

Resident Referrals 

  • Your residents have friends and family that they want to live nearby. With a well-timed resident referral email blast, you can encourage them to invite future residents to your community. Offer a reward to anyone who ends up living at your property! 

Email Marketing For Prospects

Not only are the rewards and benefits of email marketing for your current residents, but they’re also for your future residents. Setting up a strategic email marketing path will ensure that you capture the right leads while gaining more leases. Informative emails help prospects gain confidence in your community and see specific rewards and offers. 

Apartment Email Marketing

Moving into a new apartment is a big task that often requires a lot of research. Many prospects become exhausted having to look into all of the necessary information. Sending regular emails is convenient and brings further details to a prospects fingertips.

The beauty of email marketing is that many email flows can be pre-scheduled so you can get the work done ahead of time. With more automatic marketing, you can save time in the long run so that you can give your energy to other areas. Consider sending an email blast to your prospects with one of the topics below!

Special Offers

  • Your prospects want to know where they can get the best deal! Send an email blast with your current special and unique offers. The chances are that most prospect’s final decision comes down to special offers and discounts.

Available Floor Plans

  • Likely, your prospects might not know what apartment floor plans you have available right now. The idea is to help your prospects narrow down their search, making it easy for them to select a floor plan! Send an email blast that displays the available options and the features and benefits of your community.

Upcoming Events 

  • Do you have an upcoming event in your community? Consider inviting your prospects so that they can see what your property is all about. If you don’t have one planned, consider putting together an excellent event for your local neighborhood so residents will invite their friends and family. 

Local Information 

  • It’s common to have many prospects that likely aren’t familiar with your local area! Location can make or break where someone decides to live. Perhaps, your prospects need more context about the area to make a final decision. Create an email blast that showcases local attractions, maps for your apartment complex, commutes, and more!

Apartment Email Marketing

The time is now to get your email marketing methods up and running. Don’t miss opportunities waiting for you for better resident retention and high-quality leads and leases. Meet with apartment marketing experts today if you aren’t sure how email marketing can best work for you.

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