Resident Appreciation ideas for Friday the 13th

Resident Appreciation Ideas for Friday the 13th!

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Once a week, it is a Friday (and we celebrate! Boy do we celebrate). And once a month, it is the 13th day (nothing too special here). But 1-2 times a year, both of these wonderful and freaky dates combine to make a Freaky Friday of superstition and fun! Who says a day known for its trickery and spooky-ness can’t also be a day to let residents know you care about them?? We say it can! Here are some cute and freaky resident appreciation ideas for Friday the 13th!


If you’re a pet-friendly property, send out “Black Cat” appreciation cards


Apartment Marketing for Pet-Friendly Apartments

We like the idea of giving these cards out with little pet “pooper scooper” bags, to remind residents to clean up their adorable furry friends! If you have amenities like bark parks or dogwashing stations, remind residents of these facilities!


Friday the 13th cupcakes



Cute Resident Appreciation Idea for Friday the 13th

Devil’s food cake, perhaps, or maybe Red Velvet?? Here’s a cute recipe for little ghost cupcakes you can find online! Hand these out with cards that say “It’s FREAKY¬† how much we love being your apartment!” Or, if you’d like to remind residents about upcoming rent dates, include something like “it’s a FRIGHT to forget your rent date, on May 1st!”


Have a “Killer” movie night in the Clubhouse!


Apartment Marketing Idea for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is all about the frights! Have a themed movie night in your clubhouse this weekend with the theme of “Old Horror.” Showing movies like Psycho, Casper, or Hocus Pocus lets your residents have a chill, light killer-movie night with their favorite property manager!


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