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5 Blogging Tips for Apartment Websites

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If you’ve joined the blog bandwagon for your apartment website (which, by the way, you should. A new study came out revealing that businesses who blog receive 67% more leads than those who don’t), then you might be wondering why you’re not getting more traffic or more leads, how to write a blog that attracts users.

The short answer is: that generating quality content for blogging is hard. It takes a lot more work than it seems to write a blog post that is informative, attention-grabbing, and relevant. To make your job a little easier, here are 5 quick and easy blogging tips for apartment websites:

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1. Give the people what they want!

Putting out content that people want to read is the first step to a successful blog. And figuring out what people want to read involves understanding who they are, their interests, their likes, etc. When you know your audience base, you will be able to better understand what they want to read. Understanding who will actually be reading your posts makes blogging for an apartment website a whole lot easier. If your apartment is mostly full of millennial residents, why not write a few blog posts on nearby popular pubs, or posts on public transit? If your property holds mostly families, maybe you could write some posts on quick recipes or nearby childcare facilities.

The key to content is specificity. You can’t put out general, vague posts like “How to Find an Apartment” and expect a lot of hits. At that point, you’re competing too hard for a top Google spot, and likely people won’t be able to find you. Instead, cast a smaller net that is targeted at your audience base. Why not start off with an article on things to do in your city, or ways to decorate your apartment on a budget? We promise you’ll see the difference in traffic pretty quickly.

2. Insert infographics!

Apartment Marketing Advice

It’s true! Infographics are informative and just plain fun. If you’re new to the whole infographic craze, there are many ways to make your own. Or, if you happen to be savvy in Adobe programs, Illustrator and Photoshop will be your friends!

If you don’t want to use infographics, try inserting some pictures to break up the text. In today’s phone culture, your residents are all about scrolling, and pictures make it easier.

3. Blog every week

Yes, you saw that right. Every week. If you’re blogging every once in a while, here and there, whenever you find time to do it, your efforts are likely pretty ineffective. Without routine, consistent posting, you can’t expect consistent results. The best way to start gaining a blog following is through regular posts posted as often as possible.

Key to consistent posting is organization. You can use a social media calendar to keep track, or you can pay for services like Hootsuite, who allow you schedule posts in advance. Posting a blog every week or every day does not mean you have to write every day. Even scheduling out one day a month to write up four blog posts, and then schedule them out, would be better than posting whenever you get time.

4. Write how you speak

Four score and seven years ago, we built our humble abode in the heart of the residential Chicago area. Oh wait! We’re not giving a speech….we’re writing a blog! And while that might have worked for President Lincoln many years ago, it’s not how we speak today.

We speak very conversationally. We don’t speak like we’re writing a term paper or an email. Instead, we speak in idioms, incomplete sentences, exclamations, and in casual language. All of these things are expected and welcomed in blog writing. Feel free to make jokes, give anecdotes, or tell stories! Doing these things will endear you to your audience.

5. Add a subscriber list

One of the fastest and easiest ways to gain followers is to count on the same demographic to start the momentum: your subscriber list! For reference point (and an example of us taking our own advice!) we’ve included a link to our own subscriber list! (See how easy that was??). You should probably add in something along the lines of, “we promise to only send you the latest and most fun information on multifamily marketing ideas!” Oh wait! That’s ours 🙂 Give your residents or potential residents great content, and watch your visibility online grow!

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