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Should You Hire a Property Management Company or Do It Yourself?

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’re determining whether you should hire a property management company or do it yourself, it’s important to consider several essential factors. There are many benefits that come from using a property management company. However, additional property management services can also be expensive, and it’s important to look at your long-term goals and budget.  Property managers are the foundation of many communities and help keep the property thriving and successful. The duties of property management companies can range and ultimately are based on the requests of owners or the company’s values. What are the duties of a property manager? Property... View Article

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Property Management SEO
Top 15 SEO Tips For Property Managers

Reading Time: 9 minutes Property management is a tough endeavor. You cannot just put up a “For Rent” sign and anticipate receiving a constant flow of tenants. You should use digital marketing as part of a consistent marketing strategy. SEO will help you in generating quality leads. How to increase lead generation from local organic searches for your rental properties using SEO? There are a number of variables that affect SEO’s actual effectiveness. It is crucial to take into account each of these elements and incorporate them into your plan if you want your website to rank as highly as possible in google search results.... View Article

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Top 10 Social Media Ideas For Property Management Companies

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s easy to feel in a rut with social media ideas for property management! Often property management companies have a professional audience that they need to entertain and educate. The goal of any property management social media account should be to increase your overall traffic. With an increase in traffic, you can acquire more properties as well as elevate your ROI. The majority of property management companies have someone in-house who takes care of their apartment’s social media. The ideas below will help your team to feel confident in the coming months. Use the topics below so that your property... View Article

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Property Management Content Ideas
13 Easy Property Management Content Ideas

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you worried you don’t have enough property management content ideas for your marketing? Various content ideas will be helpful for several purposes, including your website, social media, and blog. It’s essential to continually brainstorm ideas on what can separate your property management company from all of the rest. With a strong group of content ideas, you can regularly disperse content that will help your online ranking and overall traffic. The marketing world has moved to a content-first approach, so it’s crucial to stay on trend. However, constantly coming up with content ideas can be stressful and time-consuming. The last... View Article

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Property Management Marketing
9 Essential Strategies For Property Management Marketing

Reading Time: 9 minutes Develop property management marketing strategies that work and create a plan you can implement across the board. As a property management company, you often have the daunting task of keeping owners informed, generating more interest, as well as proving that you’re the best option for any property. Today’s marketing goes beyond branding, leads, and sales. It serves as the basis for a successful property management business. It can give your company’s various facets new life. If you run a new property management company in a rural city, you’ve probably noticed the potential for expansion there and in the surrounding areas.... View Article

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The Ultimate FREE Virtual Leasing Guide For Multifamily Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes The new normal for touring apartment buildings and units is now a fully digital experience. Download your free virtual leasing guide and start implementing emerging technology, and innovative strategies today. Over the past several weeks, every multifamily community has been able to see the impact of COVID-19. Sudden economic changes and challenges have brought many new tasks for property management teams. Perhaps the most relevant transformations that have occurred are the ones involving virtual leasing. Properties are revising their current leasing strategies to avoid face to face contact and to maintain everything in a virtual manner. Virtual leasing is becoming... View Article

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Apartment Branding | 5 Signs You Need A New Apartment Brand

Reading Time: 4 minutes When coming up with a marketing strategy, branding is everything. Because branding is your online image, marketing is all the strategies and objectives used to express that image, Branding ensures that prospects can easily find and recognize you. When they recognize you, they will trust you, if the associations they have with your brand image are positive and clear. If your property is struggling to find new prospects, it might be time to consider rebranding. Invest in new design elements with a more modern look, make sure they align with the feel of your property and what tenants can expect while... View Article

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3 Unique and Fun 4th of July Resident Event Ideas

Reading Time: 4 minutes DOWNLOAD OUR FREE 4TH OF JULY RESIDENT GIFT TAGS! Every holiday should feel special at your apartment community! Let your residents know how awesome it is to be living at your community this 4th of July by hosting a fun 4th of July resident event. There are so many fun ways to celebrate. It was hard for us to choose just one. So, we’ve summarized our top 3 favorite ways to celebrate Independence Day with your residents. We’ll also talk about ways to get more resident referrals along the way. 1)  4th of July Scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are great... View Article

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The 3 Best Practices to Handle Negative Reviews

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever searched for an apartment community and were immediately turned off by the negative reviews? Many of us have, and reading negative comments from people does not get anyone excited about living there. We all know that one person’s experience is probably not true for everyone. Getting positive comments and reviews from your tenants is one way to expand your business. Additionally, resident reviews have the potential to boost your local SEO. Reviews and testimonials from customers who find local apartment communities online not only increase your credibility but also have an effect on search engine rankings. However, it... View Article

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Apartment Marketing Idea
12 Best Apartment Marketing Ideas

Reading Time: 7 minutes In 2019 there was a large shift towards full digital marketing in the apartment marketing world. Even before this, a variety of apartment marketing ideas played a huge role in 2018 to determine success. It became essential to have certain strategies, and methods lined up. In 2018 we also saw a variety of new updates and apartment marketing ideas implemented. This was all to adapt to the ever-changing digital world and the same occurred in 2019. Staying on top of marketing trends helps you maximize your time and resources for the upcoming years. We understand that staying trendy while trying... View Article

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