5 Benefits of Living in Luxury Apartments
5 Benefits of Living in Luxury Apartments

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you think of luxury apartment living, what comes to mind? For many people, luxury apartment living means a beautiful apartment with new appliances, updated floors or carpet, and an expensive monthly rent payment. What many people don’t realize is that luxury living might SAVE you money in the long run. Below you will find 5 benefits of living in luxury apartments, and different ways it will save you money in the long run! 1. Fitness Centers Although most apartment communities have onsite fitness centers, they may not have the equipment needed for a full-body workout. Luxury apartments are nice... View Article

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Google's impact on apartment advertising
Google’s Impact and Trends in Apartment Advertising

Reading Time: 10 minutes Google is constantly making changes to improve the user experience and deliver better results for its users, which means better content and better answers.  But it also means that Google’s impact on apartment advertising is continually evolving. With Google being the most widely used search engine by far, businesses and marketers alike need to keep up with the changes. Every shift in the algorithm can affect apartment marketing trends and how you reach renters. So, what’s new with Google? Well, a few things! Google is always trying to provide users with results that are closer to what they are searching... View Article

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PPC Advertising for Apartments
What is PPC and why you need it!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Start Your PPC Today When you Google your property, is your website the first entry? how about if you google “apartments in [your city],” or “best apartments in [your neighborhood]”? If you’re not ranking where you’d like to be, there are several strategies you can use to increase your Google ranking. The one we’ll be focusing on in this article is PPC for apartment marketing. PPC or “Pay Per Click” advertising is very different from organic posts, but both have a place and strengths in your apartment marketing strategy. What is PPC? Have you ever noticed that when you google... View Article

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Virtual Tours for Buildings Not Built Yet
3D Tours for Lease-Ups: Showcasing Apartments Before They’re Built with Virtual Tours!

Reading Time: 9 minutes We all know how great 3D tours are, and we all know how much our team here at Market Apartments LOVES 3D tours. Why? Because they’re effective! They not only boost leads but also keep users on your page longer, enhancing conversions by up to 80%! But what if your building is still a work in progress? Can you still offer an engaging virtual tour? Absolutely! In this detailed guide, we’ll discuss how you can craft an enticing 3D tour even before your building is complete, and we’ll delve into why providing virtual tours during the construction phase is a... View Article

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Apartment Floor Plans for Beginner's
Beginner’s Guide to Apartment Floor Plans for Websites

Reading Time: 3 minutes So you’ve got your apartment website…now what do you put on it?? Next to gorgeous apartment photography, floor plans are the second-highest recommended update from apartment marketers. When potential residents visit your site, they want to see the space, so they can envision themselves in it. Essentially, they need a map to figure out where to go. The next question is, which map do you want to give them? There are several different apartment floor plan options, and each comes with its own unique characteristics. The bottom line is that potential residents and other web traffic are all looking for... View Article

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The Difference of Apartment Professional Photography
6 Reasons Professional Apartment Photography is Worth It!

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the age of the smartphone, everyone’s a photographer: your grandma. Your dentist. Your gardener. Pretty much anyone that has access to a decent phone has access to decent photos. This does not mean, however, that everyone is a professional photographer. When it comes to multifamily advertising, photography is a necessity. And, as it turns out, professional photography makes a big difference. Consider just how important photography is to us as a society: if you ask strangers on the street, what would you grab out of your house if it is on fire and you have ten seconds? Chances are, they’ll respond with the... View Article

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Innovative Apartment Marketing Ideas for Spring

Reading Time: 8 minutes Spring has finally sprung! The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and your marketing campaigns could use some blossoming as well. Spring is a wonderful time for apartment marketing efforts. To make the most of the spring apartment market, consider offering seasonal discounts or promotions to attract more residents. Prospective residents are starting to analyze where they will be located during the summer, and if they will be moving in the fall. This is often the peak of student housing leases for the following year. During spring and summer, more people are inclined to move since the weather is... View Article

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Apartment Blog Advice
5 Blogging Tips for Apartment Websites

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’ve joined the blog bandwagon for your apartment website (which, by the way, you should. A new study came out revealing that businesses who blog receive 67% more leads than those who don’t), then you might be wondering why you’re not getting more traffic or more leads, how to write a blog that attracts users. The short answer is: that generating quality content for blogging is hard. It takes a lot more work than it seems to write a blog post that is informative, attention-grabbing, and relevant. To make your job a little easier, here are 5 quick and... View Article

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What is a virtual tour
What are Virtual Tours?

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’re probably looking to boost your marketing game for your apartment community! One of the easiest ways you can do accomplish this is by utilizing a virtual tour of your apartment! So what are virtual tours? What are Virtual Tours for Apartments?  A Virtual tour is a convenient, and innovative way for potential residents to “tour” your property through their computer, tablet, or phone! Just like Google Street View allows someone to view the outside of a building to better understand the  surrounding area, a virtual tour allows prospects to experience the interior of the property without ever leaving the comfort... View Article

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Apartment Logo Design
Logo Design and Brand Identity For Apartments

Reading Time: 10 minutes Apartment logo design matters because it serves as the visual representation and foundation of a property’s identity. A well-crafted logo instantly communicates an apartment’s personality, values. It also helps differentiate a community from its competitors, making it memorable and recognizable. A professionally designed logo enhances a brand’s credibility, professionalism, and trustworthiness, establishing a positive impression among future renters. A visually appealing and cohesive logo creates consistency across various marketing channels, fostering brand recognition and recall. Moreover, a thoughtfully designed logo can evoke emotions, forge a connection with consumers, and ultimately influence their purchasing decisions. Logo designs matter as it plays... View Article

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