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5 Tips for Decorating a Rental

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So you’re renting an apartment! Perhaps it’s your first apartment, or maybe you’ve been renting for years. Either way, you’ve decided that this is the year you’ll turn your space into a home, through decorating!

Decorating a rental space can be tough. There are probably rules in your lease that prevent you from doing things like hanging artwork, repainting, using nails, etc. No fear! This does not mean you can’t still have a space that is entirely your own! It just means you get to be creative 🙂

With that, here are our decorating tips for your apartment:

Advice for Decorating a Rental

1. Decals and Temporary Stick-on Wallpaper

Most leases prevent you from repainting the space. This can make decorating your walls tough–but not impossible! If there’s a design you desperately want on your walls, or perhaps some wallpaper, there are renter-friendly options likely near you!

Investing in decals or vinyl lettering can be a good way to get designs on your walls that can also come down very easily. True wallpaper is messy and can take forever to come off the walls. It never peels off as easily as temporary wallpaper or wall decals.

Temporary Wallpaper for Rentals

If vinyl lettering, decals, and temporary wallpaper scare you too much, you can even try fabric!

2. Curtains

I cannot stress enough how much adding colorful curtains changed the whole atmosphere of my apartment. I prefer floor-length curtains with a bold pop of color, or (if the space needs natural light), light and airy curtains like the ones below:

Advice to Decorating a Rental

3. Buy a Rug!

If you’re craving wall decor, you might be able to satisfy your hunger for patterns with a nicely placed rug.

Not only do rugs cover up scuffs, cuts, and stains (if your rented apartment has seen many tenants), but they also are a work of art in themselves! They bring color and texture right into your living room. Notice in the picture below how the pattern almost immediately draws you in.

Advice for Decorating a Rental

4. Make a Statement with your Bedding

Simple bedrooms work well with bold bedding. If you’re in the market for a modern, sleek look, I suggest looking into accent bedding. Choose a color, like mustard yellow in the example below, to create pops in your bedroom: through the artwork on your walls, through throw pillows, and blankets.

Advice on Decorating a Rental

5. Turn your bookshelf into a work of art

Bookcases in your apartment can be home to a myriad of things, not just books! To create an inviting and artful space, put tiny pieces of art on the shelves: pins, fancy dishes, figurines, and things you find beautiful!

Our other tip for your bookshelf is to do to it what you can’t do to your walls. The back of bookcases are perfect places for wallpaper (we suggest something with a simple, repeated pattern). You can also paint your own furniture (something you possibly cannot do to the walls). Consider painting the inside of your bookcase the shade of your accent color. It will be subtle, but make a big difference!

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