Easy ways to transition your apartment from summer to fall

Easy Ways To Transition Your Apartment from Summer to Fall

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Summer is coming to an end, which means fall is right around the corner. It’s time to ditch the summer decor and decorate for autumn! When you’re living in an apartment, you may feel limited in what you can do. The good news is that there are a bunch of easy apartment-friendly ways to make your home feel more fall-like. Here are easy ways to transition your apartment from summer to fall.

Fall Decorations For Your Apartment

Start With a Deep Clean

Start with a deep clean—it transforms your apartment for fall. This clears up physical clutter and refreshes your home, allowing room for fall touches that add warmth and comfort. Imagine cleaning shelves and surfaces and decorating them with fall’s richness. A clean slate lets your comfortable blankets, fall-themed cushions, and cinnamon-scented candles shine. The first cleanup sets the tone for the season, making your home feel fresh and inviting like a fall day.

Tips for Maximizing Small Spaces for Fall Decor

Facing the challenge of limited space in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on celebrating the fall season in style. It opens up a creative avenue to smartly incorporate fall decorations without making your living area feel cramped.

One effective strategy is to focus on vertical space for decoration. Wall-mounted shelves can display small, fall-themed items like miniature pumpkins, acorns, or small frames with autumn leaves. It’s a way to bring the season inside without taking up valuable floor or table space.

Use door backs or cabinet sides by hanging seasonal decorations such as light fall-themed wreaths or fabric hangings, adding a touch of autumn without overcrowding your space. Another tip is to select multifunctional decor items. For instance, a decorative fall-themed basket can hold your cozy blankets or serve as a holder for colorful fall foliage and branches, combining aesthetics with practical storage solutions.

Throw Pillows

If your couch is home to bright summer-colored throw pillows, then it’s time to carefully store those away and bring out the fall-themed pillows. When choosing pillows, keep orange, brown, and auburn colors with plaid patterns in mind. A simple change in throw pillows can create a fall-like atmosphere in your apartment. 

Coffee Table Decor

Ditch your usual bright coffee table decor, and instead opt for fall decor. Create a centerpiece for your coffee table by using pine cones and darker flowers in a floral arrangement. Find warm-toned coasters to sit under your mugs full of chai. Switch out your display books with books that have darker colored covers. These simple changes will make your living room feel fall-ready. 

Throw Blankets

Adding a cozy throw blanket can easily upgrade your apartment from summer to fall as well. Not only will they act as cute decor, but they will also come in handy on those chilly fall nights. Knit throw blankets or plaid-patterned throw blankets are always great options for creating a more fall-like environment.

Seasonal Wall Art Changes

As summer fades, consider replacing bright, sunny canvases with art that reflects the richer, deeper hues of fall. Think about scenes of serene autumn landscapes, artwork featuring warm golds, deep reds, and burnt oranges typical of fall foliage, or even abstract pieces that evoke the essence of the season with their color palette and mood. It’s a simple step that makes a big difference, creating a cozy vibe that’s perfect for those cooler fall days. It’s also an opportunity to showcase new artists or themes in your decor, keeping your apartment’s style fresh and engaging.


Fall has a scent to it, so naturally, candles are the best way to transition from summer to fall in your apartment. Look for scents such as autumn leaves, pumpkin spice, apple cider, or any of your favorite fall scents. You can keep a candle in whichever room you feel necessary. Light a candle every night, and let yourself fall into that warm autumn feeling. (If candles aren’t your thing, you can also find fall-themed essential oil blends to use in your diffuser). 



Taking your apartment from summer to fall goes beyond just visual decor; the scents of your home play a crucial role in setting the seasonal mood. Instead of relying solely on candles, consider the power of homemade potpourri or a simmer pot. Simmering a mix of natural ingredients like cranberries, oranges, and cinnamon sticks fills your space with a rich, authentic autumn aroma that’s both refreshing and inviting.

Hand Soaps

Transitioning your bathroom and kitchen from summer to fall may seem difficult. However, there are some easy ways to do it! We mentioned above how fall has a scent to it, and just like candles, hand soaps are a great way to bring the smell into spaces like your bathroom and kitchen.

Kitchen Hand Towels

Want your kitchen to bring more of that fall feeling? An easy way to do so is to change your kitchen hand towels. Switch out your current hand towels to fall-themed or fall-colored towels. This change may seem minor, but it can make your kitchen area feel more in touch with the season.

Make Room for Fall Clothes

It’s finally time to bring out the fall coats, sweaters, and boots you’ve been storing. If you have a clothing rack, you can display your fall wardrobe. Updating your wardrobe from summer to fall is always a great way to embrace the season that’s approaching.

Embrace the Outdoors

Bringing the outdoors inside helps you connect with the fall season and adds a tranquil vibe to your apartment. Start by gathering natural elements like pinecones, gourds, branches, and colorful fall leaves. These items can be found outside or at your local craft store if you prefer faux options for lasting use.

Creatively display these finds in glass jars, as part of a dining table centerpiece, or scattered across a mantel for a touch of autumn. For those looking to add a bit of sparkle, spray painting pinecones in metallic gold or silver offers a glamorous twist, making your fall decor stand out.

Door Decor

When entering your apartment, your door is the first thing you see, so it’s only suitable to make your door more fall-like. You can buy or DIY a fall-themed wreath to display on your door and find pumpkins (real or fake) to add to your doorstep. It’s time to embrace fall in your apartment! Try these tips to transition your apartment from summer to fall, and get ready for all the cozy feels.


Adding warmth and visual appeal to your apartment this fall is simple with the right choice of area rugs. Opt for rugs in cozy fall colors and textures, like chunky knit or faux fur, to bring a snug, inviting atmosphere to any room. For an added layer of style and comfort, try placing a smaller rug atop a larger sisal or jute rug. These changes are not just about aesthetics; they’re about creating a space where every step feels like a warm embrace, enhancing your comfort as the air turns crisp.

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Light Up Your Fall Evenings

Warm lighting is key to crafting an inviting atmosphere, making lamps, fairy lights, and candles essential elements in your fall decor arsenal. They not only add a soft glow that enhances the feeling of warmth and comfort but also create a perfect setting for relaxing fall evenings. For a more intimate ambiance, incorporating dimmer switches allows you to adjust lighting levels to suit different moods and occasions effortlessly.

DIY Fall Touches

You can easily bring a touch of autumn inside with DIY fall décor. Start by making pinecone wreaths. Gather pinecones from a park, then glue them onto a wreath base from a craft store. Consider painting pumpkins in shades of gold, burgundy, or deep green for a modern twist on traditional fall decorations. For centerpieces, use seasonal fruits and vegetables. A basket filled with apples, pears, and small pumpkins looks charming and is simple to assemble. Don’t overlook items you already have. Mason jars and picture frames can get a fall makeover with a bit of paint or ribbon.

Research suggests that orange and its shades have a psychological effect that encourages warmth and hospitality. Incorporating this color through table runners, napkins, or dinnerware can enhance your dining experience during the fall season.


Setting a fall tablescape turns ordinary meals into seasonal celebrations, making every bite feel like a feast amid autumn’s bounty. Kick things off with tablecloths, napkins, and placemats that echo the rich colors and textures of fall. Think deep reds, warm oranges, and earthy browns that instantly warm up the space. Then, center the stage with natural elements: small pumpkins, gourds, and branches can be more than just decorations. They’re conversation starters, pieces of the autumn story you’re telling right at your table.


Transforming your apartment balcony for the fall extends your living space and brings the season’s cozy charm outdoors. Start by draping soft, warm-colored blankets over your balcony chairs for those crisp evenings. Hanging planters can be filled with fall favorites like chrysanthemums or ornamental kale, adding life and color. Don’t overlook small, decorative pumpkins or gourds that can sit prettily on side tables or along the railing, bringing a bit of autumn’s harvest outside.

Many are unaware that certain plants thrive indoors during the cooler fall months and can significantly improve air quality. Spider plants, for example, are not only easy to care for but also excel at absorbing pollutants, making them a perfect addition to your balcony.

Follow Apartment Complex Rules

When decorating your apartment for the fall, it’s key to remember the rules your apartment complex might have. First off, check your lease agreement or chat with management about what’s allowed and what’s not. You’d be surprised at how flexible some places can be, as long as you communicate and perhaps share your decorating plans.

For instance, some complexes might not want you to nail anything into walls but may allow removable hooks that don’t damage the paint. If you’re thinking about adding anything to external areas like doors or balconies, definitely get the green light first.

To Conclude

Creating a comfortable fall haven in your apartment goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about promoting well-being, sustainability, and home comfort and warmth. These ideas offer fall decorating advice and highlight the benefits of completely embracing the season. From the mood-boosting power of fall colors to the relaxing effects of autumn flavors and the skillful use of natural light, seasonal decorating is complete. Using these unique insights to decorate the apartment can turn it into a peaceful autumnal refuge that helps your mental and emotional wellness through every season.

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