7 Reasons Your Property Needs Apartment Texting

Reading Time: 4 minutes AptsChat is an apartment texting platform designed to bring you everything you need to reach your residents on a regular basis. With SMS (short message service) marketing, you can continually show your residents that you care. The benefits of having a tenant interaction program are endless and can take your apartment marketing to the next level. The days of going door to door with flyers have come and gone, and it’s time to implement a much smoother way of communicating. Texts are nearly guaranteed to be opened and read immediately. As the year continues, face to face opportunities are diminishing,... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | September 9, 2020
A Resident Retention Plan That Keeps Multifamily Residents Happy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Want free resident retention downloads? What is resident retention? The definition of a resident retention plan is an overall effort made by a property management team to increase the satisfaction of their current residents. Resident retention is important simply because happy residents, want to keep living at your property. The more reasons that you can give them to stay, the better. Each effort plays into the bigger goal of lessening resident turnovers. The longer that you can keep your residents engaged, the more money your property will save in the long run. Lease renewal is a simpler process and has... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | February 18, 2020
Resident Retention Idea for the fall
Throw a “Say Yes to the Address” Party for Residents

Reading Time: 3 minutes For those familiar with the hit TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress,” you know the ways in which apartment shopping is a lot like wedding dress shopping–there’s the surly friend who shoots down everything (too big, too small, WAY too shiny!), the mom who just wants her child to be happy (I like this TOO!), and the drive to find the “perfect one.” Here at Marketapts, we think residents should be just as happy with their homes as blushing brides are with their dresses. Because of that, we’re giving you the tips to throwing your own “Say Yes to... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Market Apartments by Market Apartments | October 4, 2017
Resident renewal gift for fall marketing tips
Thanks a Latte for Renewing

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Thanks a Latte for Renewing!” What you need: Coffee Drink or Coffee Shop Gift Card, Ribbon or string, and Card Hand Out (Free Handout! Email: whittnie@marketapts.com for more info.)

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Market Apartments by Market Apartments | September 7, 2017