renting your first apartment
What To Know & Do Before Renting Your First Apartment

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’re feeling confused, or anxious about renting an apartment, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s make this process as easy as possible for you. Apartment hunting can be confusing. We've compiled our best apartment hunting tips, and questions to ask before renting.

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel | October 28, 2019
5 Benefits of Living in Luxury Apartments
5 Benefits of Living in Luxury Apartments

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you think of luxury apartment living, what comes to mind? For many people, luxury apartment living means a beautiful apartment with new appliances, updated floors or carpet, and an expensive monthly rent payment. What many people don’t realize is that luxury living might SAVE you money in the long run. Below you will find 5 benefits of living in luxury apartments, and different ways it will save you money in the long run! 1. Fitness Centers Although most apartment communities have onsite fitness centers, they may not have the equipment needed for a full-body workout. Luxury apartments are nice... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Dana Perez by Dana Perez | September 18, 2019
Benefits of Renting an Apartment
Benefits to Renting an Apartment

Reading Time: 4 minutes When visiting my best friend to cat-sit last week, I got the opportunity to tour the new home she just bought. Gorgeous views, new furniture, and modern architecture had me all but convinced to start shopping for a house in my mid-twenties. As we got to the basement, my friend opened the door to her guest bedroom to find…a huge wet stain on the carpet, dripping from the exterior-facing wall. Three days into home-owning, and she had a serious plumbing issue. My first thought was to tell her, Oh no! Call the landlord! And then, it sunk in. She owned the... View Article

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