eco friendly apartment living
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The Ultimate Guide To Eco-Friendly Apartment Living

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the past several years, sustainable living has become one of the most popular housing trends, and for good reason. More individuals want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. They want to be part of the “go green” movement. Apartment residents may think that their ability to live a sustainable lifestyle is limited, however, this is simply not true. There are many ways apartment renters can implement eco-friendly living hacks. Here is your ultimate guide to eco-friendly apartment living, complete with tips and instructions on how to use natural resources. Ultimately, making your apartment eco-friendly will save you money as well. ... View Article

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rent hacks
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Apartment Renting Hacks to Save you Money

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many of you have probably heard of life hacks, right? Well, Market Apartments is here to bring you apartment living hacks to make apartment living much easier! In this blog specifically, we want to focus on apartment renting hacks. We’re always on the lookout for new ways renters can save money. As it turns out, there are several ways renters can save. Living in an apartment has become extremely convenient, but in some communities, it has also become very pricey. Read further for ways you can save on your apartment rent. Move-in during the winter Moving to a new place... View Article

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apartment moving hacks
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Apartment Moving Hacks That Make Moving Stress-Free

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are you getting ready to move, and feeling uneasy about everything that you have to accomplish? Moving into an apartment can be stressful, and complicated. The most common apartment moving challenges can range from feeling extremely unorganized to carrying all of your items up the stairs. You may also experience unique challenges while decorating in order to comply with rules and restrictions. Another problem is possibly not having access to a lot of storage, or not having an apartment that is move-in ready. By using simple apartment moving hacks, you can make the process easy, and stress-free. Apartment Moving Hacks... View Article

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Person outside in wintertime.
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How to save money on apartment utilities in the winter

Reading Time: 8 minutes Winter officially begins on December 21st, but your city or town has likely already experienced its first snowfall. Let’s face it, winter is already here. Many people get excited when winter comes because winter activities are endless. However, when winter comes, so do extra expenses. If you need helpful tips to keep your apartment utility costs low, look no further. Market Apartments has you covered! Top contributors to high winter utility bills in apartments Keeping our residences warm without going over budget becomes a primary responsibility when winter draws its cold embrace around us. The question is, what precisely drives... View Article

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Fun Holiday Activities to do in Your Community

Reading Time: 6 minutes Thanksgiving has come and gone, and as we get closer to Christmas you may be looking for ways to get into the Christmas spirit. With so many holiday activities going on, it may be hard for you to choose the best activity to participate in. Whether you’re looking for something kid-friendly or prefer to make it a date night we’ve come across some pretty cool holiday activities to do during this time of year. You can make Thanksgiving in an apartment and Christmas a special event! Follow holiday hosting tips to throw the best party in your apartment. If you’re... View Article

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Pinterest Bathroom Decor That Actually Worked
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Pinterest Bathroom Decor Ideas That Actually Work

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the last few years, Pinterest has completely taken off as the world’s largest online forum for decorating ideas. You can easily search Pinterest for bathroom decor ideas and find millions of different projects. So how can you determine which Pinterest ideas will work, and which won’t? As great as Pinterest is, there isn’t really a filter to show you which ideas are legit. The cover pictures and final products can be very misleading. The phrase “Pinterest Fail” has recently been trending on the internet, as people try to attempt projects that seem simple, but end up getting very different... View Article

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How to Host Thanksgiving in an apartment
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How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner in an Apartment

Reading Time: 8 minutes These days, more and more families are living in apartments rather than houses, and usually, there’s plenty of space for everyone, except maybe on holidays. Thanksgiving, in particular, is a time when the whole family gets together in one place to eat lots of food and catch up. If you have a large family, though, it can be difficult to visit comfortably in an apartment, so we’ve come up with a few ways to help apartment renters host Thanksgiving in an apartment. I will walk you through the ins and outs of hosting Thanksgiving in an apartment by drawing on... View Article

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How to find affordable housing in Salt Lake City.
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FAQs & Answers: How to Find Affordable Housing in Salt Lake City

Reading Time: 10 minutes Utah is a beautiful state with plenty of nature to explore, incredible views, and a booming economy. If you live in the state but need help, it’s important to know how to find affordable housing in Salt Lake City. If you’re moving to Utah, you can also use this information to see what your affordable options are. This housing can help you enjoy living comfortably in this booming region. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers so you can navigate the process and find a home for yourself and your family. Read on to get the answers you need... View Article

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Girl standing with a backpack in front of an apartment.
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Student Housing Options in Utah

Reading Time: 10 minutes Whether you attend the University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University, Southern Utah University, or Utah Tech University, you might be ready to branch away from on-campus living. While there are perks and conveniences to living within walking distance of your classes and on-campus life can be a lot of fun, off-campus housing is a great option and apartments offer an unparalleled level of independence. Today, we’re sharing how you can rent student housing in Utah and be near any of these universities without sacrificing the freedom of your own apartment. Gone are the days... View Article

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Moving to Salt Lake City
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Why Moving to Utah Could Be the Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you’re looking to relocate, you should definitely consider how moving to Utah could change your life for the better. Utah is ranked as the happiest state! It’s known for many things that make people happy and increase their quality of life. It has amazing outdoor activities, good opportunities, and lots of jobs. Discover why Utah is a great place to live! 1. Updated Transportation and Roads Utah has a good transportation system, with the Salt Lake City International Airport recently renovated. The UTA TRAX system has expanded with more stops over the years, making it easier to travel between... View Article

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