Make your apartment cozy
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How To Make Your Apartment Cozier

Reading Time: 10 minutes It’s no secret that all renters want to learn how to make their apartments cozier! One challenge that renters often face is learning how to personalize their apartment. Renting often means that you may have certain limitations when it comes to interior changes, however, there are still so many things you can do to make yourself feel right at home. As an apartment renter myself, I can attest to the triumphs and the challenges of making your space cozier. I learned small tips along the way that have helped me save money on furniture and decor! I have even experimented... View Article

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Apartment rental costs
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How Much Should You Spend On Rent?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Discover how much you should spend on rent! Apartment living is continually on the rise as more tenants start their renting journey. As home prices increase, more people are being drawn to the advantages of renting. The downside is that with more people living in apartments comes higher rental costs. Your rental cost can vary by location, amenities, floor plan, and utilities. It’s important to know what rental prices you can expect so that you can prepare accordingly. Perhaps you have found yourself in a living situation where you’re paying an excessive amount of rent, and you’re wondering if it’s... View Article

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best apartment aesthetic ideas
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The Best Apartment Aesthetic Ideas

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you trying to find the perfect aesthetic for your apartment? Do you like more or less clutter? Bold or muted colors? Whatever your preference is, these aesthetics are sure to inspire your next decorating or DIY project for your apartment! 1. Bohemian Inspired Aesthetic This type of room involves colors and elements from Mother Earth! Neutral tones, gold elements, plants, and natural lighting are just some of the most common elements in a boho-inspired apartment. The term “boho” actually refers to artists and intellectuals who live with minimal possessions and prefer living away from big cities. Bohemian-inspired apartments involve... View Article

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websites to find apartment roommates
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The Best Websites To Find Apartment Roommates On

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever wanted your own place but couldn’t afford to front the rent price every month? Having a roommate is a great way to reduce monthly rent expenses but also feel like you have your own space. Many people will own their own house and still rent out a basement or spare bedroom to one or more people to offset the cost. There are so many great tools online and through social media to connect with people looking for a roommate or looking for an open bedroom. Especially during the summer months, students often seek affordable housing options tailored... View Article

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difference between condos, apartments and townhomes
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Exploring Housing Distinctions: Apartments, Townhomes, and Condos

Reading Time: 11 minutes Explore the difference between apartments, townhomes, and condos! The world of real estate offers plenty of housing options, each catering to different lifestyles, preferences, and budgets. Apartments, townhomes, and condos often stand out as the most popular choices. Understanding the unique characteristics and advantages of each can help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting your next home. Moving into a new space is no small task, and it’s important to know the possibilities that await you. Finding the right space for your budget and lifestyle is challenging. With all the different types of homes, it’s hard... View Article

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apartment living with kids
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21 Tips For Small Apartment Living With Kids

Reading Time: 9 minutes Apartment living with kids has become a much more relevant concern as parents, and children have shifted to mainly staying indoors. With school being held at home due to COVID-19, as well as parents working from home, there are unprecedented challenges. Apartments may offer some restrictions in terms of having room to romp and roam. However, there are a lot of small tips, and tricks that can make apartments living with kids more convenient. With these simple changes, parents, and their kids can find relief in living in a smaller space. Experiment with the suggestions below, and discover a better... View Article

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How to Grow A Garden In Your Apartment
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How to Grow a Garden in your Apartment

Reading Time: 12 minutes Plants have shown to improve air quality, boost immune health, improve mental health, and overall increase productivity, according to No wonder they have become popular for decorating an apartment! Plants help a space to feel alive and healthy. So, why not cover your apartment in them? Whether you’re adding a succulent to a desk or turning your balcony into a garden bar, learning to garden in your apartment has major benefits and the results are “unbe-leaf-able”. Envision Where in Your Apartment to Build your Garden Plants need three main things to grow; Sunlight, water and oxygen. Sometimes, your ideal... View Article

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Things to do inside your apartment
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15 Things To Do When You’re Bored And Stuck Inside Your Apartment

Reading Time: 8 minutes Most likely you’re going to be spending the next little while inside your apartment, and you’re going to look for things to do when you’re bored. Regardless of your personality type, staying inside this long can bring a lot of new challenges, and emotions. People thrive off of social connection, and productivity, so not having that at their fingertips is extremely daunting. Whether you’re self-quarantining or being required to quarantine, you’re going to have a lot of time on your hands. Once you get done working from home, you will need some activities, and entertainment to engage in. While accomplishing... View Article

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best ways to find summer internship housing
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The Best Ways To Find Summer Internship Housing

Reading Time: 8 minutes So you just landed your dream internship, and you may be panicking thinking, where am I going to find summer internship housing? Many internships offer housing for their summer interns, however, some may require that you find your own place to live. It’s easy to find yourself in a bind as most apartment communities only offer leases that range from 6-12 months. Many students find that securing housing for just one semester can be challenging, especially during summer internship periods. Regardless of where your internship is, you’re going to need some assistance in finding a home that works for you.... View Article

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apartment items you can buy
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25 Apartment Items You Can Buy That Will Actually Make You Happier

Reading Time: 12 minutes It is typically said that money can’t buy happiness, and while this statement might be directly true, there are actually things you can buy that can make you happier long term. The reality is, there are material goods that can change your daily routines. It isn’t so much about buying stuff, as it as about feeling good. See the thing is that using our personal finances to buy experiences, as opposed to objects, can completely change our daily routines. There are actually a lot of simple things that can make you happy. In this article, we’re going to dive into... View Article

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