Digital Marketing Website Design
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Meet…Modern! Market Apartment’s Latest Website Design for Apartments

Reading Time: 2 minutes She’s funky. She’s fresh. And she’s got responsive web design. Her name? Modern! And it’s the latest website template we’re rolling out at Market Apartments. Our latest web design is sleek, dynamic, and (yep, you guessed it) modern! Start your new year off right with a new website that pulls five-star reviews off Yelp, Google, and Facebook in real-time, updates unit availability, and highlights virtual tours of your property. Here’s just a few things that Modern does, to really accentuate all the good your property has to offer potential residents: Personalized Neighborhood Page Your personalized neighborhood page has links to... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel

Digital Marketing New Year's Resolutions for Apartments
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Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

Reading Time: 2 minutes The New Year is a time for self-improvement and resolutions. This next year, why not apply some of those good thoughts and vibes to your digital marketing? As a digital marketing company specifically dedicated to apartments, we’ve come up with our four best digital marketing New Year’s resolutions for apartment communities: Help your website lose the dead weight….of slow loading times! Losing weight is considered the number one New Year’s resolution on people’s lists. But what about your website? Have you considered helping your website shed some dead weight, in order to help it load more optimally?? Just like you,... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel

Apartment Marketing Tips for December
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5 December Apartment Marketing Tips

Reading Time: 2 minutes December is here! The air is getting chillier, your residents are getting cozy in their apartments, and you’re looking for some marketing tips to keep the leases coming! Here at Market Apartments, we’ve compiled our best 5 December Marketing Tips for Apartments: 1. Host a Holiday Party or an Ugly Sweater party Have you considered hosting a holiday party for your residents and their friends? Referrals (LINK) are a fantastic way to get more leases during the slower months. Encourage your best residents to bring friends to the holiday party so they can experience for themselves the friendly atmosphere of... View Article

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What is a virtual tour
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What are Virtual Tours?

Reading Time: 1 minute You’re probably looking to boost your marketing game for your apartment community! One of the easiest ways you can do accomplish this, is utilizing a virtual tour of your apartment! So what are virtual tours? What are Virtual Tours for Apartments?  A Virtual tour is a convenient, and innovative way for potential residents to “tour” your property through their computer, tablet, or phone! Just like Google Street View allows someone to view the outside of a building to better understand the  surrounding area, a virtual tour allows prospects to experience the interior of the property without ever leaving the comfort of... View Article

Apartment Marketing Specialist: Isabella Housel by Isabella Housel