Easy DIY Apartment Halloween Decoration Ideas

Easy DIY Apartment Halloween Decoration Ideas

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It’s time to get your apartment’s Halloween decorations ready! The year continues to fly by, and Halloween is right around the corner. There are many affordable ways to make your space perfect for the season. Create a budget and find the best ideas that work for your wallet.

Decorating your apartment for Halloween doesn’t have to be a costly affair.
Exploring apartment Halloween ideas online can inspire you to use everyday items in unexpected ways, turning your space into a spooky sanctuary. Before you do anything, take a moment to browse our community Halloween guide for unique decoration ideas and tips on how to bring a festive spirit into your apartment.

With a bit of creativity and some DIY spirit, you can transform your living space into a spooky haven that’s both budget-friendly and bursting with originality. DIY is a great option if you want a super affordable and fun way to get creative. Consider getting together with your friends and having a festive craft night. Get ready to dive into Halloween!


1 – Ghost Garland 

A viral TikTok of a DIY ghost garland recently took off and showed the world a super creative apartment Halloween decoration idea. A ghost garland is fun and easy, and you can put it together yourself. All you need is yarn and a few simple craft supplies!

It can be elevated by incorporating various sizes of ghosts and adding small LED lights inside each one to create a glowing effect. To add a personal touch, use fabric markers to draw different facial expressions on each ghost, making each one unique. This project is a fantastic way to repurpose old white fabrics or clothes, making it an eco-friendly decoration option as well. Creating DIY Halloween decorations not only saves money but also allows you to craft unique pieces that reflect your style.

2- Sustainable Halloween Decor

Consider those old jars gathering dust at the back of your cupboard. With a little imagination, they can transform into scary lanterns that line your window sill, throwing spooky shadows into the night. Just add quick DIY Halloween ornaments, like paper bats or ghost cut-outs to the jars to instantly add a spooky touch to any corner of your apartment.

It’s not only about saving money; it’s about reusing stuff, eliminating waste, and inspiring creativity. Consider repurposing scrap fabric into creepy creatures or alluring outfits. Each item conveys a story, bringing layers of personal and environmental meaning to your Halloween decorations.

Think about the last time you considered throwing something away. Could it have a second life as part of your Halloween decorations? For example, consider an old, worn-out book. With a few folds and some creative cuts, it can transform into a terrifying centerpiece, with pages shooting out like bats into the darkness.

3 – Halloween Wreath

A Halloween wreath is a creative spin on a classic holiday decoration. It can become a fun and unique addition to your front door. Find a plain black wreath and add a variety of Halloween decorations. Hang it up for all of your apartment neighbors to see!

Consider incorporating natural elements such as dried twigs, berries, and leaves to give it a more rustic look. Adding a few handmade clay figures, like miniature pumpkins, ghosts, or bats, can also provide a personal touch that sets your wreath apart. For a more interactive element, attach small, wrapped candies to the wreath with removable tape, inviting visitors to take a treat when they come to your door.

Apartment Decorations For Halloween

4 – Orange Tea Lights

Change the lighting in your apartment! With orange tea lights, you can make the ambiance more spooky and ready for the season. Lighting in an apartment can change the entire mood, so don’t underestimate the power of even small tea lights. You can find a large pack with several that you can place on a TV stand, dresser, desk, or more.

Transform your apartment into a bewitching scene with orange tea lights by using them to illuminate carved mini pumpkins or gourds. Placing these lit pumpkins around your living space can create a magical, flickering ambiance that’s perfect for Halloween. For a safer alternative, opt for battery-operated tea lights. You can also experiment with scented tea lights to fill your apartment with the smell of autumn.

5 – Haunted House

Discover the spookiest spin on the Christmas tradition of gingerbread houses! You can use similar couples for a gingerbread house, but change the colors and candies. This is an excellent idea for kids, craft nights, or Halloween parties! Build your very own Haunted house.

Elevate the classic haunted gingerbread house by using black icing to outline architectural details, creating a more dramatic and spooky appearance. Incorporate edible glitter or food coloring in dark hues to mimic the look of aged, haunted mansions. For an added challenge, create a backstory for your haunted house, complete with characters and a plot, and share this story with guests or on social media.

DIY Haunted House

6- Themed Cushion Covers

Turn your cushions into Halloween masterpieces without a needle. Imagine turning a cozy area of your apartment into a seasonal exhibit with fabric glue, iron-on adhesives, and unique fabrics. Start by choosing Halloween-themed textiles you like. Picture black cats, smiling pumpkins, ghosts, or fabric in halloween colors like orange, black, and purple.

You can add Halloween-themed shapes to a pre-made pillow cover or one you make yourself (like this no-sew version). Bats, ghosts, and witches’ hats can change up a basic cushion cover. Fabric stores are great places to find such items, especially during Halloween, or do a quick search online. Choose materials that are easy to work with and stick well to fabric, like iron-on adhesives or pick up some sturdy fabric glue. If you want to make some shapes yourself, but you’re not great at drawing, you can find a variety of templates online.

After cutting out your shapes, put them on your cushion cover to see what they look like before sticking them on. Make sure any shapes or decorations you add are secure before putting the cover on the pillow.

Quick throw pillows like these add a personal touch and let you remove the decor after Halloween, adding a festive touch without a sewing machine or effort.

7 – Cobweb Garlands

Cobwebs are one of the most accessible and affordable Halloween decorating ideas! They’re perfect for when you want to add an extra spooky feel to your apartment without the cost. Buy spider web decorations and place them throughout your furniture!

To add depth to your cobweb garlands, combine them with small, plastic spiders painted in glow-in-the-dark paint. This makes your cobwebs more visible in low light and also adds an eerie, crawling sensation to the decor. For a more sophisticated look, add some silver or metallic threads to give the cobwebs a more realistic and intricate appearance. Placing the garlands in unexpected places, like around picture frames or lampshades, can also create a more immersive decorating experience.

8 – Mini Halloween Gallery Wall

Creating a Halloween gallery wall in your apartment adds a personal and artistic touch to your Halloween decor. Start by selecting Halloween-themed art that speaks to you. This could be anything from eerie vintage prints to modern spooky illustrations. Once you’ve chosen your pieces, think about frames. Thrift stores are fantastic places to find unique frames at a steal. Mix and match styles for an eclectic look or stick to one style for a cohesive feel.

Next, plan your layout on the floor before taking it to the wall. This step lets you experiment with arrangements without committing. Use removable hooks to hang your frames to keep your walls damage-free. These hooks are a renter’s best friend, offering a sturdy hold without leaving marks. For an added twist, intersperse your artwork with Halloween-themed items like small bats or ghosts made from paper or felt.

9 – Creative Candles

It’s time to take your fall candles to the next level! With a bit of spray paint, you can change any regular candle to one that’s a little more spooky. Consider spray painting the outside of your favorite candles black, orange, or silver to give it more of a vibrant holiday vibe. It will still smell just as good, but it will be perfect for the holiday!

Take your creative candle-making to the next level with pillar candles. For candles like those that don’t come in glass, you can carve intricate designs or Halloween motifs into the wax. This technique allows the light to shine through the carved areas, creating a stunning visual effect.

For those who prefer a less permanent option, wrapping candles in Halloween-themed tape offers a customizable and easily changeable decoration.

10 – Halloween Treats as Decorations

Let’s talk about turning Halloween goodies into decorations and your kitchen table into the focal point of your Halloween décor. First up, a cookie graveyard. Picture this: chocolate cookies crumbled to resemble earth, with tombstone-shaped cookies standing throughout. You can even create finger shaped cookies and have them pressing up through the cookie dirt. It’s more than simply a treat; it’s a frightening scene straight out of a Halloween story.

Monster fruit skewers come next. Skewer bits of fruit in shapes to make colorful monsters and ghosts. Use strawberries, grapes, and melon balls. Add little marshmallow eyes, and you’ve got a dish of edible ghouls that are as much fun to prepare as they are to eat.

Finally, there’s a witch’s brew punch. This isn’t just any drink; it’s a fizzy combination of punch or fruit juice and soda with floating gummy worms and dry ice to create an unsettling mist. Serving it becomes an event in and of itself, bringing everyone to the cauldron with expectations. Homemade Halloween party decorations, crafted from materials you already have, can set the scene for a memorable night without breaking the bank.

11 – Painted Skulls

Ready for your next craft? This is an affordable apartment Halloween decoration that can add a little bit of spook to your space. Find metal or plastic skulls at your nearest store and paint them with your favorite Halloween colors! If you’re looking to put together a craft night or Halloween party for your friends, this is a fantastic option! Your apartment’s Halloween decorations can also be a fun experience and an opportunity for connection.

For a truly unique take on painted skulls, consider using them as part of a larger installation or diorama that tells a spooky story. Incorporate elements like miniature tombstones, moss, and faux cobwebs to create a scene that captures the imagination. Using glow-in-the-dark paint for details on the skulls can add an unexpected twist, making them come alive in the dark.

paint and brush

Decorating your apartment for Halloween is an opportunity to express your creativity and celebrate the season in style. By taking a DIY approach, you not only save money but also create a personalized space that reflects your unique taste and the festive spirit of Halloween.

Remember, the key to memorable decorations is not just in the crafting but in the storytelling and personal touches you add. So, gather your materials, unleash your imagination, and transform your apartment into a captivating Halloween haven that will enchant everyone who visits.

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