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5 Fast-Growing Cities Residents Will Move To In 2022

Reading Time: 4 minutes 2022 has brought several new places onto the fastest-growing cities list! With economic changes everywhere, new and old cities alike are finding themselves with rapid growth. You may be surprised with the cities taking off and flock to be a part of them. Chances are, you’re right around the corner from new opportunities and a new lifestyle. Apartment living starts and ends with your location, so it’s time to find a place that you love to live. If you’re in the process of relocating or looking for a new adventure, explore the cities below. 1 – Austin, Texas Austin, Texas,... View Article

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The 10 Biggest Apartment Design Trends In 2022

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s time to say hello to a brand new year and to look at the biggest apartment design trends that will shape 2022. With the advancements in technology and social media, it’s clear that there are expected and unexpected trends that have begun to take over the renter space. With social media, renters can share how they’ve created their apartment as their safe space. This content inspires others to branch out of their typical decorations and get comfortable in a new set-up. The popularity of specific apartment trends also invites people to get creative in their space! Look at the... View Article

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How To Refresh And Organize Your Apartment For 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes Learn how to organize your apartment for 2022! The new year is right around the corner. Chances are, you want your space to feel refreshed as you go into next year. Nothing sets the tone for the new year, quite like the energy that your area holds. If you have been hoping to have a fresh start, now is the time to get your apartment ready. With just a few simple tasks, you can be on your way to feeling brand new! 1 – Deep clean your space.  Start by doing a full deep clean of your space. Go room... View Article

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8 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations For Your Apartment

Reading Time: 4 minutes Discover easy DIY Christmas decorations that are perfect for your living space. Christmas is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to get your apartment feeling cozier than ever. Decorating for the holidays doesn’t need to be expensive, and you can create your decorations right in the comfort of your home. Plus, making your decorations can be a fun activity to connect with friends and family or spend quality time with yourself! You don’t have to be a crafty person to dive into the world of DIY decorations. Get ready to feel ultra cozy this season while feeling an extra dose of... View Article

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The Ultimate Tips For Better Apartment Living

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re searching for better apartment living, you can follow a few simple tips and tricks to upgrade your living space! With the right adjustments, you can enjoy more ways to feel right at home. If you’re hesitant to move forward with apartment living, the guide below can help you feel more confident in your future. Apartments have so much to offer and are ready for you to start your best lifestyle!  Apartment Storage Tips  A major part of apartment living is finding the right way to store all of your items. If your apartment is small, you may run... View Article

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How To Create The Perfect Apartment Vlogs For Social Media

Reading Time: 3 minutes Apartment vlogs have taken over social media in recent months as users share glimpses of their apartments and homes! With the ability to create short videos, social media gives anyone the power to develop and edit a vlog. A vlog is a “video blog” where one might take small glimpses of their space to showcase decorations, trends, DIY’S, or renovations. It’s both a fun way to show off your living space and also entertaining for people to get a glimpse into your creativity. Get ready to put together your very own apartment vlog for social media with the steps below!... View Article

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7 Easy DIY Apartment Halloween Decorations

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s time to get your apartment Halloween decorations ready! The year is continuing to fly by, and Halloween is right around the corner. There are many affordable ways to make your space perfect for the season. Create a budget and find the best ideas that work for your wallet. You can DIY most if you want a super affordable and fun way to get creative. Consider getting together with a group of your friends and have a festive craft night. Get ready to dive into Halloween! 1 – Ghost Garland  A viral TikTok of a DIY ghost garland recently took... View Article

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How To Decorate Your Apartment On A Budget

Reading Time: 4 minutes Learn how to decorate your apartment on a budget. Moving into your dream apartment is exciting, and you will most likely want to make the entire space your own. However, decorating can get expensive, and if you aren’t careful, you may spend more money before you realize it. It can be challenging to find affordable decorations that fit your budget. The truth is that you don’t need to spend your entire life savings to create a space that you love! Follow the tips below to decorate your apartment on a budget. With the right decorating strategy, you can personalize each... View Article

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11 Affordable Ways To Add More Storage To Your Apartment

Reading Time: 5 minutes Most renters are looking for ways to add more space and storage to their apartments. Apartment layouts can often vary in size and places where you can keep your belongings. It isn’t fun to live in a space that feels highly cluttered, and chances are you will feel better when things are organized. With rent becoming more expensive in most places, you may have had to end up in a smaller apartment. The good news is that it doesn’t take costly furniture to add more surface area to your square footage. There are simple and easy ways to upgrade your... View Article

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How To Upgrade Your Apartment Patio For Summer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many apartments include an apartment patio/balcony that allows residents to have a small space outdoors. The warmer months are here for most, and it’s the perfect time to upgrade your patio area to a space you love! Regardless of your balcony or patio size, you can make simple additions that will enhance everything. You deserve to have an area that you can come home to that is refreshing and relaxing. Not to mention, you should take advantage of all of the features that your apartments have to offer.  Add Plants  One thing that may be considered a downside of apartments... View Article

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