We are an IT consultancy firm that develops web-based software applications for the internet as well as general software solutions for major operating systems. We provide extremely competitive cost-effective solutions on a project, hourly, or contract basis. We are experts at translating your business needs into state of the art solutions. Our philosophy is to listen and effectively respond to your needs and those of your clients. We can help your company select the most cost-effective approach, and create a manageable solution.

Our dedication to support goes as far reaching as your needs do. Hence any product developed by us will be supported as long as you, our customer, feel that there is a viable business use for that product.

ResMan gives you the freedom to build your own multifamily vendor solution through the ResMan Plus Innovation Network, an open community of vendors whose best-in-class features have integrated with our platform. We believe that no one can customize a better multifamily property management solution than you, which is why we make it easy for your vendor partners of choice to integrate with our software.

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