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5 Ways To Budget For Your First Apartment

Reading Time: 4 minutes Getting ready to move out can be stressful, and there can be a lot of expenses involved. It’s essential to stay organized and create a plan even before moving. There can be unexpected costs with apartments or various move-in extras that you may need to be aware of. Getting prepared beforehand will allow you to move forward with confidence and less stress! There are a few strategies that you can use to budget for your first apartment. Following this budget process will ensure that you are in a situation that works for you. Don’t get into an apartment only to... View Article

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7 Ways To Get Your Apartment Ready For Spring

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s time to get your apartment ready for spring! After a challenging year for everyone adjusting to new living styles, many people crave a fresh start. What better way to have a fresh start than to dive into the new season? Spring is the perfect time to adjust your goals and perspectives. If you live somewhere that gets cold during the winter months, you’re probably ready for a breath of fresh air. There are simple things that you can do to make your apartment feel like spring. Loving your space and giving your apartment your personal touches can make it... View Article

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Renting An Apartment Vs. Buying A Home: Which Is Right For You?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on renting vs. buying. In many cities, buying a home is becoming much more difficult. If you’re going back and forth between buying or renting, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of both. Many people rush into a home and often find themselves in financial trouble. So it’s more important than ever to consider the benefits of continuing to rent. Apartments offer a variety of services and rewards that may not be available when you own a home. From different qualifications to upgraded amenities and maintenance assistance, there are various... View Article

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9 Must-Have Amazon Products For Your Apartment

Reading Time: 5 minutes Discover the must-have Amazon products for your apartment. Living in an apartment has many benefits and can be the perfect choice for many people. However, many renters may face challenges in creating enough space or organizing their apartment to their liking. Due to lack of storage, you may have trouble when it comes to giving everything a home. Recently, thanks to the internet and specifically Tik-Tok, certain Amazon products have taken off. Renters are sharing what their Amazon loves are, and it can make your shopping list incredibly long! The truth is, there are so many things that you could... View Article

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15 Ways To Style A Small Apartment Living Room

Reading Time: 6 minutes Learning how to style a small apartment is no easy task and can often require a lot of creativity. Not to mention, most apartment spaces have limitations to what can and cannot be done in terms of decorating the walls. If you’re looking for your apartment to feel more like home, there are simple things that you can do to make your space appear different. Most living room hacks are inexpensive and only take a few selective purchases.  1 – Work With Textiles A secret to making a small space appear bigger is working with a variety of textiles. Textiles... View Article

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How To Start A Compost In Your Apartment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Composting is a natural process of decomposing organic materials and recycling organic matter. It’s essential for so many reasons and can benefit the earth in a lot of ways. Composts are highly popular for someone who has a backyard but less common when someone lives in an apartment for obvious reasons. Apartments have less space and don’t allow for soil and plants as easily as a home does. However, this does not mean that composting in an apartment is impossible. Having a food and waste compost in your apartment is a beautiful way to help the environment. No, your apartment... View Article

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6 Places That Will Pay You To Move There In 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the rental market to great lengths. A variety of changes have occurred, including the average rent lowering in expensive cities and even some places offering to pay you to move there. From certain tax breaks to student loan reimbursements, there’s a diverse set of offers that could significantly pay off in the long run. If you’re considering moving right now, you should consider the benefits of moving to one of the places below. 1- Savannah, Georgia The Savannah Economic Development Authority is offering to pay tech workers up to $2,000 if they relocate to Chatham... View Article

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5 Steps To Take Before Looking For Your Next Apartment

Reading Time: 3 minutes A lot of future renters may wonder, what’s the best way to find your dream apartment? How do you discover the place that you want? The apartment search process can often be very rushed. Many people typically have to relocate in a time crunch. Not to mention, there are so many ways to look for apartments that it can often be intimidating. Everyone is different and wants different things so the search process will vary from person to person. So, how do you actually find the right apartment for you? Step 1: Create a mood board.  Before you find your... View Article

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Renting An Apartment With A Bad Credit Score

Reading Time: 4 minutes Essentially, your credit score indicates how you’ve handled bills and debts in the past. A lower score means you are more at financial risk. Apartment hunting is stressful enough as it is, but what about your credit? Poor credit is a major factor when finding an apartment. What seems like a reasonable deposit for an apartment can quickly equal one month’s rent if you have poor credit. Here are a few things to remember when considering renting an apartment with poor credit. 1. Why do You Have Bad Credit? Having an accurate idea of what’s on your credit report will... View Article

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9 Tips To Make Your Apartment Cozy For The Holidays

Reading Time: 4 minutes The holidays are quickly approaching, and after a very stressful year, it’s time to unwind. Not to mention, with COVID-19 still spreading rapidly, it’s going to be best to spend the majority of our time within our own homes. The good news is that your space can quickly become a cozy sanctuary. It doesn’t require a lot of money to make your apartment just a little more comfortable. With a few small changes, you can feel more at home and relax during the upcoming holiday season. 1 – Change To Soft Lighting The lighting in your apartment can definitely change... View Article

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