Apartments in Fresno, CA

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Fresno, CA

Apartments in Fresno, CA

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Fresno, CA

$2095 - $2520

Ascent Townhomes

5355 N. Valentine Ave Fresno, CA, 93711

(559) 277-5555
$2,195 - $2,520

10 Units Available

1 - 3 Bedrooms
Washer and Dryer Washer and Dryer dishwasher
Last Updated: 08:35 PM
Ascent Townhome Apartments are the perfect passage from the rigors of everyday life to a serene lifestyle you’ll be happy to call Home. Interiors offer sophisticated designs that pleases your senses...

Brio on Broadway

1636 Broadway Street Fresno, CA, 93721

(559) 478-7000
Please Call For Pricing


1 - 3 Bedrooms
Air Conditioning dishwasher
Brio on Broadway Apartments is an eclectic mix of multiple unit types to suit the various lifestyle needs for anyone interested in a brand new, contemporary, yet comfortable home feel. This complex en...

The Springs

7511 N. First Street Fresno, CA, 93720

(559) 439-1076
$1,475 - $1,475

1 Units Available

1 - 3 Bedrooms
dishwasher Air Conditioning Washer and Dryer
Last Updated: 08:33 PM
Welcome to The Springs. Our convenient location puts you exactly where you want to be. We offer our residents the finest in modern amenities: including a fitness center, two swimming pools, and enclos...