Townhomes In Wyoming

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A state rich in beauty and incredible landscapes that can inspire art aficionados, there is so much to see and do in this amazing place. Not only is stargazing crystal clear due to low light pollution, which means you view the night sky unhindered, but the local terrain is capable of simply taking your breath away. If you love nature and watching the sun rise or come up, then Wyoming may be the sort of place you can feel quite comfortable in.

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Companies in Wyoming

If you would like to work in education, the University of Wyoming is the top employer in the state, with Sheridan College coming in close. Omega Probe, Inc is also a good place to find a job, but if you are interested in the medical field, then you may try the Wyoming Medical Center. You may also decide to choose from the Sierra Trading Post or Admiral Beverage.

Schools in Wyoming

The top rated grade school in Wyoming is Woodland Park Elementary, which teaches kindergarten to fifth grade and an average of around 300 students. Snowy Range Academy and Sagebrush Elementary are also some of the best public schools available in Wyoming depending on the district. The Glenn Livingston Elementary School, located in Cody, may be a great place to send your child.

Public Transportation in Wyoming

Currently, all counties in Wyoming have at least one form of public transportation, though most are offered through senior centers. There are many Greyhound buses available that are one of the better ways to travel through the state. Jefferson Lines is a bus charter found in Sheridan. Amtrak also has several stations, though years ago, it stopped serving because it was determined to be too barren to continue to offer a route through certain parts of the state. Specifically, in the south, further away from the mountainous parts of Wyoming, you can find Amtrak stations to help you get where you need to go. If you are considering flying in, Jackson Hole Airport, Yellowstone Regional Airport, and Casper/Natrona County International Airport are reputable sources of transportation to and from the state. It is beneficial to have a means of getting around before you get here, so if you don?t have a car, there are plenty of places to rent one or you can hail a taxi.

Outdoor Activities in Wyoming

Wyoming isn’t just for the outdoorsman. You can find plenty to do with your family here that can make your stay memorable. There are twelve state parks covering over 100,000 acres and most of them have camping or lodging available. Two of the most popular locations in the country are here, as well, which are Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

Colleges in Wyoming

Though there are many community colleges available in Wyoming, The University of Wyoming in Laramie is the only one that offers a four-year degree. Because agriculture and mining are huge here, there are many programs for energy and engineering as the primary focus. Since there are limitations, students can choose from 14 other states instead for a fraction of what out-of-state would cost them otherwise.

Affordable Housing in Wyoming

Rock Springs is one of the best places to live while also offering very reasonable pricing for homes that over 75% of residents own themselves. Those who live in Laramie experience a lower cost of living, pay less for many things such as food than other cities in the country. Hot Springs Senior Apartments, located in Thermopolis, can be a nice place to settle down for retirement.

Dining Out in Wyoming

Because meat is such a staple in Wyoming, it can be easy to find a good steak or grilled trout pretty much anywhere. Wild Sage offers local cuisine with local, organically grown produce. Meeteetse Chocolatier has so many different types of candies available it may be hard to pick a favorite. The Front Porch offers a peanut butter and bacon burger that is simply scrumptious.

Apartment Living in Wyoming

Casper Village and Sunridge Apartments are affordable places to live in Wyoming. Westgate Village is located in North Cheyenne and offers spacious one and two bedroom apartments. College View and Mountain View Apartments in Gillette is close to where you can find almost anything you need including shopping and work.

Historic Areas in Wyoming

There is much to explore in this state, especially if you like to be outside. Though there are plenty of forts to discover, including Fort Bridger, Fort Fetterman, Fort Laramie, and Fort Phil Kearny, there is also the Independence Rock State Historic Site in Evansville for those who appreciate learning about our country’s past.

Moving to Wyoming

There are plenty of great reasons to move here. Besides having affordable housing in Wyoming, there is also a strong workforce and low crime, with the residents enjoying the benefits of good health and well-being. There is no pollution and the landscapes are comparable only to how great the fishing and skiing can be. Wyoming offers any number of opportunities to explore the land, some of which can be quite humbling. If you can appreciate having few neighbors around and wide open spaces, Wyoming may be perfect for you.
Considered by some to be one of the most tranquil places to live, Wyoming has the lowest population in the United States. It does have cities such as Cheyenne, which boasts the largest outdoor rodeo in the country. With a state so open and honest that you can even leave your keys in your car overnight without having to worry about somebody taking it, those who are looking for peace of mind and a fulfilling country experience can easily appreciate just how incredible Wyoming is.