Property Photography for Beginners

DAniel E Fava  |   on 2016-03-29  |   32 comments

A picture will speak a thousand words about your property. Depending on how you took the picture, quality, and size, you will receive more attention and potential applicants. We live in a modern day era that has an increasing demand for visual media. From DSLR cameras to regular smartphones, there are many ways to showcase your property. A DSLR or high megapixel camera would be ideal, but if you can't get access to one, there are ways you can use your smartphone to enhance your properties look.

Marketing Analysis for Property Management

Daniel E Fava  |   on 2016-01-13  |   32 comments

roperty management is an unpredictable industry with all sorts of surprises each day. We understand how it is to manage so many different elements and not have the time to find balance. As the leading provider apartment marketing, we wanted to share some tips and advice on how you can increase occupancy, save money, & keep your residents happy.

What is Mobile Marketing and why it matters

Daniel E Fava  |   on 2015-08-03  |   32 comments

If you want to know what the next big thing is, then look down in your hand or check your pockets cause you don’t leave the house without this. Your mobile phone is not only a means to communication and fun games, but is also the biggest marketing tool that you can utilize. By 2017, mobile devices will make up 87 percent of the total sales of Internet-enabled technology, that leaves about 13% for desktop or tablet users. Since the mobile phone is so convenient and easy to use, more and more people are getting internet access with it. You will notice that our shift in how we find, purchase or upload products/marketing will now go from desktop to mobile. Before we know it, a desktop will only be used for work, rather then browsing and consuming.

Making Property Management Easier

Daniel E Fava  |   on 2015-07-21  |   32 comments

If you have ever worked in the apartment industry, then you understand how frustrating the technology and workload can get with low quality management software. When the maintenance tickets timeout or when you have issues logging into your account can get old fast. The filing cabinets and paper wasting method is an old thing to be doing in this day and age, with Marketapts high end user friendly software, you will be able to accomplish all your daily tasks and work orders without ever having to leave your desk or call a specialist to help you reboot.

3D Tours For Your Apartment

Daniel E Fava  |   on 2015-07-13  |   32 comments

Currently out to date, the market industry is releasing all sorts of new savvy gadgets that is attracting big business for apartment communities. New technology is being made daily, from online leasing to all in one kiosks, we are witnessing a change in culture and business. More and more people are switching their products, as the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. If you are looking to expand your business and increase your occupancy, then the way to attract more residents and lease more online is to enroll with new virtual 3D home tours. View 3D Tours now.