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How To Work From Your Apartment During Coronavirus

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In the coming weeks, and across the world, people will be switching to working remotely. Working from home can be a challenge that often involves a lot of changes to your typical daily routine. Living in an apartment can also add a challenging element, as sometimes space is limited. It may feel a lot different than working in your normal office space. There are pros and cons for everyone working from home. For some, it may be more comfortable, and for others, it may be less motivating, and harder to accomplish daily tasks. The self-isolation that comes from working at home can take a toll on your emotions, and workflow. Here are a few tips that will help you to work from your apartment, increase productivity, and cope with feelings of loneliness.

Tips On How To Work From Your Apartment

1. Designate A Work Space

One of the greatest challenges of working from home is that it can disrupt your productive workspace. While working from your bed or couch may seem comfortable, it can lead to less productivity and worse health. Working while laying down can be extremely hard on your back, and it can affect your posture. It can also make you more distracted.

You definitely want to choose a specific area of your apartment that can function as your set-up. If you do not have a desk you may consider using your kitchen table, or an outdoor table. When you take a break or eat lunch, separate from your work area, and only use that specific spot for work when it’s time.

2. Dress The Part

While one of the perks of working from home is possibly a relaxed dress code, this can also greatly affect your quality of work. The way that we dress often reflects the mood that we are in. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you wear, but make sure that you’re wearing clothes that help you to be productive.

Changing your clothes at the beginning of the day can be exactly what you need to get your work-day started! Continuing to work in your pajamas all day can make you feel extra tired, and lazy. The clothes we wear affect our mood throughout the entire day. Despite not going into the office, dress the part!

3. Clean Your Work Space

Working in clutter can be chaotic, and can add unnecessary stress. If your work area is messy it may distract you, and make you feel uneasy. Before you start working for the day, quickly tidy up your work area. Organize your things in a way that works best for you.

As the weeks go on, and you continue to work remotely, you will want to put this into practice every single day. It is easier to maintain cleanliness on a day-to-day basis than to spend several hours on it every now, and again!

4. Create A Calming Area

Along with designating your workspace, you can transform your apartment into a place of tranquility, and calmness. Add a couple of items that you love to your desk to personalize it. You could use plants, flowers, candles, pictures, or quotes to keep you motivated. Perhaps, you feel calmer with the windows open, or music playing. A huge advantage that you get when you work from your apartment is the ability to make your space what you want.

5. Establish A Clear Routine

Another benefit of working from your apartment is that you will save time and potential gas money. However, getting out of your routine of driving, and waking up at a certain time can really mess with your schedule. Although you now have access to new flexibility, it’s important to maintain a general routine.

Set a clear time of when you will wake up, take breaks, and eat lunch. Going into the day with a clear schedule will help you to feel more productive. If you’re feeling distracted by other house projects, give yourself 30 minutes where you can get other things done. Overall, don’t forgo having any sort of routine, or you will find yourself frequently feeling idle.

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How To Combat Loneliness While You Work From Your Apartment

Working remotely may be a dream for many introverts who prefer to have their own space. However, if you’re an extrovert, it’s hard to feel connected when you’re confined to the four walls of your apartment. Even if you love being alone, you may need some extra ways to cope with feeling isolated during this time.

It’s easy to go for a long time without speaking, or seeing another person when you’re working from home. However, working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to be a part of other people’s lives. The following tips will help you to feel well- connected, even when you aren’t going anywhere.

1. Listen To Music/Podcasts

Many people may not be able to focus on their work while having something going on in the background. However, there are many digital ways that you can feel connected even while working! Listening to music or podcasts while you work can increase your productivity, and perhaps help you to learn.

If you’re feeling the emotional effects of working at home, music can also uplift your mood. There is such a large variety of podcasts that you can also listen to that will give you a front-row seat to what is going on in the world. Diving into work from your apartment doesn’t have to be quiet! Turn the music up, and let it motivate you to get more done.

2. Join Digital Conversations

One of the greatest technological advancements of our time is the ability to talk with others through many different apps, and venues. You can use Marco Polo, Google Hangout, Snapchat, Instagram, and much more to continue to talk with your friends on a daily basis. While digital conversations aren’t ideal, they can immensely help you in a time of isolation.

You can also use digital conversation work apps that will help you, and your co-workers to be on the exact same page. Apps such as Telegram, Slack, and WhatsApp will allow you to continue your daily work conversations. This can help you to feel at ease and on top of all of the projects that you are working on.

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3. Be Patient With Yourself

As you’re working from home it can be easy to lose track of time, and get caught up in staying in the same place at once. Move your body! Take the time to step away from your work, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. Go for a drive, go on a walk, or call a friend. Give yourself extra compassion during this transition, and remember that sometimes you just need to switch up your scenery.

Change up your routine so that it isn’t always the same. Re-decorate your apartment, or move your furniture around to recreate an environment that feels the best to work in. Be patient with yourself as you adapt to new projects, and new timelines.

As your daily routine changes, it can be hard to adjust. Following these small tips will allow you to feel better about everything that you have going on. Every aspect of working from home will have to be adapted to your situation depending on where you live, and who you live with. There is no right or wrong way to do things, and you will have to make adjustments according to what works for you.

There are a lot of little reasons to love working at home, and hopefully, during this time, you can find even greater productivity and creativity. Now is the time to work from your apartment for safety, and health reasons. Yet, in all of this madness, you can have an experience that will allow you to regroup, and regain your passion.

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