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How To Start A Compost In Your Apartment

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Composting is a natural process of decomposing organic materials and recycling organic matter. It’s essential for so many reasons and can benefit the earth in a lot of ways. Composts are highly popular for someone who has a backyard but less common when someone lives in an apartment for obvious reasons. Apartments have less space and don’t allow for soil and plants as easily as a home does.


However, this does not mean that composting in an apartment is impossible. Having a food and waste compost in your apartment is a beautiful way to help the environment. No, your apartment compost won’t save the world’s climate crisis, but it will contribute to keeping food out of landfills, and that is entirely worth it. Not to mention, composting can be an enjoyable activity and a hobby that you might love! It’s similar to taking care of plants in the sense of nurturing and watching something grow. 

How To Compost In Your Apartment

The first thing that you will need to do is buy a compost bin. These are incredibly inexpensive and available in various sizes. You can even use an old plastic container that you have. You will want to set the compost bin on something that can absorb water as it may come through the bottom. Many people choose to store theirs next to their kitchen sink, trash can, or recycling bins. 

compost in your apartment

From here, you will need to order composting supplies like food scraps. You can start with fruits, veggies, coffee grounds, old flowers, or anything along these lines. Various items say compostable on them, and those will work as well. You will slowly start to add these through a layering method. Then from this point forward, you will continue to put them together in a compost pile. The next step and perhaps the most essential part of compost is the aspect of “vermicomposting,” which means having something like worms to help keep your compost alive. 

Many people use the analogy of tending to a fire to relate to keeping a compost. It requires a little structure and oxygen to get things going. The secret to having it continue is to continue layering and wait and aerate. To always keep things moving, you will need to rotate it regularly.

Myths About Composting

There are many myths about composting, and one of the main ones is that your compost will smell bad and that the scent will carry over into your apartment. Composts will only have an odor if it’s not taken care of properly. Other than that, it can have a pleasant smell.

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The next myth is that composts can be too messy, and this is also not true. If you focus on using the container and maintain the scraps, it will clean up a breeze. One thing that could potentially help a lot will be using an Eco Stack Composter.

The primary myth of composting is that it has to be outdoors. It can most definitely be in the corners of your apartment! With all of the necessary supplies, you don’t need a big house or a backyard to make the perfect compost happen.

Benefits Of Composting

There are numerous benefits to composting in your apartment! Composting is so good for the environment, and it has so much to offer our world. Composting reduces waste, which reduces the amount of food that is in landfills. Another massive benefit of composting is that it is excellent for plants and gardens. If you’re into growing other plants, composting will be a great option for you to gain the best soil.

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The other benefit of composting is that it can be beneficial for your mental health. It gives your mind and soul something to take care of, and it can be an enjoyable hobby. Plus, the chances are that you will feel better for helping the environment.

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